Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2005 in a Wrap

the year 2005 had been a roller coaster ride for me, literally and figuratively. hehe. well, here's a summary of what happened to me in 2005. per month pa ito ha, actually based on my cellphone calendar...

Wedding of Itan and Mitchel.. no need to say more. hehe

first time to serve in SE, for SE35. first time to stay also in a mot-mot dhel wala nang space sa retreat house. hehe. SE34 pastoral in astoria, then deepening encounter the next day.

badminton tournament of se34. saw my cousins and relatives again in bohol. my brother eric celebrated his bday there with matching lechon on black saturday. ey! my tita really asked a priest if we can lechon already and he said it was okay. hehe. started to talk to my dad again as a sign of my penitensya for the holy week. hehe.

April (the blessed month. hehe)
last pastoral metting of se34. a truly humbling experience. washing of the feet ba naman. sorry ha. ayoko kse talaga ng paa. SE34 sponsorhip! really tiring but truly blessed. with that, napatunayan ko na i can be without sleep pala for 48 hours. for the first time. siguro basta pag kay Lord, kaya. a sharer for the YLSS #24. a frightening experience for me. syempre. it would be a first time for me to bare all my experiences, feelings, secrets, hurts and everything to the BLD people and to my family. also, first time to really cry to my dad saying all my hurts to him, and after two years, hugged each other again.

my lola was rushed to the hospital and was just brought back to life after 5 mins. causing her to be comatosed. di tuloy ako nakasama sa galera with SE34. this somehow caused a drift between my mother and brother because of the expenses and if the plugs be pulled out or not. i really questioned God dureing these times on how this can happen to our family after serving Him faithfully and giving my all last April. then after a few weeks of having monetary problems, He showed us light. hehe. He made my sister win in a raffle here in the office. kahit na yung cash prize is smaller than the bill, it still helped my mom with the expenses.

Hillsong Concert. Let's Dance for the Lord. first time to share in SE for SE OLAP. sobrang had time to bond with Ate Jopay and Kuya Marvin. nakarating pa sa house ni Kuya Marvin in Marikina and helped prepare kare-kare. proud! hehe.

had my LSS again thru the LSS41 and i have known that something big will happen with my lola. the next day, i had a business trip to Bohol. that was a monday. wednesday early morning, around 2am, my mom called me to tell me that my lola passed away already.

got to bond with ate dodie coz it was only the two of us who explored our way to the Bamboo Organ Church in Las Piñas for their SE. went to Boracay on a personal travel and stayed in the same resort where i stayed when i was with rlyn. visited our Regional Office in Iloilo and met the people there at long last after a year of only talking to them on the phone. express wedding of zettes and rico.

St. Scho LSS5. got to share again, and everybody who went up on stage to greet me, just walked by and left me. parang dinaanan lang ako :) became the ninang of hans rugas.

visited lb once again. and for the first time in years, naikot ko ang campus. di lang ako sa white house, kitanglad and grove. hehe. bonded with Jopay, Anna, Tatee, Beng and Giselle. learned a lot about them and i realized that i am blessed. started to be blog-addict. hehe. led the Worship of Youth's Prayer Meeting. attended the despedida of SE34's Ian, which had been a reunion for us.

my bday!!! potluck party in lb. and a disney princess party in mcdo. truly! a memorable bday for me. BLD Youth's Concert. St. Schoo LSS6 where Tito Wing, Tita Babylyn and Tita Margie went up on stage. making them look like the characters in my sharing. hehe. my mom had an operation and was rushed to the hospital.

attended a bday celebration in a mausoleum. first time to travel in Bacolod for official purposes. overnight lang but really pure work. tried their chicken inasal, and it is really yummy!!! it's totally different from what i taste in chicken inasal restaurants here. Christmas parties here, there and everywhere. despedida for Ate Anna. and got a chance to see again my friend from college who is now based in US.

just got to mention this. movie of the year for me: Nasaan Ka Man. it was my movie of the year because it's a movie that is underpromoted but really is a great film. nakakaiyak. my sister had a chance to watch it only the other day and also cried. hehe. basta maganda sya. and the actors Diether, Claudine and Jericho really did great jobs in portraying theit roles. Especially Diether. If you have a chance to get a copy of this movie, watch it.

well, that's pretty much my year 2005.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas is for Kids

i watched joey de leon's life story yesterday in magpakailanman. he mentioned when he was interviewed that "Ang Pasko ay para sa mga bata." well, he also said that for adults, it's for love and rekindling of friendship.

i believe that Christmas is for kids. hwen i was still a kid myself, Christmas is my favorite season. because this means we're going to bohol and see my cousins then swim at the beach, receive gifts, etc etc. then we went back to manila, more gifts from santa. yes! i really believed in santa when i was still young. then i grew up. no more santa, no more going to bohol coz it's expensive and my lolo is gone already. Christmas is now just dinner together with my mom leading a personal prayer before meals, and pretty much that's just it. an ordinary day.

for this Christmas, even if it will be just another day for our family, i hope that our love for each other will overflow. the love of my dad for us will rekindle and the happiness we felt when we were still together, would be felt again and more. and anyway, Christmas is not about me, it's about Jesus. it's His birthday!

to my friends and to those who just came across this blog, MERRY CHRISTMAS! and i pray that you would not forget to invite Him in His birthday celebration :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Finally! the Pictures!

my highschool friends

SE34 girls (parang antok na si ate baby ha)

BLD Youth (now Singles) friends

of course, happy birthday to me :)

my sister (humahabol sa katawan ko. hehe), my childhood bestfriend tina and her boyfriend danny

My Kids

some of my officemates brought their kids in our office tomorrow for the children's xmas party, which includes my unit head. anyway, during the party my officemate went out and left her kids in the xmas party. then suddenly her 5-year old son left the party and was looking for his mom. he was really in the brink of crying. i had to make up a story that she was just in the restroom. smart kid coz he went to the restroom and when he discovered his mom was not there, started crying. i'm glad i followed him. he just cried and cried. i made up all the stories that i can just to make him stop crying. then my harsh officemates pretended to be angry at him for crying, one even saying that he will circumcise the kid if he'll not stop crying. well, this made him stop crying.

but this incident made me think. how would i be as a parent. i swore to myself that i'll not spank my children. i never experienced it when i was a kid and i don't want my children to experience it also. but with how i handled the kid awhilke ago, i'm scared that i may spoil my kids. i hope not. i'm amazed at how my parents raised us up. i mean we are not spoiled brats. if you want to contest me not being a brat, it's not because of my parents. it's because of someone else, am sure. hehe.

i just hope that when i have kids, i'll be able to raise them up in an environment that is Christ-centered and my children will not be spoiled brat but can still feel loved. can you give me an idea on how i can achieve this? duh! as if i'll have kids soon :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

wishful thinking

when i was a kid, i had great dreams, high hopes, good wishes for the future. i can see my self in ten to twenty years time. where i'll be, my house, how i look like, my work, everything. i have planned my future. but life happened. now i don't know where i am. it's like i can't see myself, i can't describe myself. this is not the way i saw myself when i was 5 years old. i'll be honest, i don't want to dream anymore. it's like i'm losing hope. i know it's bad, but that's really how i feel right now. i don't like to dream coz i know it won't happen. or if ever i daydream, it's just for the joy that somehow, i can experience these in my life even just in dreams. i'm not talking about lovelife here but life in general.

my officemate once commented when he read my blog, "parang ang lungkot ng buhay mo..." honestly, i didn't feel that way. but now, parang i feel that way. depression mode ba ako now? ewan ko ba. haaay...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Prayer for the Heart

recently, i had been heartbroken (all together: YUN NA!)Ü hehehe. just kidding. just to catch your attention. hehe. i just want to share to singles out there a beautiful prayer that my sister gave me. thanks Yan, i now know that you want me to be happy and safe...

Dear Heavenly Father,

I confess that I have not always been as careful as I should have been with my heart. From time to time, my desire for love has caused me to leave my heart in the wrong hands. I now commit my heart into Your hands for safekeeping.

Please help me to stop being so impulsive with what You deem so precious. As I learn to celebrate Your love for me, let me learn from Your example what a bridegroom should really be like. Help me to never settle for less than what You desire for me.

As I embrace You as the lover of my soul, keep my affections in the haven of Your own heart. As I rest in Your love, make me more discriminating of those who approach me. I ask that You take over this area of my life. Keep me from those You know would hurt my heart. I invite You to set a hedge around me and keep me from all who would draw me into unfruitful relationships until the day You present me to the mate that You have selected for me.

Grant me the discernment to recognize him as he recognizes me. Cleanse me from the temptation to typecast the men I meet according to what I see. Help me to trust in Your knowledge and lean not on my own understanding. I know that You know what is best for me; therefore I yield to Your choice. In Jesus Name. AMEN!

Prayer of a Frustrated Doctor

my mom was rushed to the hospital last wednesday night. while waiting for the decision of the doctors if she will be admitted, i spent some time first in the chapel praying to God. i asked God to heal my mom, and i told Him that i know He can heal her. then i shifted gear. i then told Him to give me and my siblings faith and acceptance to whatever will happen, to His will.

after some time, i realized that i'm afraid to ask God for something. i totally have faith in God, with His powers and capabilities. i know nothing is impossible with Him. i prayed this way because i'm afraid what if God has other plans for my mom, for our family. i'm afraid to be disappointed. i might lose faith in Him. thus my shift in gear with my prayers. to have an accepting heart with whatever His will is. but i hope it is for my mom to get healed.

since it was unplanned that my mom would stay in the hospital yesterday, i took a leave of absence from the office to be her bantay. when i was still a child, i really wanted to be a doctor. that is my dream. i can be other things also, but still a doctor. but when i grew up, i became afraid. i didn't choose medicine for the fear that my patients would die at my hands. i don't know how to face it. anyway, yesterday, when i was with my mom. i tried to be nurse to her. helping her change her clothes without the aid of the nurse. assisted her when she threw up and stuff. i'm sorry to admit this, but it really grossed me out when cleaning my mom's vomit and seeing her wound bleed. i guess i don't have what it takes to be a doctor. and it really made me admire the doctors and nurses more with their humility.

Friday, November 25, 2005


i love basketball!

eversince i was a kid, we would watch pba games on tv. when i grew up, nba na. then collge days, cemplangan. these days, our office is busy with the inter-department basketball competition. it made me reminisce the days when i was in college when we would cheer for econsoc. having a bet with melvin, that if he scores 30 points, i'll treat him a big mac meal. giving water to the players and also playing the game. yes, i played for our women's basketball team. i even took it for my pr class just to help us win. hehe.

our inter-office tournament is really exciting. especially with our team winning, 5-0. hehehe. the games really made me miss the cemplangan days. especially when we had a close fight with another department, and the players lack water. i was like panicky. i got used when i was in college to assist the players with their water. watergirl baga. because besides the cheer, this is how our committee, who is in charge, can help. what made every game also exciting is the cheer of the audience. the xcheer really can help liven up the players. trust me! hey! am not writing this to justify my cheers. i wrote this entry because i really miss the cemplangan days. especially the support of everyone not only after every wins but also after every loss.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Tagged Again...

tagged again but this time by Jopay

10 years ago...
1995 - was in third year highschool and just joined BLD Youth. enjoyed the company of the Youth Ministry, making us active during that time even if we have not taken the LSS yet. summer of 1995, always in the house of Lesley with Ljieu and Arleen. it was just a memorable summer because we would also play what was played during my childhood days like patintero and agawan base. hehe

5 years ago...
2000 - was in third year college naman. hehe. was active with Econsoc, syempre. i was the externals affairs head during that time. hehe. so during this time, was busy with coming up and executing fund-raising activities. i remember selling fishballs and getting burned because of the oil and crying because my legs was the one affected. vain talaga. hahaha. february 2000 alumni homecoming, the first major activity of the soc that i spearheaded and was really happy for it's success.

1 year ago...
2004 - still a newbie in my present job. was still learning the ropes of being a remedial accounts person. today is november 21, and next week is the wedding anniversary of jopay and marvin, so on this day last year, i guess am trying to find a dress/gown to wear for their wedding. january 2004, my last days in my former company.

st. scho lss 6! i cried when gwadz shared and not on my own sharing. actually it's not with her sharing but when tita embraced her afterwards and i realized it's her last sharing and she'll be leaving soon. :( the people who can make me attend bld activities will be lessened.

as usual, was late for work. sold the cookies of ate france for an hour. and at the same time, nasingitan ng official work. hehe. posted one entry for my blog.

actually, i have no plans yet for tomorrow. i guess i'll just go home early to watch frog prince, hehe. then jog around west triangle to have some exercise.

so, Elaine, Duke and Kim, i hope you'll also go down memory lane... :)

Kris Aquino-ish

Last Saturday, I shared my life story again to the 2nd year students of St. Scho for their LSS. The introduction for me was I was the Kris Aquino of the Youth Ministry because of my questions.

I was somewhat surprised when Aboy (the one who introduced me) mentioned Kris Aquino. Surprised, because no one in BLD mentioned that even if my other friends kept on comparing me to Kris Aquino.

Yes, I am always likened to Kris Aquino. Not only because of what Aboy said that I ask questions point-blank, and in a joking manner but already serious. But also with the way I speak and act. Honestly I don't think of myself as Kris Aquino, especially with the way I speak. Kris is articulate, while I am a certified barok! Even confirmed by my mom. hehe. No offense to Kris ha. I like her, but I just don't see myself as like her. Parang we're two totally different individuals, I think my sister is more like her. I don't know...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

All By Myself

i hate eating alone. when i eat alone, feeling ko kse kawawa ako. parang lonesome or no friends at all. pathetic ba? hehe. that's why when am alone in the mall killing time and i get hungry, i just buy finger food and eat it while walking. para di obvious na loner or something. even when i was in college, if my friends have eaten already, either i won't eat at all or treat ko sila ng something just for them to accompany me while i eat. i only eat alone table sa house.

anyway, last night after office i went to greenbelt to have a confession. why greenbelt when i work in qc? because that's the only church that am sure there's a confession during that time and i don't want in the church near us because my mom knows the priest. then, i was supposed to go with my brother. but just because i called him up 30 minutes late, tinamad na daw sya. (hmmm.. parang nagiging spoiled na si eric ha). anyway, i still went to greenbelt. dati, when i go to makati, i would call up my friends to have dinner with them. but the last time i went to have a confession, i did not call up anyone bgut i saw tin dizon and we had dinner. so i said to myself yesterday.. malamang i'll see someone i know and i could invite him/her for dinner. i saw three people from bld. but i just said hi to them. nahiya ako. they are nice people, but syempre when you see them as a group, it's a different feeling already. basta parang naiiba sila if they're with their friends na. it's just not them ha. actually, almost everyone. don't you feel that way too? you like them as individuals, but when they're grouped together already, awkward feeling na towards them.

anyway, besides them, i did not see anyone anymore. so i just went to powerbooks, got the book that am currently reading there (hehehe), went to jave man and ordered. yup! i ate all by myself. but i did not feel awkward. why? because i am reading a book. it means i still have company. parang di ako kawawa. coz it's like i really wanted to be left alone during that time to finish the book.

end of sharing. nonsense ba? sorry ha.. first time kse that i ate alone in a public place, without feeling pity for myself. hehe :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Birthday Scandal

i just have to post this. coz talagang super tawa ako when i read this. and this is pretty much the detailed descritpion of what happened sa party. this is written by emcee (one of the celebrants/celebrators). title, c/o emcee din. emcee, sorry ha. i want to post it lang tlga. makakarelate lang talaga those who knows us and who has experienced lb life
ika-5 ng nobyembre, sa kaaya-ayang lugar ng pansol, laguna ay nagkatipon-tipon ang pinagpipitaganang mga miyembro ng hinahangaang organisasyon na uplb economics society. ito ay para ipagdiwang ang kaarawan (25th or quarter life) ni tin, (22 or pre-quarterlife crisis-crisisan) ni emcee at (20 or vente syndrome with a capital V!) ni tina.
flashback muna...
thanks to kitikitext na tin (na forever na nagforward ng messages sating lahat i bet) and to globe text unlimited (todo text todo tawag power to the piso)! since we all miss econsoc, we decided to celebrate our birthday with the push-over tear-jerker econsoc crowd! so hayan.. text, tawag, email, invite.. at hanep! eto lang ang invitation na may kasamang food na dadalhin nyo as ticket! haha.. externals power!
and then nang palapit na nang palapit sa nov 5 e we decided na sabay-sabay na lang magpunta sa pansol with the help of bart's map! we set the meeting time at 4pm at greenbelt powerbooks! voila..
fast forward..
nov 5..
di na ko makatulog! besides the fact na may sleeping disorder ako at di ako nagsleeping pill that day e major excited na ko..
charan! go na ang lola ng a lil past 4 sa greenbelt.. naknanghathor naman oh! kala ko napakadaming magmmeet don! headcount! 2 lang kami ni tin! kasi when i texted arnold e nag-iinarte na di na daw pupunta kasi mag-eenjoy naman daw ang econsoc without him.. pakirawraw! very arnold mode of texting!
around 5 e nakumpleto na ang magkakasabay na pupunta laguna.. hanep! ang dami namin sa bus! tumataginting na tatlo! at bwakanang transit line yan na itago na lang natin sa pangalang green star, 10 years bago umalis. naubos na namin ni arnold ang 29.5 sticks ng yosi at 3/4 ng mineral water e di pa umaalis.. pero keri lang kasi major update sa buhay ng mga tao..
update ng buhay! c arnold ay kasama na dapat na magtatayo ng call center with his officemates dahil 150k ang monthly basic na offer sa kanila e 75k lang ang basic nya so un, tinanggap nya kaso nahuli sila ng presidente ng company nila kaya banned na cya sa building nila.. whew! appear buddy!
at shemps, papatalo ba ko sa near-death experiences ko.. wheew!
then field trip mode na kami sa bus.. on your right is the samaral seafood restaurant.. on your right is manong selling lala fish cracker! tapos hindi namin alam kung san bababa.. according kay tin, according daw kay bart, according daw kay ige, according daw sa tatay nya e sa binalot kami bababa. so ganon na nga ginawa namin. tapos hinanap namin ang riles na hindi pantay-pantay (refer to JB resort map from an artist's point of view. prologue paragraph 15). hala! naligaw kami.. pero after some chicka chicka with the manongs and the tricycle drivers, we arrived at JB resort at naririnig na namin ang videoke. voila.. solo pa lang ni jr ang resort! eventually nagdatingan ang mga tao..
tinatamad na ko magkwento.. il just enumerate the highlights and the lowlights na lang..
--madami pa sa typical alumni homecoming ang pumunta! outnumbered ang residents
--lasheng ang batchmates ko! in mariz' attempt na lasingin si son e cya ang nalasing.. naaalala ko pa na kami ang magkausap bago ang kanyang near death experience na black-out.. nagbottoms-up kami... haha.. pasaway ba ko! kung ano ano pa pinapa-explain ni mariz! at madaling araw e nagising cya at nahihirapan daw sya matulog na nakahiga kaya uupo na lang daw sya..haha.. luv u maw!
--kinanta nanaman namin nina janine and anelle ang WOULD I LIE TO  YOU (look into bart's eyes, can't you see they're open wide) at 0771 pa rin ang code nya sa videoke. at narealize namin na ilang taon na namin siya kinakanata pero wala pa rin kami steps!
--lasheng si son! hinahanap nya kasi cyber shot nya.. kala ng mga tao e humihingi pa sya ng shot! hihi
--may namuong love team..  well dude.. di ako naniniwala sa fate na pinagsasabi mo.. ganda naman ni sis ah.. bagong pa-laser pa.. hihi
--andun si benj na significant other ni maje.. well sis, mali ka ng napagbulungan about him.. andun ako.. at dahil sa angkin kong walking satellite at megaphone syndrome e napakatanta (hmmm) tuloy ng di oras si benj!
--fireworks! oh yes.. may paputok! hihi
--daming beer at tequila! BOTTOMS UP TAYO! para sa wala don, para sa andon, at para sa tabi (napraning ako dito!)
--shemps ang walang katapusang PUICTURAN! pakisend naman please pretty please 
--isa itong ULTIMATE BONDING EXPERIENCE o UBE! i realized how muuuuch i miss LB in general.. especially ECONSOC!
--madaming foodies
--unlimited videoke.. kakapaos! si ferdz di nagpaawat (wats new?)
--lasheng si plong (again watz new?!) well, there's something new pala. kasi walang dagat kung san pwede sya magtampisaw.. at kulota mode sya.. the last time na magkasama kaming lasheng e straight hair pa ang lola.. haha
--maraming iba pang lasheng... di ko ilalaglag lahat!
--'fixin a broken heart drama ng isang brod.. huhu
--"CUBAO!" experience namin nina plongki, gabe, baroroy, jiggy and jr kung saan naramdaman ko na nahiya ang brods at sisses ko kahit for our welfare ang ginawa ko.. haha.. (di tuloy kami hinatid ni roy kahit sa mantrade lang at 20 min drive na lang un that time.. hmphf!)
basta.. sa mga hindi pumunta.. napag-usapan kayo!
from the pornographic memory of one of the birthday celebrators (duhahah),

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Princess Birthday Party

The night of Nov. 9 had been a magical night in the Kingdom of McDonald's St. Francis Square.  Around 30 Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens from different kingdoms gathered to celebrate the birthday of the prettiest of them all (walang kokontra, bday ko. hehe), Princess Pretty Tin.  There had been representatives from the Kingdoms of 16th Avenue (my childhood friend), St. Paul (highschool classmates), BLD Youth (self-explanatory), SE34 (selected few), and UPLB (actually, just my roommate).  Because of a very limited budget, there are only a number of guests and invites.  Econsoc friends were not invited anymore because of the party last Saturday. 
The party, aside from being a b-day celebration, had been a reunion.  Reunion because this had been a meeting place for us friends who have not seen each other in ages.  Though we see each other online, it's the first time for us to meet personally again.  Celebrating in McDonald's is always connoted as kiddie party with baloons, party hats, games and goodie bags.  Yes, even if there were no kids, it was still a kiddie party.  Games were there, letting the guests show their energetic kiddie side especially during the Bring Me.  The Bring Me made the guests ignore each other just to win a prize.  The Princesses enjoyed watching their Princes made kembot during the first game.  But I think the highlight of the night was the special guest... Grimace!  Everyone became awake, excited to have a picture taken with him. 
The night made me tired.  Especially given the reason that I cried that afternoon.  I guess quarter-life crisis.  Haha.  Anyway, during lunch time I guess I can be compared to a bride who wanted to back-out from her wedding the last minute because of nervousness.  I don't know why I was really nervous, but I was scared that the party would be a flop.  I wanted to cancel it the last minute.  But I can't.  So go with the flow.  And I am really happy I did not cancel it.  Despite of the few guests (ang galing ng timing ng mga boss! coz half of my confirmed guest list had an overtime the last minute), it was a fun night making all of us feel young again and reconnect with our inner child.  Truly a magical night! :)
Pictures to follow..

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Pot Luck Party

WOW! That's how I describe tha party and feelings I had last Saturday.

I'm turning 25 and I want to celebrate my silver birthday, and I want to hold a party for my Econsoc brods and sisses. But it would be expensive since ang dami nila. Great that i have talked to my Econsoc sis Tina when I went to LB last month. We have decided to have a party with the other November bday celebrants. But when I texted them, they cannot commit. Good thing, Emcee also wanted to have one. So with the three of us (Emcee, Tina and I) excited to have a party but with no money, we decided to hold a potluck party. I started to text our brods and sisses on what food they'll bring. Talk about kapal ng mukha. Hehe. Next problem is the schedule. Since BLD have activities for two weekends, I am only free on Nov. 5. This serves as a problem because Nov. 5 is part of the long weekend and it is not yet registration time for the resident members. As I texted Emcee and Tina, last Nov. 2, I was really nervous. because as of that date, more or less only 20 people confirmed their attendance. Still, I was excited.

The Big Day! Those coming from Manila were to meet in Greenbelt. I turned out, there were only three of us. Uh-oh.. Party time is 7pm and the bus left Parksquare 6pm! Haay.. After getting lost in Pansol, we finally arrived in the resort 8pm. But there is only just one person there. Haay... Finally, people started arriving at 9pm. But we still cannot eat since the people I assigned for the plates and utensils, could not make it. So I texted those still arriving and asked them to buy to be paid later. What we thought would be around 20 people, turned out to be 35, mostly alumni. This is far cry to the 300+ members of the org. Still, it was a fun night. What made the party great was that there are those who I have not seen in ages. And everyone there has one goal in mind.. to have fun. And fun we had. The party was flowing with fun, laughter, songs, teasing, food, softdrinks and booze. It was truly a magical night. A night that describes my life with Econsoc.. fun, memorable, special and loved. Yes loved, because once again I felt the love of Econsoc for me. I know I was not the only one celebrating her bday that night, but still I felt the love of Econsoc for me. Thank you ECONSOC! Love ko talaga kayo.

Also, it made me appreciate the unlimited text of Globe (sorry jopay) and YM. But still, naubos load ko kse madami naka-Smart (yihee! happy na si jops). Khet na naubos load ko, okay lang. Load lang yan. But the fun we had during that night.. PRICELESS :)

Pics to follow. Look out for my next entry.. A Disney Princess Birthday Party :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

20 Random Facts

Was tagged by Duke. so here goes..

" 20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people
as minutes it takes you to write the facts "

1. I am a fast reader, if I just concentrate on reading a book, I can finish a novel in a day.
2. I really am a fast-paced person coz even in eating, I am always the first one to finish.
3. I wanted to shave my hair back in college, just like Demi Moore in GI Jane.
4. It is my dream to be featured, even just my picture, on the Lifestyle section of newpapers or magazines.
5. I wanted to take voice lessons, not to improve my voice but to have a recital.. in other words, I wanted to have a concert.
6. It is hard for me to say NO to people. Soemtimes, even if it's my disadvantage, I still yes.
7. In connection, I like to please others.
8. I hate cockroaches.. As in! even just the mere sight of them in television..
9. My life verse is Mark 11:24, ever since highschool and it all started with not having a report. hehe
10. I love to host/plan parties.
11. Even with my body size, I still feel I am sexy and pretty. Hehe.
12. I am not keen on the salary that I get from my job, what I look at is I'm happy with my work, with what I am doing and the people around me.
13. I can sleep easily. Just give me a pillow or something to rest my head on, I can sleep just right there and then even if there is a party going on.
14. I laugh at people who is not good with their grammar or sometimes even the pronunciation. Yabang ko noh? I laugh at them when I am a confessed barok.
15. If am going to live in the province, it is definitely Cebu. Honestly, I can see myself living there.
16. I am a brand-conscious person. I always buy on a budget. As in really on a budget but most of the time, I buy from named stores.
17. I hate going to sales. I hate the crowd. That's why I'd rather buy an expensive item than makisiksik sa crowd.
18. I wake up early in the morning just to read my Bible and pray then go back to sleep.
19. I love to take on challenges. I challenge myself most of the time. But sad to say, I easily give up.
20. I am a sensitive type of person. Siguro paranoid. Coz I easily get the feeling that I am not liked.

Whew! I don't know hotw long it took me. Bacause I was called on by my unit head. Office stuff. Hehe. But I'll pass this to those who I know the blog addresses.

1. Kim - the new Ma'am Kim
2. Julie - the new mom in Singapore
3. Tres Maras - the beautiful products of Tito Dante and Tita Annie
4. Bart - one who appreciates life now more than we do
5. Denz - Ms. Grimace

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


BDAY ko na! hehehe. and Christmas is also around the corner. i read my highschool classmate's friendster blog and she had there a wishlist. since it's my bday already, i have decided to make my own wishlist. it does not necessarily mean it is really realistic, but what the heck?! it's my wishlist. hehe.

  1. Surprise Party for my bday - this is really not possible. i have plans on my own for my bday and also it would not be a surprise from the heart coz you've read it here already. hehe. i have just thought of this because an officemate had a surprise party for her bf. wala lang :)
  2. Laptop - preferrably a MAC. i remember when i was still in college or highschool, i said to myself or anyone who cares to listen. the first major thing that am gonna buy with my salary is a laptop. i tried saving, but still no laptop. have spent it somewhere else. sad..
  3. Trip around the World - that's for dreaming big. but Singapore is fine with me as of the moment. why singapore? because i can visit a lot of friends there now. also, i wanna see the night safari! california would also be fine. 3 of my college barkada are there having the time of their lives and i could also visit my relatives there.
  4. Try the Spa in Nature Spa and Sampaguita Gardens - Nature Spa is like a haven in Tagaytay. i don't call myself a spa addict but somehow loves to have a body scrub once in a while. i definitely would love to try it our. sampaguita gardens is in new washington, aklan. have been there but to visit the precious moments place and not the spa for lack of budget. hehe. ace told me they have nice spa there and i believe they really have. i guess somehow it is like nature spa. what i like about these two are they are far from the hustles of the city. it would be totally a relaxing mode for me.
  5. Go to Batanes - yup, until now i still want to visit batanes. even if they have electricity and internet already, still i want to visit the place. it's like not part of the philippines already kse. hehe.
  6. Have a Vacation in Amanpulo- yupyup. Amanpulo. haay... when will that happen kaya? even it's in the Philippines it is like Europe for me because of the cost of going and staying there.
  7. Visit Bora Bora - Bora Bora, a new discovered place to visit. it's in the Tahiti. and at first i received an email where the hotel has a glass floor and you can see the fish swimming below. wanted to know where it is and visit. saw the beach in arirang channel and then i researched about Bora Bora.. that's the place i'm looking for. it was really soooo nice. try to google Bora Bora and their hotels. nice hotels.

well, it's pretty much on travelling. i just love to travel and discover new places. well, one out of these five coming true would not be bad. there's nothing bad in dreaming and as my favorite Disney song goes...
" matter how hard your heart is breaking, if you'll keep on believing. the dream that you wish will come true.."

Friday, October 21, 2005

When I Die...

i just came from a wake of my officemate's mom. it reminded me of my lola's wake and jopay's entry on her blog on what she wants when she dies. now, i'm going to share what i want when i die..

until i die, i am still conceited. i want my pictures to be posted all around the funeral place or wherever my remains will be. ala rico yan ba. so friends, lend some of my pictures to my family when i die ha.. para marami sila ipost. i don't care if i look good or not, basta puro pictures ko nakakalat. hehe. i'll borrow an idea of ate jopay. just like her, i want to have a eulogy from friends everyday. my family's part would be on the day of my internment. there'll be a representative from econsoc, bld, highschool friends, childhood friends, etc.. i don't want my wake to be for one day only, so my friends will have a chance to visit me. and if you're planning to give me/my family a mass card, cash na lang. hehe. because my family would need it more. attend a mass and offer it for me na lang. and i'm sure i'm in your prayers. just being practical. hehe. lastly, i want to be cremated. that's one thing that should really be followed. why? ayoko ipisin! but i know it's still gonna be a long time before it happens. a lot will still happen in my life :)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Prompted by the Spirit

i was asked to led the Youth Prayer Meeting yesterday. the Gospel for today is about paying taxes to Caesar. i have to ask pa what it means so i can understand the Gospel and know my theme. well, my theme was "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God." Mt.22:21 anyway, it made me realize that the topic is for me.. how much i have given to God, and how much i should give to Him.

anyway, i have finished my line-up and prayer but honestly, was not satisfied. ewan.. basta parang may kulang that i can't pinpoint. kaya sobrang kabado ako until saturday morning. when i read the readings for yesterday, i was comforted by the words.. "For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time all that you have to say." Lk 12:12

prayer meeting na.. we had it in the Secretariat coz we will also have BBS. walang podium, so walang patungan ang notes/kodigo ko. one thing about me is i'm full of pride or mayabang. nahihiya ako magdala ng paper sa harap that would be obvious. so, lahat impromptu. yung ibang songs ko, i haven't memorized the lines, di ako makapag-prompt, wala pa naman projector. since, wala akong notes.. everything was made right then and there, just keeping in mind my line-up of songs. i just surrendered myself totally to God. and i just made the worship my personal prayer to Him.. honestly, i don not know how it had been for those who were there, but for me it was truly a blessed worship. sobrang feel ko yung worship yesterday. sa sobrang feel ko, i even sang sa mic. dati kse pag songs na, i just prompt the lines or cover the mic. yesterday, talagang kumanta pa ako. and even when i prayed in tongues. basta sobrang nacoconscious kse ako when i pray in tongues, but yesterday, i totally gave my all to God. i just returned to the Heart of Worship :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Survey Says...

Ayan Ate Jopay, para matuwa ka.. and for you guys to know me better...

01. Your Name? ~ Kristine Marie M. Racho
02. Hobbies? ~ Blogging(!), sleeping, reading, GYM! (hahaha), eating, travelling and trying out new restos
03. Gender? ~ Female
04. School? ~ UPLB
05. Height? ~ 5'3"
06. Zodiac Sign? ~ Scorpio
~~ Okay... Where did #7 go?!?
08. Address? ~ West Ave.
09. Email Address? :)
10. Hair? ~ Long, Down & beginning to curl again
11. Eye Colour? ~Black
12. Hair Colour? ~ Naturally Black
13. Right or Left Handed? ~ for writing, left.. but for other tasks, right
14. Status? ~ Single
15. Siblings? ~ 1 Younger sis and 1 Youngest bro. labo!!
16. Last 4 Digits of your Mobile Number? ~ 8301
17. When's your Birthday? ~ Nov. 8 (Jopay, take note)
*Have you...*

~~ Uhh... Where's #18-#20?!?
21. Tried smoking? ~ Nope
22. Drink alcohol? ~ Occassionally. i prefer cocktails and hard drinks
23. Been hurt emotionally? ~ Of course.
24. Kept a secret from anyone? ~ Of course.
25. Been on stage? ~ Yep yep. whenever i receive my diploma. hehe


26. Color? ~ Pastel Colors
27. Food? ~ Japanese, American, Italian, PIZZA and CHIPS!
~~ Once again, another number is missing! Oh well...--comments by Elaine
29. Number? ~ 8
30. Cartoons? ~ ginger, walt disney princess movies
~~ What the?!? Can't the Author of this Survey count?--comments by Elaine
32. Song? ~ songs by hillsongs, parokya ni edgar, mymo, etc..
33. Movie? ~ 50 First Dates, I Am Sam, Life is Beautiful, etc. etc
34. Subject? ~ Math 36 - Calculus. (no joke, khet take 2)
*Right Now*

~~ Jeeze, Louise! Another number gone!-- comments by Elaine
36. Wearing? ~ black cardigan, white sando, black slacks, black shoes
37. Hairstyle? ~ Long, Down
38. Looking At? ~ The screen of the pc that's displaying my bloxster "edit entry" page
39. Thinking Of? ~ answers
40. Listening To? ~ my fingers tapping the keyboard, and the silence in the whole floor

*Do You Believe In...*

41. Love? ~ Yes
42. Faith? ~ Yes.
43. Yourself? ~ Yes.
44. Ghosts? ~ not really, but i'm a coward. hehe
45. Angels? ~ Yes.

*In The Last 24 Hrs...*

46. Worn Jeans? ~ Yep
47. Cleaned Your Room? ~ nope
48. Cried? ~ Nope.
49. Met Someone New? ~ Yup. some of ian's friends
50. Last Person You Talked To On The Phone? ~ Co-worker
*Love Life*

51. Do You Believe In Love? ~ Yes.
52. Have A Secret Admirer? ~ ewan..
53. Do You Wanna Get Married? ~ Yes.
54. Do You Plan On Having Kids? ~ Yes. if we can't have one, i could settle for adoption
55. How Old Do You Want To Be When You Get Married? ~ i'm turning 25.. so 27-28
56. How Old You Wanna Be When You Have Your Child? ~ After a year of marriage
57. How Many Kids Do You Want? ~ 2
58. Would You Have Kids Before Marriage? ~ Nope.
59. Do You Have A Crush? ~ right now? parang wala. wala na ata gwapo. hehe
60. What Do You Want Most In A Relationship? ~ Love and respect
61. Horror or Action? ~ Action.
62. Kiss or Hug? ~ Hug
63. Summer or Winter? ~ Summer.
64. Sunny or Rainy? ~ Sunny
65. Chocolate or Vanilla? ~ Chocolate
66. Hanging Out or Chillin'? ~ Hanging Out
67. Music or TV? ~ TV
68. Hamburger or Pizza? ~ Pizza!! sobrang fave
69. Smile or Laughing? ~ Smile coz i can do it anytime. if i just laugh out of the blue, people will think there's something wrong
70. Sleeping or Eating? ~ Sleeping!
71. McDonald's or KFC? ~ Mcdo!
72. Silver or Gold? ~ White Gold
73. Sunset or Sunrise? ~ Sunset
74. On The Phone or In Person? ~ In Person.
75. Diamonds or Pearls? ~ Diamonds.
76. Adidas or Puma? ~ Nike. (I agree with you, Elaine and Jopay)
77. Football or Golf? ~ Football. i get bored with golf
78. Local or International Artist? ~ Either-Or
79. Sneakers or Boots? ~ Sneakers.
80. Jack Daniels or Chivas Regal? ~ ....?
81. Dunhill or Marlboro? ~ None.
82. Clubbing or Live Music? ~ Live Music.
83. Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt? ~ Johnny Depp, a really great actor
84. Angelina Jolie or Kate Hudson? ~ Angelina Jolie
85. Epic or Romantic Comedy? ~ Romantic Comedy.
86. Sexy/Naughty or Kind/Plain? ~ Kind but can be Naughty (Agree!)
87. BMW or Mercedes? ~ bmw
88. Hiphop or Pop? ~ Pop.
89. Montreal or Toronto? ~ Montreal
90. Long Haired or Bald? ~ Bald.
91. Ice Cream or Candies? ~ Ice Cream.
92. Beach or Mountain? ~ Beach.
93. Pepsi or Coke? ~ Coke.
94. DVD or Cinema? ~ Cinema
95. Nokia or Ericsson? ~ Am using Ericson now
96. 311 or Hoobastank? ~ ...?
97. Asia or America? ~ Asia
98. Tattoo or Piercing? ~ Ear Piercing
99. American Idol or Canadian Idol? ~ American Idol
100. Asking or Answering? ~ Asking, definitely :)

TAG! You're It! Go ahead and answer the Survey!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blog Addicts

i started my blog last year when i still have no job and was really unsuccessful with my baking experiments. got the idea from my friend Petrina. with nothing else to do, i wrote my first entry. i don't pay much attention to my blog just updating it once in a while and also, i don't tell my friends about it coz am somehow embarrassed with my writings. i've got no talent in it kse. but then, friendster blog became a fad. and my sis, Kim, asked in our egroups if anyone has a blog, so i told her bout my blog. then a week after, i talked to Jopay and she was so excited about blogging. so i visited her blog and saw the blogs of my other friends.

i now believe that blogging is fun. not only for writing your thoughts but also reading your friends'. like for example, Duke's. after a long time of no communication, i am somehow updated again with her life. i learned about Elaine's accident through her blog. and realized that Kuya Marvin is poetic.

through blog, i have learned and realized a lot. now i see the beauty of blog, and honestly i am getting addicted to it also. opening my blog and my friends' when i have the time :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


ay mali! FEU won pala. hehe.

that's a text message i sent to some of my friends from la salle after a great game versus feu. i know they're affected somehow. my siblings are. hehe. to my friends, don't get mad at me, okay? i sympathize with you. i may not have studied in dlsu, but it's close to my heart, promise! anyway, there's still next year and i guess the title is not really for you. it was a great game, especially after yeo tried to revive the ball after tripping and all. that's sportsmanship. till next year friends

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sorry Ace

Pero sino nga ba si Ace? Si Ace ang parte ng aking nakaraan, parte pa rin ng aking kasalukuyan ngunit bilang kaibigan na lamang. At sana parte pa rin siya ng aking kinabukusan bilang mabuting kaibigan. Malaki ang pasasalamat ko at naging bahagi siya ng aking buhay. Sa kanya ko naramdaman ang pagmamahal. Talagang minahal niya ako at kahit naman ako, minahal ko din siya hanggang ngayon, bilang mabuting kaibigan. Siya ang nag-iisang taong may tiyagang makinig sa mga kwento, reklamo at kung anu-anong kuro-kuro ko. At siya ang higit na nagtitiwala sa aking kakayahan at mga pangarap, kaya nang dahil sa kanya, maraming pangarap ko na rin ang naiksatuparan. Sa madaling salita, marami ang pinapasalamat ko sa kanya. Subalit, khet na puro kabutihan ang ginawa niya sa akin, sinaktan ko pa rin at siguro ay patuloy na sinasaktan. Minsan pala, mas makakasakit ang pagiging mabait kumpara sa pagmamalupit. Sa kabaitan mo, nabibigyan mo siya ng maling pag-asa.

Bakit ko ba sinusulat ang lahat ng ito? Sa kadahilanan na gusto ko humingi ng paumanhin kay Ace sa lahat ng masamang nagawa ko. Gusto ko rin ipakita sa lahat na talagang nagpapasalamat ako at naging bahagi siya ng buhay ko. Maaring hindi niya mabasa ito, pero ayos lang. Dahil pag mabasa niya ito, iba ang isipin niya. Baka isipin lang niya na ginagawa ko ito nang hindi talaga bukal sa aking kalooban, at nagpapakitang tao lang sa kanya. Kaya mas mabuti na sigurong hindi niya ito mabasa. Sana lang maramdaman niya talagang ako ay totoo sa pagpapaumanhin at pagpapasalamat. At alam ko na itong entry na ito na nakalaan lang sa kanya ay hindi pa sapat sa lahat nang nagawa niya para sa akin...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Blessed with Friends

I was suppose to go to Camiguin last weekend but due to some changes in the schedule, it didn't push through. I am still tahnkful though that it was cancelled coz my weekend still had been a fun, enjoyable and blessed weekend. I got to spend it with Econsoc and BLD friends, two sets of friends that had been closed to my heart and have molded me.

After a long time, since July, I went back to LB last Friday. Saw some brods and sisses again like Bart, Mars, Chopol, Jeff, Tina, Jason, RY, Primo, Fheby, Patrick, Karlo, Aqui, Ainah and Cindy. Hope I didn't forget anyone. It was really great to see them. How they had been a blessing last weekend, aside from the fact that they made me enjoy my weekend, here are other reasons:

..nagpasingit sa line sa bus
..i was still welcome khet na sobrang younger batches sila
..saw a real example of how you could not see that your "true" love is just infront of you when you are busy chasing the wrong guy
..realized how much loved i am by them when after a long time of not going out, would have lunch out for me. khet pinag-antay ako ng matagal. bitch tlga. haha
..even if i am out of touch with LB and the people, i can still be updated. labo!
..khet sobrang kinukupal ako, they care for me still

at marami pang iba. i am really glad i had been part of the Econsoc family. and it made me realize how old i am. i was born in the year 1980, and ang kagimik ko last friday has an age range that was born in the year 1984 to 1987!!! OMG! i guess that just means that i am young looking. hehe.

What i hate when i go to los baños is going back to manila. Sobrang nakakatamad for the place is relaxing khet mainit, and also the people khet na kupal. Was supposed to meet my BLD friends in makati at 7pm, finally i left LB by 6:30 pm. Not only did the heat made me lag behind. At 3 in the afternoon, Ainah and i went around the UP campus. So after the tour and back to Kitanlad, what do you expect but my smell to be amoy-araw. It made me hesistate to leave coz am sure my BLD friends smell fresh. But i don't want to miss the opportunity to be with them again, so amoy-pawis and all, i went back to Manila.

I'm thankful i did attend the overnight at Jopay's. Saw Beng once again. Got to warn Jaz. Got to know Ate Giselle more, looks can be deceiving. hahaha. Enjoyed Jopay's cooking. Got to spend time with Ate Anna. Got to talk to Tatee in a deeper way. Exept for Jopay and Beng, it was my first time to have bonded with these girls. And i was blessed with their sharings. Though some shared their probles, it was still a blessing to me for i learned a lot of things. Like for example..

..your dream guy or ideal man can really be a reality
..God does not work in a hurried pace
..i am blessed with my family even if we are not perfect
..BLD community is God's gift to me
..though i don't/didn't feel it, the BLD people loves and cares for me (yuck! naiiyak ako)

I remembered tuloy when I was asked last Saturday what is/are my blessing/s and i said being there had been a really big blessing. Then i was crying and Ate Anna and Tatee were surprised why i was crying. I was also surprised myself for I thought I'm already healed coz I've shared it already during our last SE Pastoral and in my sharings, but I still cried. I guess, the tears really need to pour for me to be totally healed from the hurt. But last weekend made me appreciate the BLD Community more. And I realized tat hurt as i had been, there are still those I can consider as my true friends.

For my friends, especially those whom I got to spend the weekend with, thank you. I love you guys! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bentosa Adventure

just wanna share that my dad cares for me pa pala somehow. hehe. as i've mentioned in my spa review, i had bentosa recently, actually just last friday. so saturday, i want to take a bath but was advised not to because i just had a massage the previous night. i asked our househelps if i can't really take a bath and showed them my back which is full of bentosa marks. they recognized it instantly, it's a popular thing pala in the province. just a common massage. anyway, my dad was sitting beside me. he literally panicked. he pulled my shirt to see a better view of my back and was really panicky when he told me "Pumunta ka na ng derma!" i was really laughing. i know napahiya sya, then he said it might be a ringworm or something, and i should go to the derma. then i explained it to him that i just had bentosa and explained what it is. sobrang funny lang coz our househelps didn't react, and he reacted so panicky. but in all honesty, i was touched. naks pa! concerned ka pa rin pala saken. ;p

Sunday, September 25, 2005

SPA Reviews

if you've read my previous entries, you'll read that i love to try out new restos. well, now it was somehow modified. now, i also want to try out SPAs in the metro. not only in the metro but anywhere else. hehe. well, so far i have tried four and in order: Suriya in Glorietta 3, Spa Central in Iloilo, Moorea in Tomas Morato, and the most recent, Sanctuario in Malate. For Suriya and Spa Central, I had body scrubs. While in Moorea and Sancturaio, body massage, in Sanctuario, particularly Bentosa.

First, the Suriya in Glorietta 3. It was really refreshing and relaxing. After the scrub, I was wrapped in a banana leaf and was left for 20 minutes to relax. Afterwards, a delicious hot tea. Delicious coz i don;t drink hot tea. But i really liked their tea. Sayang lang di ko naubos. I was hot kaya and i wanna go home already coz it's late na. The receptionist was not that friendly. we had a reservation at 9pm. Arrived a little before 9:10 and we can't be accommodated na daw. Pinaglaban tlaga namin ang aming slot, so pnagbigyan kme. But the one who gave me the body scrub was really nice. Since it was my first time for a body scrub, i was shy pa. Even if the procedure makes me sleepy, I would still talk to the girl kse kawawa naman and hiya nga akoÜ Anyway, after that, my skin was really soft and smooth. And i had a nice goodnight sleep.

When I went to Boracay recently, afterwards, we went to New Washington in Aklan to see the Precious Moments place there. They also have a spa there and ace told me it was really great. Next time we'll try it. hehehe. Anyway, after New Washington, straight to Iloilo. So, i really felt dirty and harrass. So, arriving in Iloilo, straight to the Spa Central. Compared to Suriya, i like Suriya better. The room is not private. They just have cloths to sparate the rooms, just like in Moorea. The underwear is not disposable. Sa suriya kse and Moorea they have this disposable undies kaya you feel safe to use them. Sorry, it's a big deal for me. But what i like for these three Spas (Suriya, Spa Central and Moorea) it's really a haven. They will let you relax. Sa Moorea, I was given extra sleeping time pa. Hehe. In Spa Central, it's not really first class, totally cheap kaya ang services. My Iloilo officemates also told me that there are better spas there. But i like their service. And after that long day, it was really refreshing afterwards. I felt really clean, and in fairness, their scrub smelled good.

Now, Sanctuario. I've first heard about it in Jessica Soho Reports and was really amazed with the Bentosa. I'd like to try it especially since it was said to remove the "lamig" in your back, and Gwyneth Paltrow is in it, why won't I give it a try. I hate massages. It only gives me more body aches afterwards, so I daid i'll just try Bentosa since they're just gonna put hot glasses in my back and i'll be okay. Well, arriving in Sanctuarion, it's like Sanctuario coz it's like a nature spa. But not for long. The ladies' dreassing room is in the second floor and the bath place is in the ground floor, passing the salon and restaurant. Ladies are to wear opnly sarong. Second, the sauna, actually it's like a jacuzzi, and the pool is for public use. I mean the sauna in Suriya is also for public use but only for girls. In Sanctuario, you are to share it with guys also. Sorry but i was not to go boy-hunting but to relax. Then they have this herbal bath. The water was really hot! As in! Parang for the first five minutes we were trying to cool it down first before we can truly relax. Then Bentosa time! First, my back was massaged. Okay, then the glasses were placed. It was somehow painful. My massuer loves to put pil on her hands. And when she massages me, it is really painful coz it was so madulas and i can feel it in my bones. Honest! Sabi nga nya, malambot balat ko.. Kaya siguro. I didn't feel the glasses removed but I still feel backache, in other words parang may lamig pa. She massaged me still and then it was done. She made me stand and gave me the tip envelope. Haay.. no time to sleep. Honestly, i did not feel relaxed. Kaya I am sorry, for the four spas, i like Sanctuario the least. I don't think i'll return there. For the other three, i might return.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

working relations

Last Monday night, I met my former boss in P&G, Mam Sally. We had dinner at around 10:30 in the evening. Well, I came from the Singles Prayer Meeting thus the late dinner. Anyway, it was fun. We did some catching up. She's based in Singapore already and was just here for a week. Talking to her made me realize how God loves me and how blessed I am. Inspite of being connected with P&G for only 8 months, I have gained lots of friends. That even if I already work in QC, I still meet them once in a while. And it made me sad also because though for in my first work I lasted for a year and thought gained friends, there had been no communication from them anymore. As they said..sometimes we just meet some people for a reason and purpose.. and I guess our purpose for each other has been fulfilled already. Hope we will meet again someday coz am really glad I met them :)

Monday, July 25, 2005

i'm not mataray!!

i've always seen myself as a smiling person. even if problems arises, i just smile. and if people pisses me off, i just cry. but me being mataray?! hmmm... i don't know. when i look at my pic here, parang di bagay saken..

i remember when i was still in college and it's reporting time for our org. the applicants/amuyong would include me at the bottom of their list to be reported at. kse para daw akong mataray. and when one brave sould approaches me and would learn about how kind (ahem) i am, the whole batch would like to report to me now. i really can;t understand how they can see me as mataray. especially when what i love to do is SMILE :)

Monday, May 30, 2005

God loves me talaga!

wow! it's been a year already since my last entry here. a lot has happened in my life between those intervals. i'll just talk about some of the highlights for this year. mostly serving the Lord. first is the SE37 sponsorship. i really gave my all to that sponsorship, not sleeping for 48 hours and really doing everything i can for its success. second, sharing my life story last LSS24, just last april also. 1st week and last week of april is really for the Lord. after my sharing, i was told that I can ask God for anything. since malakas daw ako sa kanya coz i shared my life plus i served nung sponsorship. i really didn't ask God for anything. but honestly, i was expecting for blessings to pour into my life. however, i felt that it's not blessings that came into my life and my family but problems. especially when my lola was taken to the hospital. that was may 2, just a week after my sharing. since then until now, she is still comatosed. we didn't expect that she will last this long. we were given just a week or two na lang by the doctors, but now it's already a month and looks like she is still continues fighting. but this placed a dilemma to us especially my mom coz she is the one paying. our bill has reached almost 200 thousand pesos already. i wanna help my mom, but i don't know how.

our office had a raffle. prizes ranged from 10,000pesos to 500,000pesos. i'm not lucky with raffles so i am not expecting to gain anything from it. bt i prayed to God that i hope whoever will win really needed the money. parang nakakatampo kung mayaman ang manalo then ako wala na sobrang nangangailangan. siguro nakulitan saken si God. He let my sister win the 3rd prize. it was really a blessing from God.
also i was touched with my officemates, particularly those coming from our department. coz they were really happy for me. they did not see it as luck but as a blessing. i know they are praying for my lola and my family, and i felt that the raffle was part of His answer to their prayers. i asked why was it my sister who won and not other family members. this was easily answered, because my sister has already plans for the money. and the good thing is she is really going to share it to others. those who really needed it. the raffle had really been a blessing to us. i really felt God's love during that time. just like what emmans said when he won a phone in a raffle, just pray and have an expectant faith.