Monday, December 20, 2010


let me sing first: "2010 big bang.. uh-huh.. it goes.."

2010 is an unforgettable year. lots of things happened this year that don't happen regularly. good and sad things happen but comparing to 2009, i like 2010 more. yes, even if i lost papa this year, i still don;t consider 2010 a bad year. so what's different with 2010? let me count the ways:

1. i traveled all by myself. well, it still seems like not travelling on my own coz it is just like i went to makati and met with friends. everyday i had lunch and dinner dates with friends. my time alone was only 2 hours a day. hahaha. but that travel really made me feel blessed with friends. thank you my dear friends.

2. i DJ-ed online. it was a fun experience. will try to do it more often next year. hehe.

3. had a lunchdate with Papa on a weekday. of course, it won't happen again. but it was really memorable for me coz Papa was the only one i had a lunchdate on a work day. i don't meet friends during lunchtime when i'm at work.

4. first time to travel with my sister and friends at the same time. and got to explore the streets on my own looking for a church and hearing mass all by myself even if i don't understand a word said. hehehe. also it's possible to still be able to fly even if you leave 5pm from qc and your flight is at 7pm. hahaha.

5. attended youth camp for the first time. i may be the oldest participant but still i had lots of fun. and this year, somehow i am like a part of the youth ministry again. and became participative with bld activities

6. resigned from work even if i still don't have a work. and til now i still don't have a fulltime work, but i don't regret my decision. it was like Papa God was arranging everything for me.

7. first time to travel to tagaytay just by commuting and all by myself

8. becoming a tutor

9. this year my sister met most of my friends

10. i didn't attend any weddings. if last year i had been so active in weddings as part of entourage or mass. this year, i only got invited once (as a guest) and i was not able to attend

11. papa passed away. but am happy that i got spend time with him in the hospital even if all we did was fight. hehehe.

12. super backache. as in i can't stand. i don't want to experience that again

(edit: added 13 & 14)

13. for the first time in my 30 years of existence, i didn't go to the beach this year

14. my bday was great, full of surprises. received video greetings from friends (i really love it). received a special cake delivery. started my bday week with a korean dinner and ended my bday with a korean dinner + noraebang

after writing the above, i realized that most of the things that are memorable to me are good things. that is why i know i am blessed. but it was not only good or fun memories for 2010, there also had been those that really made me down. and having an outlet really helped me keep my sanity. that is why i am thankful for my online outlet. and to all those who read my everyday rants, raves, spazzings, thank you! thank you! thank you for your patience.

i may not have been to a new place this year, nor went to the beach (first time after 30 years), i am sure 2011 would bring me more fun adventure and new places to explore.

i am still thankful for 2010. and i am now claiming that 2011 would be a wonderful and really blessed year for me, for all of us :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


if you guys still didn't know, i do not have a job now. why? coz i resigned from my job effective sept. 1. and yes, i did resign even if i still do not have another work waiting for me. my original plan is to rest for one month and start working again in october. but that didn't happen. still no work when september ended. but you know what? everything worked for a reason. papa gad been hospitalized and then died, and i was always in the hospital and the wake. so my october is basically for papa. a week after the cremation, i got backpain. as in total backpain that i can't move. it started tuesday and i just rested for the whole week. week after is my birthweek so enjoy week for me. hehe. but starting this week and the following weeks, i don't know already. but i trust in God's plan and His perfect timing. i am sure He won't abandon me. and He is there helping me arrange my life. thank You Papa God.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is my brother's eulogy for my papa. i entitled it Closure coz after his speech, everyone who heard it kept on telling me that finally eric had closure.

thank you to family and friends who had been with us not only during the wake but also two weeks ago when he was admitted to the hospital. you truly are blessings to us. will write a post about my dad soon.

Ric is the nickname that his loved ones used to call him.

Each and every day, they would all smile and laugh with him.

Cherished to Elizabeth Racho, his only chick,

To his kids also: TIntin and Yanyan and Eric.

Oh, they had a wonderful and fantabulous life.

Then Recto committed something that is very wrong.

Adultery was what he did and actually longed.

Betrayed! Why have you done this?” His family queried.

And he said, “It just happened.” Did he want to be freed?

Ringing and then thundering in his family’s ears

Are pain, hatred and other emotions which bring tears.

None of these, however, could really bring back our dad.

Zoned away from his family because of his bad,

Away he set off, with his family’s relatives.

Recto was a man who thought with logic and freely.

And even though he had done this to his family,

Cherished Beth, TIntin, Yanyan and Eric still love him.

How they wish, again, to kiss him and to embrace him.

Oh, because they all had a wonderful life with him.

It’s true that he is not the perfect and best father.

Sure, there are those who do not leave their children’s mother,

And those who’ll choose their family over another.

God, however, has given Ric to my family.

Regardless of all his faults, he still loved us deeply.

Even until his death, we all still took care of him.

And it’s because we love him, and not due to some whim.

This, even, can’t fully express our love for Papa.

Finally, he taught us what a true family is.

And on his bed, he gave effort to give us a kiss.

Teaching us to be independent or on our own,

He taught us to be faithful and to reap what we’ve sown.

Especially now, may Papa be with Our Father.

Recto Tabaranza Racho is a great father.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Link of the Moment: Let's Dance to this Song

i'm going to share a music video below. what makes the music video special? well, it gave me inspiration. how? the star in the mv is kev jumba (he's in amazing race now with his dad). and if you have heard him sing.. you'll be surprised that he has a mv. iyaz told him in his face that he doesn't want to sing with him coz he can't sing. trust me, he really can't. and also, see how philip wang dances in the video. another reason for me to be inspired. hahaha.

if you're not aware of it, i have the best singing voice in town. and i can dance so well, that i would win first place if i join contests. okay, in all honesty, i am honest. bwahaha. for the first time i'm going to hell. hahaha.

that's why this mv gave me hope that i can have my own mv in the future. this mv is part of the funemployed webseries that is a funny series in youtube. and also, my sister and i would somehow get a last-song syndrome when we hear this. and the lyrics of the song is really true. the most cliche pop song. hahaha.

hope you'll also enjoy the video. wait! i don't need to be a youtube star to have my own mv, right?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Link of the Moment: Kpop Dances

when people saw me last week, i heard several comments that i'm slimming down. and all i can think of is.. "wow, digital bounce is effective." what is digital bounce? my exercise. hehe. it's a song by se7en. i dance to it, i (try to) follow the choreography. hehe. it's a cool choreo, even my brother likes it. he hates kpop, but the choreo for this song passed. hehe.

here's the vid and you'll know how great the choreo is...

dancing to kpop had been my form of exercise since late last year. i don't know why but ring ding dong had been my official dance. when they hear ring ding dong, they would remember me. and my mom's ringtone for me is even ring ding dong. hahaha. i haven't really said goodbye to this song, i still dance it (almost) everyday. but i dance to digital bounce more now. i really don't know why i chose this dance/song from all the dances/songs out there, maybe you'll know?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's Up?

i have been active in other sites, hahaha. updating my status every hour(?). anyway, just want to share some of my status for the past week so you'll know also what's up with me.

- yipee! several ppl are telling me that i have slimmed down. i guess digital bounce is effective :)

- i'm really inlove with kenshin of samurai x. hihi ;p

- if 2009 had been a year of disapointments, 2010 is a cheerful year :)

- weee! I passed the exams. Thank You Papa God. ok,let's wait for the next step

- my mom & i are having an argument right now about pnoy not talking to tsang when he called (during the hostage)

- okay. it's not horse shit but the fan. it could have exploded anytime if we haven't seen it -- i posted earlier that it smells like horse shit at home and i don't know where it's coming from

- in memory of lfo's vocalist, am now listening to i don't want to kiss you goodnight. i love this song

"i'm your sister. it's my job to terrify you." - going the distance.
this is true with my sister. that's why i love her. she is supportive but she is also honest

- i want to visit a science museum

- it annoys me when people doesn't know how to say thank you. its just basic

- though i can's make you smile, i ain't gonna make you cry. - girl rock, epik high

- i know now my purpose in life while i have no job. to wake my brother up. i've been waking him up everyday. dunno know y i wake up rly early

Thursday, September 09, 2010

All By Myself

... travelling. that's what i'd like to experience even just once.

i envy some friends who went out of town by themselves. i have plans of that kind for the longest time but it still has not happened due to different factors. and honestly i don't know how i'll do it.

yes, i've travelled to singapore all by myself but i won't consider it as being all by myself. why? i stayed with my friend (thank ljieu!) and i have lunch and dinner dates with different friends everyday (am really happy to see my friends. and thank you). trust me when i say that my singapore trip is just like a trip to makati. when asked what i did in singapore, well, it is to see my friends and visit them. literally. that's why i'm also glad that i made that trip alone. coz my schedule was already jampacked just meeting my friends. but it was fun. and meeting my friends made me travel from one end of singapore to another. thank you friends.

okay, back to the main topic. still, i want to explore a place on my own. i guess, next time i would travel alone i would not choose singapore. but that's the only place my mom would allow me to (if on my own). i think she'll approve of me visiting alone singapore than baguio or davao, etc. sigh...

Friday, September 03, 2010

Easily Influenced

last week, i bought nutella. the week before it's california maki twister. and why did i buy them? coz they're being posted by my friends in social networking sites, it got me craving for those thus buying them.

after buying the nutella, i realized how easily influenced i am with the statuses of my friends. or how i get envious easily? hahaha. i don't know why.

i remember before, some friends and i were talking about hotdogs. it really got me want to eat hotdogs, so i went out to go to ministop just to buy hotdog. the statuses also made me crave for quickly, mcdo breakfast, etc.

this just proves, i'm weak when it comes to food ;p

Living Independently

i think in other countries, people my age is living on their own. i'm sure some of them are looking for HUD apartments for rent. maybe they find it by browsing the internet.

but how do they pay it? maybe, by loan? or talking to those selling structured settlement for a better option?

honestly, i don't know. but what i do know is that if they are filipinos, most likely than not, they will be having pinoy 24 tv to ease the homesickness.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Link of the Moment: The Allergy

i don't smoke. never tried it. i have lots of friends who do. this is the only discipline that i have in my body, i won't smoke. hahaha.

when i was in college, and even after college, people thought i smoke. i guess coz of my friends, and i don't know.. i look like someone who does? anyway, i know it's hard for people to quit. i don't nag my friends to quit. but they know that i'm not into it and would prefer for them to stop.

i found this hilarious video, a campaign for the American Cancer Society. and as the video asks, what i your motivation? i guess, it's all about that. my sister quit smoking for vanity reasons, and she did it. i don't know what your motivation is, but i guess if you have one, you can achieve your goal. so for those who quit smoking, what was your motivation?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

nonsense post

don't mind this.

an aging actor oh so furious

and i won't tell why

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are We Close?

i really appreciate it when people turn to me and ask me to pray for them coz they say that i am close to Papa God. but honestly, i find it funny at the same time and would like to tell them you're mistaken.

coz i also feel far from God and ask prayers from some friends telling them the same reason. hahaha.

but in reality, i know that we are all close to God. He is trying to close the distance from us in an equal manner, it's just that we are the ones who widens the gap.


okay, i don't know how to end this post. hahaha

Friday, August 06, 2010

Link of the Moment: Canon in D

i don't want to neglect my this site, but i don't know why can't i think of things to write. actually, i do. but when i start to open the site, it's gone.

so i got an idea. an idea from an acquaintance who asked me to share with her my favorite link for her bday, but what i did is for a month, i shared something new everyday. so that's what i do, i'll share a new link (almost) everyday. for those subscribed to my blog (i have a subscriber?!?!), sorry to flood you with posts. hehe. anyway, i honestly think i'll not be able to post something everyday. and i don't know how regular the post may be, so i'm just going to name it Link of the Moment. hehe. oh by the way, as early as now, i'm warning you that there will be a lot of kpop stuff. hahaha

for my first link...

i like Canon in D. i think it's the only classical music that i can listen to over and over again without getting sleepy. first time i heard it in the movie My Sassy Girl, i fell inlove with it easily. and there had been a time that i listened to it the whole day in different variations. haha. some friends also like it that they used it as their wedding march (argh! they beat me into it. hehe). i don't know how to play the piano, and definitely not the guitar (eventhough i had guitar lessons in the past), but i think it's not that easy playing it in guitar. that's why this video amazes me. and i think a lot of people also with 75million hits already. enjoy

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Blog

i am sorry for not updating my blog and for posting nonsense stuff most of the time.
i always have an idea on what to write, but when i start writing, i can't think of words. i've always opened the New Post link of blogspot, but then it's just blank.

and then just now, i've realized my blog is already 6-years old. maybe that's the reason i can't leave this blog even if there are a lot of sites that i can transfer to (multiply, facebook, etc.). this blogspot site of mine has become my home here in the internet.

i am thankful for this blog. this had been my rant center for a time. this had been where i expressed my emotions, my angst, happiness, my all. it had been helpful to me emotionally. this blog has also made me earn some money which i spent for really crazy stuff that i should not be spending on. and there are my blogsy friends...

thank you for all those who continue to visit my blog. i came to know a lot of people thru this site. i've met a few, i'm still connected to some via other social networking sites. these blogsy friends who have encouraged me, put a smile on my face, for being a friend in the cyberspace. sorry if i have not visited your site for sometime. but you guys have a special place in my heart and that is no joke. honestly, i have learned a lot from you. thank you, really.

wow! six years! i never expected that my blog would last this long. and when i started it, i never thought that it would be a special site for me. i just thought it's just one of those sites that i would register in. but this site has been a meaningful site for me.

thank you everyone. and thank you blogspot :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hongkong & Me (H&M)

how do my sister and i tour the streets of hongkong? by finding H&M stores. at first, i was thinking of what's the big deal with the store, and we still have to go to hongkong just to visit it. then we went, and bam! now, it's my favorite store. hahaha.

h&n stores can be found in malls, but where are these malls? now, that's the challenge for me and my sister. we would get the store locations from the net, then with the hongkong map on hand, we would look for it. believe me! we have seen more of hongkong and known hongkong coz of this. may it be hongkong central or kowloon side.

what's so great about this store that it became my favorite store and would go into much trouble of looking for it's different branches?
1. the stuff sold there are really nice. for the first time, i regretted not buying a dress i saw
2. it's not expensive. and my sister told me that you can find something similar to other known brands but they would be priced double
3. the staff are great. hands down. really helpful
4. and as i mentioned, you would be able to tour hongkong by looking for the stores

how great the store is? my sister and i visited three locations. and for all those stores, there are really lots of people. as in lots of people. may it be a weekday or weekend, office hours or not. so my tip for you is that to fit the clothes at the men's department, and pay your goods there also.

so why am i blogging about this store? nothing, i am just happy with the store. it's my new favorite, remember?

Sunday, March 28, 2010


it's the lenten season once again. next week is already the holy week. i know there are a lot of controversies that are going on in the church right now, but i do hope that it doesn't make us lose our faith in God. i don't want to preach or debate about religion here, i just pray that the readers would have a reflective and relaxing holy week. whatever religion we may belong to, it just boils down to faith and doing good deeds.

so everyone, let's bring love this Christmas day :)


Earth Day was just celebrated. importance of earth day is to protect the earth by saving energy. well, there are also a lot of alternative energy such as clean coal, etc. and there is a company that specializes in renewable energy, biosolids, opportunity fuels. N-Viro has been around for ages and has developed and licensed its technology to municipalities and private companies since 1993. Here's a clip to introduce you to it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earth Hour

are you aware that on March 27 at 8:30pm, the world is celebrating earth hour? what does it mean? well, just that you have to close the lights for one hour.

earth hour 2008 is memorable for me. but i forgot the exact date for it. hahaha.

my friends had planned to go to Anawangin, an island in Zambales with no electricity. they're leaving early morning of Saturday, and i said i can't join them coz i have to finish something at work. saturday, i was in the office. and received lots of notifications about earth hour. then i thought if there'll be no lights for an hour, what will i do? and since i'm okay with my work already and my friends are leaving late, i said i'll go with them. they said they'll leave at 10am, good! but when i was going down the elevator (in the office), i realized it's already 10am. hahaha. good thing, they still have a friend who'll go at a later time.. giving me enough time to go home and pack.

so there, last minute decision. but i'm really glad i joined them. it was a fun experience and i met new people.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Confessions of a (Non) Shopaholic

i'm not a shopaholic. actually, i hate shopping.

i just came from a workshop and we went to duty free shops. they were able to buy something, i didn't buy anything. i just roamed the store once, then sat down and just watched a movie. hahaha. then we went to a 2nd store, they all said it's okay not to go there anymore coz they won't buy anything, but they all left again the store with something. and once again, i roamed the store, sat down somewhere and continued my movie. hahaha.

when i went to singapore on my own and got a 2 hours free time for myself instead of going shopping, i went ot the national library. hahaha. oh! and i went to mustafa (almost everyone told me to go there so i can find goods that are cheap). so i went there the next day on my own and really looked for it. but when i got there, i just roamed the store and was not able to buy anything. true! it's really cheap there, but nothing captured my attention. it's like i just went there for adventure and experience.

so how do i shop clothes for myself? i bring my sister. she'll choose the clothes, ill fit it and pay. unless, something really grabs my attention.

that is why i'm really confused why my sister likes me as her shopping companion.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


... only has 28 days this year
... is the second month of the year
... has just started but will end soon
... is the love month
... and the (chinese) new year month
... is the birth month of some of my blogsy friends

okay... i just want to post something but i can't think of anything to post. hehe. well, i have an idea but am not yet done writing it, so for now just this.

happy chinese new year everyone! happy valentine's day! and happy birthday to those who are celebrating their birthdays :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the Series Goes On

i admit. i love watching drama series. and somehow, i prefer asian series. why? because they are just a number of episodes. unlike american series that have lots of seasons. it's just that, sometimes after the first season, i don't get to follow anymore.

here are my favorite series. you could try watching them if you like. i'm sure you could find subbed versions. hehehe.

Bad Family/Wanted: Perfect Family
vacation period.. tv was on a local channel for our maid. so i got to see an episode and i think i became curious or had some questions on the episode. so i tried to look for it on the internet. watched it and liked it. the kid made me cry. and i got introduced to heechul of super junior. but i still didn't know super junior that time.

summary (korean series):
a little girl was the only survivor when her family met an accident. she had amnesia and the doctors said that what could help her is to recreate her family and have her experience happy moments. so her dad's secretary hired "uncle" to create a family.

i have written about this before. really an inspirational drama series for me. and i have seen this when i needed it most. a good watch for those who are having a hard time with their career lives.

summary (japanese series):
bambino came to tokyo to be an italian chef. he realized that being a chef is not an easy task

Devil Beside Youbecause of some multiply posts, i watched another taiwanese series. then someone recommended this. i started watching this, and i prefer this than the other series that was talked about. hehe. common story actually. honestly, i don't know why i included this. maybe just to add something from taiwan. hehe.

summary (taiwanese series):
qi yue is admitting her love to her crush thru a love letter, but he didn't see it. and next thing, it was in the hands of the school's biggest bully. they got close but then the bully's dad is marrying qi yue's mom.


i think this is the first korean series i watched in dvd. caught some episodes of it in our local channel and liked it. and it's popular here. so i borrowed the dvd, and i love it. really funny. i like rain here better than in ninja assassin. hahaha.

summary (korean series):
a famous actor bought a house and lived in it without the knowledge of the owner. in order for the owner, an ordinary girl, to get the house back, she served as his servant and then they had a contract marriage with the house at stake.

Maging Sino Ka Mananother series that i have posted about before. my family was able to watch the pilot episode. because of that, we had watched this drama. and because i liked it. especially the lines.

summary (filipino series):
jackie was believed to be dead. she had amnesia and met eli, a poor boy. they got married in the province. but in reality, jackie is a rich girl who is an only daughter and has a fiancee, jb. there is also jackie's cousin who is also her bestfriend, celine, who is inlove with jb.

The Slingshot/ Story of a Man
saw this accidentally, which is a good thing. i was doing something and the channel in our tv was on kbs world. and this is the show that was being shown that time. caught a few scenes, then later on i realized i was really watching already. then i researched on when the next episodes will be shown, and started really watching it. this was not popular in korea, but i really love it, and i have not seen any bad reviews yet. it's not your typical series. not a love story, but a suspense that talks about stocks, business, politics, etc. and what makes it good is that it is a battle of wits, on how the lead can outsmart the bad guy. and i really told my sister to watch it. now, we're watching it. yes, it's okay with me to repeat it. and i have not seen the first episodes, so it's okay.

i just saw the tagline: "his sling was in his hand and he approached goliath." now i know why it's titled slingshot. hehehe. but the tagline is right.

summary (korean series):
kim shin is seeking revenge for the death of her brother who committed suicide due to bankcruptcy of his company because of false reports. he is against chae do wu, son of the chairman of a large company. do wu is a smart evil guy, and has to outwit him to be able to survive.

honestly, i can't remember how i came across this series. i just remembered looking for reviews on the series, and they are all good reviews. haven't seen anything bad. so i really tried to look for subbed videos (which is really hard). finally, the broken links were fixed. and one soul from australia was kind enough, she sent me a dvd of the series! as she said, sharing is good.
this series made me think if soulmates do really exist. and this has the best ost! and the ost is in english!

summary (korean series):
honestly, i don't know how to summarize this. dong wook is a playboy, met a naive girl. then he met his soulmate without knowing it, until he realized she is his soulmate.

You Are Beautiful

got curious about this since i've kept on reading articles about its premier. so i said, i'll try to watch the first episode. my sister watched with me. then next thing we know, we've been addicted already. it was shown in korea on wednesdays and thursdays, my sister and i would be excited for thursdays and fridays because that's when the subs would come out. hehe. quotable quotes also, which appeared in my facebook statuses. hehehe.

summary (korean series):
go mi nam pretended to be her brother as new member of the popular all boy-group a.n.jell. two of the members know that go mi nam is really a girl and is falling for her.


sorry for a bad summary. and nonsense review. if you've got time, it's nice to check out even just one of the series.

and why i wrote this? i don't know, maybe by writing the series that i like you still get an idea on the real me.

hope everyone's having a good 2010 :)

by the way, the pictures are from the url when you click it.