Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to Make a Wish

i one again got tagged. but i haven't seen it til a few days ago. so this is kinda delayed. BW asked me to list my 5 Christmas wishes. the wishes below are really my wishes for Christmas . but i only got three.

  1. new job in 2008. actually, it should be at the start of the year. as in first week of January. new year, new work. and i begged God.
  2. all expense paid trip. no specific place. it could be in another country, or just laguna. as long as it's free. coz i didn't have one this year, not even a business trip. and i slightly got inspired by ate mei's story coz she got one after praying hard. but as i told her. i can't really concentrate in praying for this coz i'm still begging God about wish no. 1. so parinig lang ako kay God. hehehe.
  3. Powerbooks journal. i love books and for each month there's a book recommendation. i guess that made me love their journal.
i know i didn't wish for world peace, good health or stuff like that. it's my everyday prayer, so these three are something different. just a season wish. hehe. for no. 1, i really asked God that i want that as for my Christmas gift from Him.

in the second season of Boston Legal, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was mentioned a couple of times. and it was also mentioned in House. when i heard about that foundation years ago, i really liked their concept. i said to myself, i want to be like this foundation. i want to grant someone's wish.

so now, i'll ask you. if ever you'll make a request from Make-A-Wish Foundation, what would you wish for 2008? just make sure that the Foundation could grant it.

and before i end this.. i would like to thank everyone for always passing by my blog, reading my entries even it's nonsense or what. thank you! thank you!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

tag season

i've been tagged again and i'm only doing the tags now so i can move on. hehehe. so i apologize coz this is somewhat long.

since it's the end of the year already, i'll start with the tag of Lazarus. 10 things that i'm thankful for. i think i'll concentrate now on what i'm thankful for this year.

Multiply. as i've told my friends especially the BLD Youth, i am thankful for this coz if not for multiply i won't be updated with their lives. and what makes me really thank Multiply is thru that site i've gained new friends. the AmpClub and my textmates. when i was really down, texting them really helped me. and also they accept me flaws and all.

2. Racho Family. have seen them a number of times this year and i'm thankful for it.

3. The Harpers and Wakieboardies. i'm really happy for these econsoc coz when i thought i won't be able to travel anymore, they came into the picture. slightly my new travelling buddies.

4. My Officemates. fun memories, for believing in me and even for the challenges

5. BLD Mark10. my Saturday afternoons are for them. i learned how to be more patient and also i get to have free art lessons. i suck at arts. that is why Mark10 is a challenge for me. especially when i get to teach the crafts.

6. My Friends. for their concern. for accompanying me when i need some company. for being there. and for helping me even if i don't ask for their help. they are Papa God's angels

7. US TV Series. hate to admit but i thank piracy. because i get to watch a lot of tv series. also these tv series gives me something to do when i'm just at home. and another reason for me to stay at home. also, a good conversation topic with friends. and i always have realizations when i watch.

8. Water Sports. i'm just thankful for diving, surfing (yup, even surfing) and wakeboarding. these made my year more enjoyable. and these sports (yes, even surfing) relaxed me. diving had always been a dream for me and i'm sure glad i've done it already. i did wakeboarding during the time i needed it most.

9.Philippines. i am really thankful coz this year i got to travel in a lot places here in the Philippines. i got to visit new places from Luzon to Visayas. next year Mindanao. hehe

10. Blogsy Friends. of course you're included. thank you my dear blogsy friends for always having the patience to read my entries, interesting or not. and thank you for leaving witty comments. your comments really make my day. thank you.

i would not be tagging anyone but if you feel thankful, you can do this also.

the next tag is something i have done a number of times already. so forgive me if i'm going to repeat some answers.

Duke asked me to list 7 Silly Things About Me

1. i always believe that my talent is playing the piano. i do not have any talents (you can ask my dad about that). but when you place me infront of a piano and give me a color-coded notes/piece, i can play it. or if you teach me how to play it, i can learn it easily. (
ate toe, when you return to the philippines, give me free lessons, okay? hehe)

2. when i receive flowers, i offer it to our altar.

3. when i was in college, i write what i wore that day so as not to repeat it the week after. as in i will really check my list if i've worn it the week before.

4. when i cook, i don't taste it first. i just serve it. goes the same when i write my blog entries. i just write then post it. i just read it after a month. hehehe. so i apologize for the wrong spellings and wrong grammar. but when it comes to cooking, it's always delicious though i don't taste it. wait! maybe cooking is my talent. ummm... for those who knew me in my early college years, fyi... i now know how to cook. hahaha

5. i love solving puzzles. jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, watching quiz shows, whatever. i just love to challenge my mind every now and then to see if i'm still intelligent. hehe.

6. my favorite part of the chicken is the neck. coz when i eat chicken, i also eat the bones. so neck would be the best part coz you can everything. i remember my ex cooked dinner one time only with chicken neck and unexpectedly we had a guest. i really enjoyed the meal. i just don't know with our guest. hehe.

7. when i travel, i don't like to check-in my baggage. that is why i don't buy those big luggages so i can handcarry my bag. and also i can pack 4 days of clothes in one small travelling backpack. that is why i love my new jansport coz it's bigger. yup, to the people i texted and did a survey, i bought the bag. hehehe.

i won't be tagging anyone for this meme.

and for you guys to get to know me more and also this would be good for those who only started reading my blog recently. coz this would mention my previous posts.

this time i was tagged by Lizeth. and i think i have to tag some people later. the directions are:

1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 keywords given below (family, friend, yourself, your love and anything you like).

2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.

family: back from the visayas region
friends: blogging (my blogsy friends), just a quick note (a summary of my group of friends), SGG
faces(s) of tin-tin (this is my favorite. conceited! hehe), taggish (coz i believe every tag i receive describes me more), friendster testimonials (how my friends see me), the helper (coz this really describes me)
your love(life?):
fatal lovelife
You said i'd never go alone, i fell inlove, photography still at its finest, photography at its finest

that's it. i think i've said a lot and i don't want you to tire yourself reading all my posts. hehe. and now the tagging begins.. i tag...
Richard, Consuela, Tutubi, Emcee, Jewel

and before i end this post, i want to greet a belated happy anniversary to my blogsy friend mai and her hubby paul. i first read mai's blog telling about the excitement of being a newly wed and they're counting their first year anniversary. laging may gift sa inyo si God. sa 1st xmas nyo together, syempre to enjoy the company of one another. sa 2nd xmas, to feel the excitement of having a baby. and sa third, nanjan na si baby. hehe.

i would not greet ate jopay and kuya marvin, coz they still do not know my bday. they have to ask my mom pa. hmph!

and to everyone... Merry Christmas! let's not forget the real meaning of Christmas. it's to give me gifts. hehe. just kidding. but to give a gift to Baby Jesus.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


German for "happiness at the misfortune of others!" - Avenue Q

actually, my post is all about what not to do in wakeboarding. you know how much i fell inlove with wakeboarding and since i'm always promoting the sport now, i want to share something with you. wakeboarding is water skiing it's not water flying, so just to help you, this short video shows you which not to do in wakeboarding.

disclaimer: the star in the video is not who you think he is. just looks exactly like him, and the video is similar to the video he shows from his cellphone. i can't mention the name coz i said i won't. hehe.

i just hope the star himself would allow us to send his video to Bitoy's Funniest so we'll win and have money for our next wakeboarding trip. hehehehe. i also hope he won't get mad coz i posted his video on my blog. hehe.

and what's with the title of my post? it's because we're going to watch Avenue Q on Sunday. hehehe. and i heard the song, Schadenfreude, from the one in the video. also, since we're his real friends when he was not able to fly anymore, we cheered for him for two seconds then you will see disappointmenton our faces . bwahahaha! :)

Christmas Money

It is the Christmas season once again, and because of that everybody needs money. Coz it is not only love that you give during Christmas but also gifts. So, you need money. And honestly, right now I am in little bit of crisis, that is why I really need extra cash for my gift-giving. In the blogging world, one opportunity is by advertising such as signing to bloggerwave. Yes, I signed in this website so I would earn extra cash. Told you, I really need extra cash. Hehehe. With this website you would be given opportunities, not only to make money while doing your favorite thing which is blogging but also you would enhance your writing skills (by practicing your writing) and learning new products.


In Boston Legal, Allan Shore usually makes bets with Brad Chase on about winning the cases. And I am sure, you have done some betting too, with sports or in just your ordinary routine or on nonsense things like colors that would be chosen. But most of the time, bets are done in the sporting arena, especially when your favorite team is involved or it is the championship game. I remember my colleagues always betting with each other during the NBA season. But for bigger money, there are sports contest picks, where you can bet for your favorite team. Joining sports contest picks is not only to gain money but also by gaining friends coz by joining it is also expanding your network. I remember watching in CSI how some people got to meet is thru these sports contest picks. And in this place, you would be sure that you have the same likes or it could make the picks more exciting for you.

So, what do you pick?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Friendship and Boston Legal

it all started with Meyms texting us everythings that is happening to her. from the big dramas and joys of her life to the food she's eating. i don't how it happened, but she influenced us eventually. we would text any major crisis to ur food cravings to being just bored. hehehe. and this made me feel good. how? as i said before.. my favorit movie line is from As Good As It Gets "Everybody has a story to tell." everybody does, including me but it's just that i don't like being vocal about it. i don't know.. i just can't really express myself as others do. even when something's bothering me, my friends would feel it but they won't know what.

that is why i am really thankful with what Meyms started and my Multiply friends are doing. because even if i share little stuff about me, even if i share nonsense stuff, i really helps me. cozs you know the feeling that you want to tell someone about something but you think they'll not be interested? that's what i usually feel. and with this text messaging, i can share even the most nonsense things, and even if they're not interested i won't know. but what i do know, even if it's something that doesn't interest them, they would still read it and i won't be judged. hehehe.

and with this, i would really like to thank Meyms and my Multiply friend for all the text messages and the reactions on my text messages. also, to my harpers/wakieboardies. thank you!

honestly, last week had been a really bad/sad/depressing week for me. and i don't want to eleborate on it anymore. friday is a national holiday so no work and i decided to just stay home. so what to do? since i've been on the saddest level, i don't want to watch sad movies or tv series first. good thing, Dino recommended to us last month the tv series Boston Legal, and Emcee lent me her dvd of the first season. so i watched it, and i got hooked. my family at first didn't want to watch it. but when i started watching it, they got hooked as well. i love watching courtroom dramas. but boston legal is not your ordinary courtroom drama. it's funny actually. and my vocabulary is being enriched. hahahaha. if you want to watch something different, try this series.

denny crane.

oh and allan shore is the example of why i don't want a lawyer for a husband. hehehe.

denny crane.


everybody loves music. i love music. i think every event of my life i have a theme song. and however i may feel, i would like to sing. when i am happy, i would sing, when i am sad, i would sing to ease the pain. in a movie, you would enjoy it more and you would feel the scene more because of the background music. everywhere there is music, from the singers, to the pianos, and to the birds and the horns of the car.

and companies know this, that is why they made the walkmans, cd players, ipods, and the mp3 player. ipods are the famous ones nowadays, but for a cheaper one just to fulfill your needs to listen to music, mp3 player would be fine. i remember, even in mark10, our grand prize for our Bible challenge to the kids was an mp3 player. and good thing about an mp3 player, there are lots of designs/styles to choose from. and prices are reasonable too.