Monday, November 30, 2009

3rd Stop: Macau

when i hear macau, i associate it to china and the korean drama that i've seen. that's just it. but i want to visit macau. why?

1. as i said, because of the korean drama (boys over flowers). i want to see the places they've been to. the beach(?) where jihoo sunbae and jandi went. and also the airport where i felt the hurt of junpyo (my favorite scene).

2. venetian hotel. whether i would ride the gondola or not, i'd still like to visit the hotel. seeing on tv that it's like outdoors, or you're in venice or somewhere, but in reality you're just inside the hotel. it would be great if i can stay there.

3. fisherman's wharf. famous landmarks from different eras and places in one place, enough said.

4. casino. i know i'll have luck playing the casinos there. hahaha

5. egg tart. no, not the lord stow's brand. something better. i forgot the name. but i think they are the original vendors of egg tarts. a small coffeeshop.

6. other places i failed to mention. i'm sure macau has lots to offer.

note: sorry no pictures

Sunday, November 01, 2009


i found out some things about me this week

1. i can survive even without eating anything for 24 hours, just give me water. and i'm not on a diet okay? which i need actually
2. i'm not really a multi-tasker. all my life, i consider myself as a multi-tasker. but this week proven me wrong
3. i'm kindhearted to the point of people taking advantage of it
4. i'm too generous, just like the story inj the gospel who just gave 2 coins but in reality has given her everything. i think i'm like her. and the people around me thinks i'm thrifty, but honestly it's all i can give.. it's everything i have
5. i seriously need an extra income... seriously
6. i give in to peer pressures easily
7. i should not plan or get excited on anything coz it doesn't happen (haay... vina and neko, when will i meet you?)