Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 2008

2008 had been a different year for me. i guess if i can describe it in one word, it will be work. hehe. but summarizing my year would be:

1. meeting long-time blogsy friends. i've been blogging for four years with blogspot. and besides those that i have known before i started, i've only met two bloggers. but for this year, i've met four. and the funny thing is, these are the bloggers that keep themselves anonymous. Abaniko, Wil and Ate Toe. they had been in my blogroll for the longest time. abaniko and ate toe, being one of my first blogsy friends.

2. the angels. i've met most of them last year, but it's just this year that abet's angels had been a reality. it's also great meeting Meyms in person. also meeting Abet, Sally, Jassy and Nona for the first time.

3. meeting new people. i've met a lot of new people this year. most of them from Multiply, starting with Yen. these are great people, funny people. i would not enumerate anymore, okay?

4. going to new places. compared to last year, i've travelled less this year. first time to go to hot air balloon festival/tacsiyapo, visit anawangin, seeing taal volcano upclose, surf in la union. and of course visit singapore and malaysia.

5. being healthy. as i've told my friends, i've never been sick this year. only got hit by a truck. hahaha. i guess i have superpowers. getting hit by a truck and yet, only got a bodyache for a few days? whoa!

6. sseayp. we became host family for two sseayp delegates. this gave me an idea on their life and got to be inside the ship! fyi, i had applied for sseayp on 2004 and didn't pass. sad but that had been like my funniest application/interview/audition

7. getting thin. this is one achievement for me this year. to shed some pounds. something unbelievable happened. hehe. but really a big thanks to ate rezza.

8. weddings. i've attended a lot of weddings this year. and got a chance to be a coordinator (for the day) and be the host.

hmm.. as i am writing this, it dawned on me that still a lot of good things happened to me this year. what i've mentioned above are just a few. for all those who had been part of my 2008, thank you. and hope i'll still encounter you in 2009. and i hope to meet more blogsy friends in 2009. have a fabulous year everyone :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sadly Mad

the other day, i saw my econsoc sis and she told me: "Why do you look sad? it's the holidays." and i was like, "i'm not sad." then after a few hours, she texted me not to look sad. i was really surprised. later that night, i met with two friends, and i told them about it. they were like, "we know why she told you that, coz you're so irritable now." i told them, "sad is different from mad"

the next day, i met my highschool friends and they're like, "why do you look mad?"

i don't know what happened to my face or to my smile. does it have something to do with my hair? i'm always having a bad hair day. haaay...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Lifeline

if i would describe my 2008 in an activity, it would be bungee jumping. but i was left hanging, still dangling. that if i let go i would really fall. but there are people who helped me keep hanging. if not for them, i'll surely have fallen. they're literally my lifesavers. there also others who have helped me such as tita gene and babylynne, kirby, pol, therine, thinz, family ko, etc. but i'm just going to focus to these two groups because they are the ones i text/email everyday. they kept me sane. and my mom knows already that if i'm going out with of these friends, i'll surely go home early in the morning already. hehe.

thank you my dear friends. i survived 2008 because of you. i love you all :)

the angels. talagang sulit unlitxt sa kanila. really patient in listening/reading my everyday rants. and can see behind my sunny disposition.
tin-tin, jamie (the stateside angel), abet (bossley), tin (our connector), joyce (you can depend on), sally (the buenja updater), jas (seriously sweet), nona (newest angel), meyms (so far yet so near angel), mei (ate), cher (mahal), sarah (thoughtful artist)

the wakieboardies/harpers. if the angels fill my cellphone inbox, these guys fill my email inbox. they can give me an award for best in drama this year. hehe.
son (miss pepsi), emcee (miss spontaneity), gabe (famous), dino (yosibreak friend), tristan (drunken moments caregiver), tin-tin

and to you my blogsy friends, thank you for still reading my posts all these years. Merry Christmas! and i hope i will meet more of you next year. a great 2009 for all of us. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Balut! Balut!

as some of you knw, my family hosted two participating youths (PYs) of the Ship for Southeast Asia Youth Program (SSEAYP) 2008, Lilian from Singapore and Kaew from Thailand.

for them to be able to experience the philippine culture, we let them taste filipino food such as adobo, sinigang, chicken inasal, isaw, tenga ng baboy (pig's ear), mangoes, dried mangoes, etc etc. and of course balut!

on the first night, a mangbabalut (balut vendor) passed by our house. our maid got excited and called me to buy some for our guests. so we bought three.

then when the balut are in the table already, no one dared to try it. the guests won't try unless we do. and as a good host, i did.

it tasted like hard boiled egg, only the white is much tougher to chew. will i try it again? can i not? i just hope net time we have our foreign guests eric would still be awake so he'll be the one to show the visitors.

Monday, December 01, 2008

20 Years Ago...

this was supposed to be my birthday post but i did not have any time to post and i kinda lost the pictures. hehe.

these are my pictures 20 years ago. do i look the same? do i look cute? bwahahaha. but am sure they can't be used for blackmail :)
3 months?

1 year old?

kinder graduation

7th birthday

nearly 3 years old