Sunday, January 27, 2008

Atty. Pretty Tin

on my first week(?) in my new work, I was assigned in a training with the state prosecutors. i was in the room full of lawyers, and of course i had lunch with them. during one of the lunches, some participants joked that i should take up law already. i was like "umm... no way.." and when i was explaining to them my side, i realized, ang labo ko. hehe.

i love watching courtroom dramas. i like the movie A Few Good Men because of that (and besides the fact that Demi Moore & Tom Cruise starred in it. hehe), and you know i love the tv show Boston Legal. my dad is a liar este lawyer. so i you can say i have a little background. my third year highschool classmates thought i'll be one coz of the way i recite in our geometry class proving the theorems. when i was still in gradeschool my dad would ask for my help in typing affidavits.

but i never wanted to be lawyer. a doctor, yes. but never a lawyer. why? i don't know. i love studying the laws, could be passionate with it, but i still do not want to be a lawyer. why? i don't know. it's like since i was already typing affidavits in gradeschool & being a minor secretary to my dad i sensed it to be an easy job. so i guess i said to myself when i was still young, no to being a lawyer. now, i don't think being a lawyer is an easy job. for me it's an interesting job. but i still won't take up law. i still won't be a lawyer. the farthest thing that i dream of in connection with being a lawyer is my plans of taking the UP Law Aptitude Examination (UP LAE), just to see if i'll pass but still i won't pursue it. really just to see if i'll pass the entrance exam. hehe.

labo ko noh? i can't explain myself. maybe that's why i don't like to be a lawyer. because i know i can't express myself well. hehehe.

re the title.. i can't say Atty. Racho coz that's my dad. and i don't want to write Atty. (my full name), coz i feel awkward seeing my whole name in my blog. hahaha.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Leaving Something Behind

when i was still studying, i've always said that i would not work in a government agency. that is why it was really surprising that i've lasted for 3.5 years in a government agency. and honestly, i don't regret working there. even if the pay is low (trust me on that), it was still a blessing for me. i have learned to have self-confidence, i learned how to do multi-tasking and always in a rush, and most importantly got to know some nice and fun people.

i'm really thankful to God coz it had been a blessing for me. working for boss(es) who believes in you, tries to understand your having a loud voice, and entrusting you with responsibilities. honestly, these are the things i prayed for when i was asking God for a job before.

also, gaining friends. i came to know a lot of people. gaining travel buddies along the way. those you can call on when you want to go out, those who would lend you some money first if you want to have coffee (or chocolate for my case) yet you do not have money to spend.

another thing i asked for is the chance to travel. and it was granted. i was able to travel from luzon to mindanao. though the only new place that i have visited was bacolod, i still enjoyed my travels. taling to the field office people on the phone and visiting some of them in their offices is a great experience.

but for me to grow, i need to move on. i need to experience something different. and i believe God gave that to me again last year as His Christmas gift to me. many people were surprised at the last week of the year to learn that i resigned already. when i asked permission from my immediate supervisors to the SVP, i was really sad. as Boss Alex described our conversation, i was really emotional. i have learned to love the organization, the people and everything. but i need to move on. i hate to leave the company on the time it needed me, but i guess i was also selfish coz i did leave.

but as i embark on my new journey in life, i pray that i would still be able to see you guys, to hang-out with you once again, and most of all to help the company in ways i can.

thank you everyone for being understanding, nice, believing in me and most of all for loving me even if i'm really makulit, irritating, demanding, and everything. will see each other again, okay? thank you!

my department, the CRMD

Saturday, January 12, 2008

tin-tin = yosi girl?

this photo shocked a lot of people. coz people know me as someone who doesn't smoke. so when i posted this as my profile pic in friendster, some reacted. it was fun. then Tim left a comment in my album in multiply, he said "what if a mark10 kid sees my picture." i just changed my profile pic recently. but i guess it was too late. coz when i attended mark10, Patrice remarked: "Ate Tin, I saw your friendster picture with a yosi (cigarette)." I was like.. Oh No! then it's not only patrice who has seen the photo. uh-oh! so i told them i don't smoke, and never even tried. nobody believed me. waaah!

to be totally honest, i don't smoke. not even a puff. nor tried one. i have not even touched a lit cigarette on my lips. i hate the smell of a lit cigarette. and after holding one, you hands would not smell good. yuck! and they say that it's addicting. i don't want to get addicted to smoking. coz it's bad for your health. and even if it's just a peso per stick, i could save the pesos and use it as an additional for my fare or food. in that way i'm also saving the environment.

and i may not be disciplined with diet and exercise. but this is one thing i'm really disciplined with.. it's not to smoke, not even to try it. it's a peer pressure that i can say no to. even if it's the coolest thing to do, i still won't do it.

so patrice and other mark10 kids, i really am sorry for that picture. and believe me, i don't smoke. the picture was just for fun. that's not my cigarette. and i held it just for the picture.

and remember... smoking is dangerous to your health.