Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Proudest Moment

if i'll be asked now what my proudest moment is, i'll tell the story of what happened to me last week...

last wednesday night, i was walking home alone. then i encountered a dog
who was barking at me and he's outside the gate! my dad taught me whan
i was still a kid, never to run and never to show fear to a dog. so i
stopped, faced the dog and shouted (in tagalog): "don't you dare come near. you'll really be sorry! i'm warning you, don't you dare!"

he (i'm assuming the doggie is a boy. hehe) then walked towards me and
went to my back and was still barking. i just continued shouting at
him, and started walking away. the dog just stayed there but continued

it's my proudest moment coz if i ran away, i'm sure he would have
bitten me. but i'm safe coz i showed him that i'm brave. hahaha. and as
i told my mom, i'm so glad the dog understands tagalog. hehehe

Saturday, February 24, 2007

book review and a new baby

The Devil and Miss Prym is a book by my favorite author.. Paulo Coelho

this is a very inspiring book. a rich one. especially if you are a faithful or religious person, you'll learn a lot from this.

the book mainly focuses on temptation. if the people of a small village will commit a crime for the future (of the village). as with other paulo coelho books, there are a lot of profound messages and words. the story is actually really simple but the learnings are really great. you get to think on how is evel and goodness is here on earth. the task there is a hard one, it's murder, i'm sure a lot of people would not do that. but still, you would learn a lot from the simple conversations. you would get to reflect on how temptations attack you, and how you respond.

if you've read other Coelho books, i'm sure you'll love this one. for me, this is his best book so far.


a good friend gave birth last Wednesday.. congrats Ate Jopay. and of course the new father is sooo proud, he posted the pictures already in his blog. welcome to the world baby polo!
and melai.. sorry ha. you're wrong. i didn't have a new post yesterday. ngayon lang. hahaha.

Friday, February 16, 2007


hi guys!

just wanna say that i'll take a vacation first from the cyberworld. a
hiatus as they say. but not only here in the cyberworld pala, even to
everybody. will not answer emails, text messages, calls or anything. so
please bear if i don't leave a comment on your blogs or won't answer
your text messages or even your calls. vacation from the outside world
muna ako. but don't worry, i'll still visit your blogs, but i won't
leave any comments. and also i'll still forward the morning prayers and
ask for your prayer requests from time to time.

just pray for me. for what? i don't know. hehe. and thank you so much
for all your support. (naks! as if! hehe) i'll be back next month. the
reason i wrote this is for you to know na i'm just around the corner.
so you'll not get worried (well, i'm assuming that you will. hehe). so
that's all. see you in a month.

ingat tyong lahat. take care all of us

Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Facts

i was tagged by Tin, weeks ago. hehe. this is to write down 6 random facts about me..

1. I am pretty. - fact daw diba? for me this is a fact. hehehe

2. When i go to the mall, I have to buy something. - when i go home, I should be bringing one shopping bag. even if it's a food or whatever as long as i have something

3. I took up karate, swimming, guitar and aikido lessons - and i never learned anything from these classes. hehe.

4. I am brand conscious - this is hard for me to admit but it is true. when i go out, i should wear something branded. even if it;s just my top or my pants. or just my shoes. as long as there's something branded. bad noh?

5. I love to walk - i would rather walk than ride the jeepney. hehe

6. I don't ride Manila buses if i'm alone - i hate the smell and i have a traumatic experience before. hehe. because the first time i rode a bus alone, i was caught by an MMDA for jaywalking. honest, i didn't know it. coz i just followed someone. after that incident, i don't ride manila bus anymore. i just ride a bus alone if it's provincial like going to laguna.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Before going to my main topic... I now remember what is my #10 in my No Way list. Another big no-no for me is

10. Buy an imitation – even if it’s expensive, I’ll save up to buy the original one. It would be a great embarrassment if someone will notice that you’re wearing/using an imitation. And honestly, I really feel good if I’m using an original branded item.

I was tagged by Carey on 5 things that happened to me because of blogging. Well, here’s my list on why I like to blog:

1. I’ve learned html. Not really totally learned a lot but bits and pieces, putting links, changing your font into a bold one. Stuff like that. But I cannot say I’m an expert especially after what happened to my sidebar. Thanks to iskoo, now it’s fixed again. (I still can’t believe you’ve thought of that. Hahaha)

2. My writing improved. So just imagine how it was before. Hahaha. Well, I think it improved. Some people had even comment that it did improve. Basta what I know is that I’m not good in writing, I always have low marks in my theme compositions. And I get a chance to practice my english. Aminadong barok ako. Hehehe

3. I am now getting addicted with Multiply. And through the blogs and pictures there and also in Friendster, Blogspot, Wordpress or wherever (but mostly in Multiply), I get to know my friends more. I get updated with their lives even if I don’t see them often. And I gain new friends! Also, it’s very interesting to read stories of other people. I’m not tsismosa coz I don’t tell others about your stories, I’m just curious. hehe

4. I love to travel! But due to budget constraint, I only get to some places. And it’s still a long dream for me to travel the world. But through the blogs, I get to know a lot about places and the people. Reading about unknown places there that only the locals know is really a good thing. I feel like if I get the chance to visit the place, I’ll feel at home already coz of what I read.

5. I get to analyze things too much. especially with what's happening in my life. I don't know, i believe blogging has something to do with it.

The tag says to list only 5. But I'll add another one. Daming naisip. Hahaha. And for me, this is the most important...

6. Everybody has a story to tell, the problem is not everyone is interested to hear it. I have stories to tell also and honestly sometimes I’m shy to say it because it might bore the other person. Thru blogging, I get to share my story. And it’s just up to you guys if you’ll read it or not. And it’s really touching to learn that there are some friends (that i don't expect) who really read my blog, like Kim, Ate France and Kuya Marvin. In a way it’s flattering, coz I didn’t expect it. Thanks guys. And I told you I’ll mention your names here in my blog.

So there. Now you know why I'm getting hooked to blogging. Hehehe. I won't tag anyone this time.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

January Weekends

as i've written in my previous post, every weekend of my January is an out of town weekend for me. well, except for the last weekend of January. but replacement of that weekend is the last weekend of December. here are some pics for those weekends. just two pictures each. hehehe.

last week of December.. wedding of cousin Randall and Giselle in CEBU CITY!

the church picture

starbucks. rai rai ken pala. hehe in IT park

1st week of January in ROXAS CITY naman for wedding of cousin DP and Kaye...

the newlyweds on the left

a week after, it's with my second family naman.. the BLD Youth. for the YLSS Lipa#1. of course, it's in LIPA, BATANGAS

the first batch who arrived Friday night pa lang

the Youth Ministry

finally, the last out of town trip for the month. diving in DUMAGUETE CITY

ready to dive with cousin vera
the dumaguete airport. last picture before going home

now where would February take me?