Friday, October 21, 2005

When I Die...

i just came from a wake of my officemate's mom. it reminded me of my lola's wake and jopay's entry on her blog on what she wants when she dies. now, i'm going to share what i want when i die..

until i die, i am still conceited. i want my pictures to be posted all around the funeral place or wherever my remains will be. ala rico yan ba. so friends, lend some of my pictures to my family when i die ha.. para marami sila ipost. i don't care if i look good or not, basta puro pictures ko nakakalat. hehe. i'll borrow an idea of ate jopay. just like her, i want to have a eulogy from friends everyday. my family's part would be on the day of my internment. there'll be a representative from econsoc, bld, highschool friends, childhood friends, etc.. i don't want my wake to be for one day only, so my friends will have a chance to visit me. and if you're planning to give me/my family a mass card, cash na lang. hehe. because my family would need it more. attend a mass and offer it for me na lang. and i'm sure i'm in your prayers. just being practical. hehe. lastly, i want to be cremated. that's one thing that should really be followed. why? ayoko ipisin! but i know it's still gonna be a long time before it happens. a lot will still happen in my life :)

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