Sunday, October 16, 2005

Prompted by the Spirit

i was asked to led the Youth Prayer Meeting yesterday. the Gospel for today is about paying taxes to Caesar. i have to ask pa what it means so i can understand the Gospel and know my theme. well, my theme was "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God." Mt.22:21 anyway, it made me realize that the topic is for me.. how much i have given to God, and how much i should give to Him.

anyway, i have finished my line-up and prayer but honestly, was not satisfied. ewan.. basta parang may kulang that i can't pinpoint. kaya sobrang kabado ako until saturday morning. when i read the readings for yesterday, i was comforted by the words.. "For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time all that you have to say." Lk 12:12

prayer meeting na.. we had it in the Secretariat coz we will also have BBS. walang podium, so walang patungan ang notes/kodigo ko. one thing about me is i'm full of pride or mayabang. nahihiya ako magdala ng paper sa harap that would be obvious. so, lahat impromptu. yung ibang songs ko, i haven't memorized the lines, di ako makapag-prompt, wala pa naman projector. since, wala akong notes.. everything was made right then and there, just keeping in mind my line-up of songs. i just surrendered myself totally to God. and i just made the worship my personal prayer to Him.. honestly, i don not know how it had been for those who were there, but for me it was truly a blessed worship. sobrang feel ko yung worship yesterday. sa sobrang feel ko, i even sang sa mic. dati kse pag songs na, i just prompt the lines or cover the mic. yesterday, talagang kumanta pa ako. and even when i prayed in tongues. basta sobrang nacoconscious kse ako when i pray in tongues, but yesterday, i totally gave my all to God. i just returned to the Heart of Worship :)

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