Friday, October 26, 2012

A Paradise in Philippines

i haven't posted in here for a very long time. and just like my posting in my blog, i haven't discovered new places in the philippines for years.

and i'm so glad to have discovered Calaguas. RACE has invited me for their trip here. and i don't regret joining it.

when the boat finally reach the place, i was rally amazed. coz the place is postcard-perfect. literally, it's like you're looking at a postcard or a painting or a photoshopped picture. it's really just so beautiful.

the sand is fine, white sand. and the water is sooo clear. you can take underwater pictures without going underwater. that's how clear the water is.

the place is not yt exploited. and i hope it won't be exploited ever. there's no electricity there, but you will survive. water is from the poso. you sleep in tents. well, there's a cottage but don't expect a room with a bed you find in resorts, it's not.

i really can't describe how beautiful the place is. i just really recommend that you visit it. well, travelling there is not easy. land travel for 10 hours, then a boat ride of 2 hours. it's in camarines norte, bicol so expect the long drive. but if you have the time, go visit it.