Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pink Sisters

eversince, my favorite church is the Pink Sisters Church in New Manila. it's because the plce is really like holy. i love watching the pink nuns praying infront. yes, they're some kind of snobs because there are these rails that separate the nuns from the churchgoers. but still.. i love hearing mass there coz i really feel close to God. hehe.

edu would keep on telling us that praying in Pink Sisters and leaving your prayer petitions there, would really help you. it's effective to visit them and pray. and i believe him. coz after visiting them last holy week (in New Manila) and just recently (in Tagaytay), it's like my prayers were heard. and remember i mentioned before that i woke up one day feeling that there are people praying for me. i guess they are one of them.

anyway, what's my plan for the future? i have this certain plan that only the wakieboardies know about. but on the sunday the wakieboardies (minus tristan) went to to pink sisters, after the mass my family learned about that plan. was it after or during the mass? i am just amused with the reactions i got from my family when they learned about it. especially with my brother's suggestion so just that my plans would not push through. maybe in august, i'll make a suvey about that plan to see what your reactions will be. well, i got to ask some of the angels during one of the confi before. but i'm sure they think i am not serious. hehehe.

i'm sorry if my thoughts are scattered. it's been a while since i wrote in my blog. and i just can't believe that i've visited pink sisters thrice already this year. and two of those are in tagaytay. oh well... that's what you do when you need all the prayers...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Why I Should Buy a Camera Phone?

i am contented with my phone. especially since all i need in a phone is that i'll be able to send text messages and make a call. and i have a digicam, so why would i still buy a camera phone? then why is a camphone important?

well, it's important if you'll get hit by a truck. i would have taken a pciture of the spot where i got hit/fell. the driver's license of the truck driver especially if there's no photocopier around. picture of the truck and the driver. even the picture of the policeman. my picture right after i got hit.

or.. bring my digicam everywhere

i would like to say thank you for my family and friends who became really concerned about me when they learned about what happened. touched ako! promise! i didn't realize you'd be that concerned. thanks everyone. love you!

and i hope i'll not have bodyaches anymore so i can go to sagada. and start with poi

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Different Topics in One Entry

i love my eyes. not only because when i smile it's really smiling, but also because after i cry (even after i cry really hard), after a few minutes there would be no signs that i cried.

i am a great friend. i am willing to sacrifice a lot of things for my friends. just this year, to be able to help my friends, there were some decisions made that is really life-changing for me (and my family).

i've realized why committing suicide is a sin. it's not only because you're killing (youself). but what makes it more sinful is because when you killed committed suicide, you've lost hope. you're losing hope in God and maybe faith in Him.

people really do come to your life for a reason. not everyone will stay. they are just really given to you during that time because God knows it's them that you needed during that specific time.

whenever i join raffle contests and pray that i win because i'm going to give the prize to somebody else, most of the time i win a major prize.

i have nothing to write these past few days, weeks and months. i am just updating my blog.