Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Link of the Moment: Strangers Again

it's like most of my link of the moment posts are from wongfu productions.well, i love them. i love their videos.

anyway, the reason i like the video now is because i believe in what it says. it is true for most relationships. how two strangers fall in love and afterwards, become strangers again. sad but true. not only that but the stages mentioned are stages one relationship really goes through.

and i think a lot of people can really relate to it, because i was surprised to see it on the facebook walls of my friends. tumblr had snapshots of it, twitter timeline with lines from the video.

but i hope i won't experience this again. coz for my future relationship, after the comfortable/tolerance stage, instead of downhill, it would be marriage and lifetime happiness . :)

but right now.. i miss the feeling of kinikilig.. doing an uncontrollable smile.

Monday, November 07, 2011

When Is My Birthday?

i have a group of friends who i have known for more than 10 years already. actually, i think half of my life already. they are telling me that i am keeping my birthday a secret or i am being mysterious about it.

actually, i am not. it is just because i have known them for more than 10 years but they never asked for my birthday. they didn't notice that they never greeted me in a year for my birthday. and it was just recently that they became aware of my birthday.

that's why when they ask me now when my birthday is, i prefer not to answer. can you blame me?

i'm not mad. i just want to explain my side.