Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dating a Vampire

i just finished reading a book. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. it's a story of a girl who fell inlove with a vampire. the vampires are described as really good-looking, close to perfection. i guess someone i'll have a crush on. hahaha. and Edward (the main character) is really sweet and has a way for you to get attracted to him. so i guess i'll really fall in love with him.

but after reading the book, i realized that i can't fall inlove with a vampire. why?

  1. i'll grow old and he won't. unfair! hahaha
  2. but i don't want to be a vampire. coz i don't want to be immortal. yup, not even if i'm with the love of my life
  3. my honey (hahaha) would always have a hard time to avoid temptation or to stay out of his diet (of not drinking human blood). because i always get wounded. as in! i would just discover new wounds. i get paper cut easily. i scrape my knee easily. even just a small amount of blood would mean a lot of blood for him. activating his sense of smell (of blood). poor him!
okay, vampires are out. i guess i'll just wait for an angel

Saturday, February 23, 2008


"Purpose, it's that little flame that lights a fire under your ass. Purpose, it keeps you going strong like a car with a full tank of gas. Everyone else has a purpose so what's mine? I don't know how I know but I'm gonna find my purpose. I don't know where I'm gonna look but I'm gonna find my purpose. What will it be? Where will it be? My purpose in life is a mystery. Gotta find my purpose Gotta find me" - Princeton, Avenue Q

these past weeks this is what i'm thinking. what is my purpose? what is my purpose in this life? seriously, i've been thinking about this.

how about you? do you know your purpose?

another topic.. i'm sorry if i don't post that much nor visit your blogs. am really busy these days.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


the Ampalaya Club went to Clark yesterday for the Hot Air Balloon festival. we arrived at around 4 in the morning, and a lot of people have already set up their tripods. as in there were a lot of people with their bing lens and tripods, photoshoot talaga. sadly, coz of the winds, there were no hot air balloons. i know a lot of photographers were disappointed. i wanted to shout, "just take my picture so you'll not be disappointed." bwahahaha!

anyway, the other plan for the trip is to go to Tarlac for the Tacsiyapo. it's one of the activities in Isdaan, a restaurant with a lot of activities to do and great photo ops. hehe.

they have the Tacsiyapo wall where you can throw plates or mugs or even tv sets to release your anger and stress. i guess the bitterness of the Ampalaya plus the hotheadedness that they got from the (non) hot airballoons made the group really throw hard and reach for the wall when they thought they would not be able to reach it. hehe.

it was a nice way to release stress. when i shared the story to my mom and our maid, their reaction is "i'm mad & will still spend to throw something? no way!" but for me, even if you're going to pay to throw something, it can still help you. a lot cheaper than wakeboarding actually. hahaha.

change topic. the other day, i just thought.. wouldn't it be nice to hear a voicemail from your friends? just saying hello or even if it's nonsense. just to hear a voicemail. the effort that they're going to make and them spending just to leave a voicemail to your mobile. that would be sweet. wala lang. just a random thought.

*picture taken by joyce

Sunday, February 03, 2008


it's February 3 already?!?!?! honestly, i can't believe it. it's like the time really flies fast for 2008. it's just not the days that are passing by fast, but really the time, the minutes. i still can't believe it's February already. everyday, i'm surprised that it's 12noon already or 6pm already. if someone won't mention it, i would not notice. then now it's february already.

don't mind me. it's just i'm trying to catch the time. coz i really feel it passing me too quickly.