Friday, November 01, 2013

Thank You Buzz Korea

i can't believe i won in a contest. and not only just won but the second place! and i love the prizes!

 yes, they are psy products. i'm not a big fan of psy but i have to admit that the items are cute.

but what made me like, i mean love my prizes more is the instant camera! it had been a dream of mine since i was a kid to own a polaroid camera. yup, that's the reason why my first digicam's brand is polaroid. hehe. that's why i'm very thankful to buzz Korea.

 and look! the instax pictures have designs.

i really appreciate my gifts. the pictures i have taken, i post them in the psy notebook that i received.

yes, i super love these gifts. again, thank you buzz korea. i also suggest you visit that website, coz besides of the cool events that they have, you would learn a lot about korea and get inside tips from people who visited the country already :)