Sunday, March 28, 2010


it's the lenten season once again. next week is already the holy week. i know there are a lot of controversies that are going on in the church right now, but i do hope that it doesn't make us lose our faith in God. i don't want to preach or debate about religion here, i just pray that the readers would have a reflective and relaxing holy week. whatever religion we may belong to, it just boils down to faith and doing good deeds.

so everyone, let's bring love this Christmas day :)


Earth Day was just celebrated. importance of earth day is to protect the earth by saving energy. well, there are also a lot of alternative energy such as clean coal, etc. and there is a company that specializes in renewable energy, biosolids, opportunity fuels. N-Viro has been around for ages and has developed and licensed its technology to municipalities and private companies since 1993. Here's a clip to introduce you to it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earth Hour

are you aware that on March 27 at 8:30pm, the world is celebrating earth hour? what does it mean? well, just that you have to close the lights for one hour.

earth hour 2008 is memorable for me. but i forgot the exact date for it. hahaha.

my friends had planned to go to Anawangin, an island in Zambales with no electricity. they're leaving early morning of Saturday, and i said i can't join them coz i have to finish something at work. saturday, i was in the office. and received lots of notifications about earth hour. then i thought if there'll be no lights for an hour, what will i do? and since i'm okay with my work already and my friends are leaving late, i said i'll go with them. they said they'll leave at 10am, good! but when i was going down the elevator (in the office), i realized it's already 10am. hahaha. good thing, they still have a friend who'll go at a later time.. giving me enough time to go home and pack.

so there, last minute decision. but i'm really glad i joined them. it was a fun experience and i met new people.