Tuesday, October 25, 2005


BDAY ko na! hehehe. and Christmas is also around the corner. i read my highschool classmate's friendster blog and she had there a wishlist. since it's my bday already, i have decided to make my own wishlist. it does not necessarily mean it is really realistic, but what the heck?! it's my wishlist. hehe.

  1. Surprise Party for my bday - this is really not possible. i have plans on my own for my bday and also it would not be a surprise from the heart coz you've read it here already. hehe. i have just thought of this because an officemate had a surprise party for her bf. wala lang :)
  2. Laptop - preferrably a MAC. i remember when i was still in college or highschool, i said to myself or anyone who cares to listen. the first major thing that am gonna buy with my salary is a laptop. i tried saving, but still no laptop. have spent it somewhere else. sad..
  3. Trip around the World - that's for dreaming big. but Singapore is fine with me as of the moment. why singapore? because i can visit a lot of friends there now. also, i wanna see the night safari! california would also be fine. 3 of my college barkada are there having the time of their lives and i could also visit my relatives there.
  4. Try the Spa in Nature Spa and Sampaguita Gardens - Nature Spa is like a haven in Tagaytay. i don't call myself a spa addict but somehow loves to have a body scrub once in a while. i definitely would love to try it our. sampaguita gardens is in new washington, aklan. have been there but to visit the precious moments place and not the spa for lack of budget. hehe. ace told me they have nice spa there and i believe they really have. i guess somehow it is like nature spa. what i like about these two are they are far from the hustles of the city. it would be totally a relaxing mode for me.
  5. Go to Batanes - yup, until now i still want to visit batanes. even if they have electricity and internet already, still i want to visit the place. it's like not part of the philippines already kse. hehe.
  6. Have a Vacation in Amanpulo- yupyup. Amanpulo. haay... when will that happen kaya? even it's in the Philippines it is like Europe for me because of the cost of going and staying there.
  7. Visit Bora Bora - Bora Bora, a new discovered place to visit. it's in the Tahiti. and at first i received an email where the hotel has a glass floor and you can see the fish swimming below. wanted to know where it is and visit. saw the beach in arirang channel and then i researched about Bora Bora.. that's the place i'm looking for. it was really soooo nice. try to google Bora Bora and their hotels. nice hotels.

well, it's pretty much on travelling. i just love to travel and discover new places. well, one out of these five coming true would not be bad. there's nothing bad in dreaming and as my favorite Disney song goes...
" matter how hard your heart is breaking, if you'll keep on believing. the dream that you wish will come true.."

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i ruined my life can any 1 help my mom wont