Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to Make a Wish

i one again got tagged. but i haven't seen it til a few days ago. so this is kinda delayed. BW asked me to list my 5 Christmas wishes. the wishes below are really my wishes for Christmas . but i only got three.

  1. new job in 2008. actually, it should be at the start of the year. as in first week of January. new year, new work. and i begged God.
  2. all expense paid trip. no specific place. it could be in another country, or just laguna. as long as it's free. coz i didn't have one this year, not even a business trip. and i slightly got inspired by ate mei's story coz she got one after praying hard. but as i told her. i can't really concentrate in praying for this coz i'm still begging God about wish no. 1. so parinig lang ako kay God. hehehe.
  3. Powerbooks journal. i love books and for each month there's a book recommendation. i guess that made me love their journal.
i know i didn't wish for world peace, good health or stuff like that. it's my everyday prayer, so these three are something different. just a season wish. hehe. for no. 1, i really asked God that i want that as for my Christmas gift from Him.

in the second season of Boston Legal, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was mentioned a couple of times. and it was also mentioned in House. when i heard about that foundation years ago, i really liked their concept. i said to myself, i want to be like this foundation. i want to grant someone's wish.

so now, i'll ask you. if ever you'll make a request from Make-A-Wish Foundation, what would you wish for 2008? just make sure that the Foundation could grant it.

and before i end this.. i would like to thank everyone for always passing by my blog, reading my entries even it's nonsense or what. thank you! thank you!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

tag season

i've been tagged again and i'm only doing the tags now so i can move on. hehehe. so i apologize coz this is somewhat long.

since it's the end of the year already, i'll start with the tag of Lazarus. 10 things that i'm thankful for. i think i'll concentrate now on what i'm thankful for this year.

Multiply. as i've told my friends especially the BLD Youth, i am thankful for this coz if not for multiply i won't be updated with their lives. and what makes me really thank Multiply is thru that site i've gained new friends. the AmpClub and my textmates. when i was really down, texting them really helped me. and also they accept me flaws and all.

2. Racho Family. have seen them a number of times this year and i'm thankful for it.

3. The Harpers and Wakieboardies. i'm really happy for these econsoc coz when i thought i won't be able to travel anymore, they came into the picture. slightly my new travelling buddies.

4. My Officemates. fun memories, for believing in me and even for the challenges

5. BLD Mark10. my Saturday afternoons are for them. i learned how to be more patient and also i get to have free art lessons. i suck at arts. that is why Mark10 is a challenge for me. especially when i get to teach the crafts.

6. My Friends. for their concern. for accompanying me when i need some company. for being there. and for helping me even if i don't ask for their help. they are Papa God's angels

7. US TV Series. hate to admit but i thank piracy. because i get to watch a lot of tv series. also these tv series gives me something to do when i'm just at home. and another reason for me to stay at home. also, a good conversation topic with friends. and i always have realizations when i watch.

8. Water Sports. i'm just thankful for diving, surfing (yup, even surfing) and wakeboarding. these made my year more enjoyable. and these sports (yes, even surfing) relaxed me. diving had always been a dream for me and i'm sure glad i've done it already. i did wakeboarding during the time i needed it most.

9.Philippines. i am really thankful coz this year i got to travel in a lot places here in the Philippines. i got to visit new places from Luzon to Visayas. next year Mindanao. hehe

10. Blogsy Friends. of course you're included. thank you my dear blogsy friends for always having the patience to read my entries, interesting or not. and thank you for leaving witty comments. your comments really make my day. thank you.

i would not be tagging anyone but if you feel thankful, you can do this also.

the next tag is something i have done a number of times already. so forgive me if i'm going to repeat some answers.

Duke asked me to list 7 Silly Things About Me

1. i always believe that my talent is playing the piano. i do not have any talents (you can ask my dad about that). but when you place me infront of a piano and give me a color-coded notes/piece, i can play it. or if you teach me how to play it, i can learn it easily. (
ate toe, when you return to the philippines, give me free lessons, okay? hehe)

2. when i receive flowers, i offer it to our altar.

3. when i was in college, i write what i wore that day so as not to repeat it the week after. as in i will really check my list if i've worn it the week before.

4. when i cook, i don't taste it first. i just serve it. goes the same when i write my blog entries. i just write then post it. i just read it after a month. hehehe. so i apologize for the wrong spellings and wrong grammar. but when it comes to cooking, it's always delicious though i don't taste it. wait! maybe cooking is my talent. ummm... for those who knew me in my early college years, fyi... i now know how to cook. hahaha

5. i love solving puzzles. jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, watching quiz shows, whatever. i just love to challenge my mind every now and then to see if i'm still intelligent. hehe.

6. my favorite part of the chicken is the neck. coz when i eat chicken, i also eat the bones. so neck would be the best part coz you can everything. i remember my ex cooked dinner one time only with chicken neck and unexpectedly we had a guest. i really enjoyed the meal. i just don't know with our guest. hehe.

7. when i travel, i don't like to check-in my baggage. that is why i don't buy those big luggages so i can handcarry my bag. and also i can pack 4 days of clothes in one small travelling backpack. that is why i love my new jansport coz it's bigger. yup, to the people i texted and did a survey, i bought the bag. hehehe.

i won't be tagging anyone for this meme.

and for you guys to get to know me more and also this would be good for those who only started reading my blog recently. coz this would mention my previous posts.

this time i was tagged by Lizeth. and i think i have to tag some people later. the directions are:

1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 keywords given below (family, friend, yourself, your love and anything you like).

2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.

family: back from the visayas region
friends: blogging (my blogsy friends), just a quick note (a summary of my group of friends), SGG
faces(s) of tin-tin (this is my favorite. conceited! hehe), taggish (coz i believe every tag i receive describes me more), friendster testimonials (how my friends see me), the helper (coz this really describes me)
your love(life?):
fatal lovelife
You said i'd never go alone, i fell inlove, photography still at its finest, photography at its finest

that's it. i think i've said a lot and i don't want you to tire yourself reading all my posts. hehe. and now the tagging begins.. i tag...
Richard, Consuela, Tutubi, Emcee, Jewel

and before i end this post, i want to greet a belated happy anniversary to my blogsy friend mai and her hubby paul. i first read mai's blog telling about the excitement of being a newly wed and they're counting their first year anniversary. laging may gift sa inyo si God. sa 1st xmas nyo together, syempre to enjoy the company of one another. sa 2nd xmas, to feel the excitement of having a baby. and sa third, nanjan na si baby. hehe.

i would not greet ate jopay and kuya marvin, coz they still do not know my bday. they have to ask my mom pa. hmph!

and to everyone... Merry Christmas! let's not forget the real meaning of Christmas. it's to give me gifts. hehe. just kidding. but to give a gift to Baby Jesus.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


German for "happiness at the misfortune of others!" - Avenue Q

actually, my post is all about what not to do in wakeboarding. you know how much i fell inlove with wakeboarding and since i'm always promoting the sport now, i want to share something with you. wakeboarding is water skiing it's not water flying, so just to help you, this short video shows you which not to do in wakeboarding.

disclaimer: the star in the video is not who you think he is. just looks exactly like him, and the video is similar to the video he shows from his cellphone. i can't mention the name coz i said i won't. hehe.

i just hope the star himself would allow us to send his video to Bitoy's Funniest so we'll win and have money for our next wakeboarding trip. hehehehe. i also hope he won't get mad coz i posted his video on my blog. hehe.

and what's with the title of my post? it's because we're going to watch Avenue Q on Sunday. hehehe. and i heard the song, Schadenfreude, from the one in the video. also, since we're his real friends when he was not able to fly anymore, we cheered for him for two seconds then you will see disappointmenton our faces . bwahahaha! :)

Christmas Money

It is the Christmas season once again, and because of that everybody needs money. Coz it is not only love that you give during Christmas but also gifts. So, you need money. And honestly, right now I am in little bit of crisis, that is why I really need extra cash for my gift-giving. In the blogging world, one opportunity is by advertising such as signing to bloggerwave. Yes, I signed in this website so I would earn extra cash. Told you, I really need extra cash. Hehehe. With this website you would be given opportunities, not only to make money while doing your favorite thing which is blogging but also you would enhance your writing skills (by practicing your writing) and learning new products.


In Boston Legal, Allan Shore usually makes bets with Brad Chase on about winning the cases. And I am sure, you have done some betting too, with sports or in just your ordinary routine or on nonsense things like colors that would be chosen. But most of the time, bets are done in the sporting arena, especially when your favorite team is involved or it is the championship game. I remember my colleagues always betting with each other during the NBA season. But for bigger money, there are sports contest picks, where you can bet for your favorite team. Joining sports contest picks is not only to gain money but also by gaining friends coz by joining it is also expanding your network. I remember watching in CSI how some people got to meet is thru these sports contest picks. And in this place, you would be sure that you have the same likes or it could make the picks more exciting for you.

So, what do you pick?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Friendship and Boston Legal

it all started with Meyms texting us everythings that is happening to her. from the big dramas and joys of her life to the food she's eating. i don't how it happened, but she influenced us eventually. we would text any major crisis to ur food cravings to being just bored. hehehe. and this made me feel good. how? as i said before.. my favorit movie line is from As Good As It Gets "Everybody has a story to tell." everybody does, including me but it's just that i don't like being vocal about it. i don't know.. i just can't really express myself as others do. even when something's bothering me, my friends would feel it but they won't know what.

that is why i am really thankful with what Meyms started and my Multiply friends are doing. because even if i share little stuff about me, even if i share nonsense stuff, i really helps me. cozs you know the feeling that you want to tell someone about something but you think they'll not be interested? that's what i usually feel. and with this text messaging, i can share even the most nonsense things, and even if they're not interested i won't know. but what i do know, even if it's something that doesn't interest them, they would still read it and i won't be judged. hehehe.

and with this, i would really like to thank Meyms and my Multiply friend for all the text messages and the reactions on my text messages. also, to my harpers/wakieboardies. thank you!

honestly, last week had been a really bad/sad/depressing week for me. and i don't want to eleborate on it anymore. friday is a national holiday so no work and i decided to just stay home. so what to do? since i've been on the saddest level, i don't want to watch sad movies or tv series first. good thing, Dino recommended to us last month the tv series Boston Legal, and Emcee lent me her dvd of the first season. so i watched it, and i got hooked. my family at first didn't want to watch it. but when i started watching it, they got hooked as well. i love watching courtroom dramas. but boston legal is not your ordinary courtroom drama. it's funny actually. and my vocabulary is being enriched. hahahaha. if you want to watch something different, try this series.

denny crane.

oh and allan shore is the example of why i don't want a lawyer for a husband. hehehe.

denny crane.


everybody loves music. i love music. i think every event of my life i have a theme song. and however i may feel, i would like to sing. when i am happy, i would sing, when i am sad, i would sing to ease the pain. in a movie, you would enjoy it more and you would feel the scene more because of the background music. everywhere there is music, from the singers, to the pianos, and to the birds and the horns of the car.

and companies know this, that is why they made the walkmans, cd players, ipods, and the mp3 player. ipods are the famous ones nowadays, but for a cheaper one just to fulfill your needs to listen to music, mp3 player would be fine. i remember, even in mark10, our grand prize for our Bible challenge to the kids was an mp3 player. and good thing about an mp3 player, there are lots of designs/styles to choose from. and prices are reasonable too.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Papa God

my econsoc friends now sees me as someone who always talk to Papa God. in everything i do, i talk to Him. even when i'm gambling. hahahaha. i know it's bad.. but i just can't control it. example, when i win.. "thank You Papa God" and when i lose, i'll curse then say.. "sorry Papa God." nonsense, right? hehehe.

it's just that it's true that i always talk to Him. whatever is happening to me and even if i have small requests. and Papa God really hears me. and just like the other day, as i texted the AmpClub, i felt that Papa God really loves me. i know this is something shallow, but i was just really thankful. this is what happened that day...

when i was still at home, it was raining really hard. and i hate going out when it's raining. i said "Papa God, please don't let it rain when i leave." then 15 mins before i'll leave, i said "Papa God, i'll be leaving soon. let the rain stop." and you know what? it stopped! as in! galing!

then i was having a hard time looking for a cab. so i said again "Papa God, i hope there'll be a taxi." less than a minute, a cab appeared. yippee!

actually, i was already running late.. so i again prayed.. "Papa God, please don't let me be late. please..." and you know what? i wasn't late. i even arrived 30mins ahead of my schedule. i was really amazed with that.

a friend asked if i talked to God in a silent way or in a loud voice. actually, it depends. when i'm alone, or i just feel like it.. i talk in a loud voice. but if i'm alone, i talk to Him in my heart.

i know what i prayed for are shallow stuffs, but for me it means a lot. coz for me it means i totally depend on Him not only when i am in a life and death situation.

i would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to jay and dino (even if they don't read my blog. hehe) coz even if they did me a big favor, they still invited me for coffee their treat. hahahaha. but thank you guys talaga! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

i love november because it's my birth month. but as november approaches, i'm always pressured and slightly on a depressive mode since i don't know what will happen on my bday. will it be special? i want my bday to be special always (even not on the day itself) coz as what one of the greeters told me, it's the first miracle that God performed for me. my birth. and with my case, it was really a miracle. hehe.

for this year, i just celebrated it as how i celebrated it last year. the only difference is dinner with family is just at home. but i love my bday this year. coz it was full of surprises.

first surprise.. the expected people did not greet me. especially this one person. kalimutan na! hahaha

2nd... unexpected people greeting me. fewer people greeted me this year, but there are a lot of those that i didn't expect. especially from bld. coz before my bld greeters are only maan, therine, johnd and the cosio siblings. and se34. that's why i was surprised when a lot of bld friends greeted me. then i discovered it was shown in multiply that i'm celebrating my bday. pasaway talaga multiply.

3rd... si Meyms pasaway din. she announced in the text world that it's my bday. hehehe. but it's okay coz i love the digiscrap that she made. and she posted it even if i was with her future bf. hehehe. thanks meyms! and thanks to my multiply friends.

yup, a picture with pareng jomar. hehe

4th... the gifts! dami. hehehe. aliw! i didn't think that people still give gifts even if there's no party. hehehe. when i got back to work the next day, i received a bouquet of flowers. and it was from my SE34 classmates: iris, mye, chel & tuz. super katouch! and when it was delivered to me, the teasing was "Tin, how much did you spend for the flowers?" hehehe. then a week after, i received a cake from iloilo friends. the cake was bought here in manila but the sender was from iloilo. saya! hehehe.
the bouquet from my SE34 classmates

5th... i got greetings from blogsy friends, like Richard. i was really surprised to receive a bday email from him. thanks for the virtual cake. and exactly a week after my bday, i received the package from Carey! i now have a Bacolod shirt! yippee!!! i love it! thanks carey!
shirt from carey. sorry for the picture.

6th... whenever i feel down, there's one question i always ask God. and on my birthday.. God surprised me with an assurance through a friend.

most of the gifts i received are food. and take note.. they are the kind of food that would really ruin your diet. and since, they are gifts, i have an excuse for not being a diet. hehehe.

for everyone who greeted me on my bday, thank you! for those who forgot.. hmph! i'll just wait for your gifts. hahaha. just kidding!

but to everyone, thank you so much for making my 26th year in this world fun and exciting. even if i have not met some of you personally, still I want to thank you. coz without you knowing it, you still made my life special. thanks :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


i have never been to a casino. and honestly, i would like to visit one one of these days. and i remember when i was a kid, i had a toy. a roulette that is used in the casinos. but honestly, i never really learned how to play it and i do not know who gave that to me.

i think the closest one that i have been with casinos is a casino party held by my orgmates in their mansion.

i guess another place i can visit casinos are thru casino websites. eversince internet started, i think it was the online casinos that is the oldest game in the web. and to help you in choosing the casino sites, Top USA Online Casino was made. you can read the reviews to help you decide. not only are there different online casino sites but also poker rooms and other casino game sites.

oh well... all i want to experience is the slot machine. hehehe

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Our Province

WARNING: really long again. and more pictures to be added hopefully next week...

last week my family went home to the province. and our province is Bohol. my dad is from bohol and it's the first province that i've known. and also Cebu. hehehe. that's why when my are planning to go to cebu or bohol, i would not join them. coz it's like my second home already. unlike in cebu, wherein i haven't visited the famous tourist spots, in bohol, i think i have visited 90% of the tourist spots. but for last week, we didn't go to where tourists usually go and as a matter of fact, me and my cousins are trying to think of places we can visit that we haven't been to. i'll just share the places we've been to last week and the typical places the Racho family visits when in Bohol.

since Bohol is our province, we usually stay at my grandfather's house in Tamblot or in my uncle's house in Dampas, both in Tagbilaran. but since the tamblot house is being rented out by another family and we do not want to be a hassle to my uncle's family who are also vacationing, we stayed in a pension house, the Le Pensione de San Jose in Tagbilaran also. it's okay for a place if you just want to rest your sleepy head. and there's a bar downstairs where you can have your own concert. hehehe.

of course i had my concert. hehehe.

when i hear Tamblot, it's not the hero that i think of but my grandfather's house. where me and my cousins would spend our summer and Christmas vacations. we really nagged our parents that we're going to visit the place. so, we went there and was surprised that somebody's living there. i didn't know. hahaha. the dining table where the whole family would eat is still there. and me and my cousins were shocked. coz it's like it's small. coz for all of us, we always imagined it to be really big. hello! 5 families fitting in one dining table.. wouldn't you think it to be big? and maybe with our children's eyes, we thought everything was big. hehehe.

this is the table where we ate our meals when we were younger

of course, my family especially my uncle who have not been to bohol for two years visited their farm in Balilihan. it's an inheritance from my grandparents to our parents but the ones to use it daw are us the grandchildren. but we haven't thought yet of what we're going to do with the place. and since nothing is to be seen there, we just had our pictures taken and scared ourselves with ghost stories. hehehe.

since the reason why we went home to bohol every Christmas and fiesta are my grandparents, it is just right that even when they left the earth, we would visit them. and also our aunt. so cemetery is always included in the itinerary.

our parents grew up in Loboc so when we were kids, we would always visit that place to visit their childhood friends and neighbors. and even before the Loboc River Rafting became a popular tourist attraction, we would ride that already. and when i tried out the popular tourist attraction two years ago with some officemates, i got disappointed. coz it was a short route and it's not as wonderful as when i was a kid. coz when i was still a kid, the river tour would start from the Hydroelectric Powerplant down to the falls. and i believe there are more than one waterfalls. small and big ones. we would eat on the raft and try fishing but i really don't catch anything. yes, Bohol has its own Hydroelectric Powerplant. and i don't know why it's not as popular as others. but it's the first hydroelectric plant that i've visited. and hopefully in the future i get to experience a field trip there. coz i wanna hear the experts and not only my dad or uncles explaining the place. and of course coz of conceitedness factor. hahaha

a picture in the hydroelectric plant taken years ago.

bohol is not only known for the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers, but also of the beaches specifically in Panglao. when i was a child, i would rather visit Panglao than Chocolate Hills, to be honest i don't appreciate the hills that much. and in the recent years, the resort we would always visit is the Panglao Island Nature Resort, but this year we didn't go there coz we wanted somewhere new. so we tried Amarela in Panglao. but didn't swim. we just ate there. takaw talaga! hahaha.

when we were still in resort and thinking of another place to go to coz we can't swim due to low tide, i suggested what i read from Ferdz's blog, Water Tubing! i really wanted to try it out. but i found out it's in Danao. and i saw the distance between Panglao and Danao. it's not advisable.

thinking of another place. it was decided on to go to Bohol Bee Farm. a resort that sells bee products. i guess this was decided upon since the elderlies need healthy food. wahehe. and that would be great for me coz i want to go there since some friends who have been there said it was a nice place to stay. so off we went thee and even saw some relatives. sosyal kme magreunion. hehe.

and as with every Filipino, wherever you go it's like a must to buy pasalubong. and if you're in tagbilaran, nice place to buy these is in the mall. Island City Mall for the peanut kisses and to buy some bread para baon mo. but as my cousin Joan said, better broas should be bought in Bohol Quality (BQ). personal advise, when you buy pasalubong from bohol, it's better to bring home broas than peanut kisses. that's my personal opinion. coz broas are more yummy than peanut kisses. hehehe. so of course we headed to the malls. and we're glad we went to ICM coz we saw the owner and got invited to his farm. saya!

when i was a kid and we go home to bohol, be assured that when i return to manila, i'm darker (coz of the beautiful beaches in bohol) and bigger (due to the many food served). and contrary to others who would think of eating seafood in bohol, i always associate bohol with lechon. i remember waking up to the cries of the pig as it is being killed to become lechon. that's why it's a big wonder why me and my cousins never became vegetarian after witnessing tragic killings of animals to be our food. yup, even goat, chicken, turkey. sorry... anyway, it's like it's in bohol where i learned about having two snacks, one on the morning and one in the afternoon. and in bohol, there would always be lechon and of course dinuguan (so the blood of the pig won't be a waste). for the foreigners, these are yummy food. trust me! hehehe. but the best part is the next day, when the lechon is cooked as paksiw! sarap!!!!

the lechon and other food

as a summary, what makes Bohol a majestic place is actually the Racho Family :)

*thanks to julie for the pictures...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

vacation mode

just want to say enjoy your week.

i don't know. when i view my calendar, i see next week as a week that i'll be out of circuit and will just be back next thursday. it's like skipping nov. 3, 4, 5, etc... and just go straight to thursday. excited! hahahaha.

happy week everyone! for those residing in the philippines, enjoy your vacation :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm It!

i've been tagged again. so, now i'm going to do it. but for those who tagged me with the desktop meme, i'm really sorry. i don't want to do it. hahaha.

for the first meme. i've been tagged by Lazarus

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? my sister. or maybe it's my mom coz we were talking about her. hehehe
2. What were you doing at 0800? sleeping
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? uploading mark10 pictures
4. What happened to you in 2006? I gained weight. --> that's my answer too! hahaha
5. What was the last thing you said out loud? actually, i sang. Sway by Michael Buble
6. How many beverages did you have today? just one. milk
7. What color is your hairbrush? Combs also. yellow and pink
8. What was the last thing you paid for? stuff i bought last night
9. Where were you last night? shopping for necessities. hehe
10. What color is your front door? brown?
11. Where do you keep your change? wallet, bag
12. What’s the weather like today? Cloudy?
13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? rocky road ice cream
14. What excites you? Sports, travel
15. Do you want to cut your hair? next year.
16. Are you over the age of 25? turning 27 :)
17. Do you talk a lot? sometimes. hehehe. but most of the time i just listen. promise!
18. Do you watch the O.C.? before. now, when i just see ryan. hehe
19. Do you know anyone named Steven? also Mr. Spielberg. but i know a Steve
20. Do you make up your own words? refer to my Wordsy Words post
21. Are you a jealous person? i guess? hahaha
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. Ace
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. Kate
24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? kisses
25. What does the last text message you received say? a forwarded messagew about love
26. Do you chew on your straw? No
27. Do you have curly hair? just wavy
28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? later church. tomorrow office. next week.. province!
29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? my lips are sealed
30. What was the last thing you ate? milk. hehehe. my dinner last night
31. Will you get married in the future? YES! hahaha. all caps talaga
32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? i don't know if the last movie i saw was in the past 2 weeks. it was Chuck and Larry with Cher and Joyce. so girls, was that in the last 2 weeks? but i like that movie. laugh trip
33. Is there anyone you like right now? i like everyone. plastic! hahaha
34. When was the last time you did the dishes? can't recall. hehehehe
35. Are you currently depressed? Nope
36. Did you cry today? Nope
37. Why did you answer and post this? coz i think i need to answer tags. hehe.
38. 5 people you tag next? those who love to answer surveys.. like thinz, maan a., kat r.

and now the second one. from Wil. this is due for the longest time already.
the rule is to use your middle name, and for each letter write a specific trait or characteristic that you have. and then to tag the same number of people as you have in your middle name.

i am going to use my last name. coz in the future it will be my middle name. bwahahaha!

Real. i think i'm real. no hypocrisy. slight lang. hahaha

Articulate. that was how boss poly would always describe me. first time he told me that was during my interview. and i was like.. what? me? articulate? are you sure? then later on he would again describe me as articulate.. maarteng makulet. weh!

Cynosure. meaning center of attraction. it's a spelling word in my gradeschool days. and i think that's the only spelling word i can remember, and i just want to include it in my list. hehe

ealthy. you'll say it's obvious with my body. hehehe. but seriously, i don't get sick that often. i think the last time i was absent from work because i was really sick was when francis gave me a kunchinta and i was in the cr for 24 hours. hmmm... that means, francis was mad at me already during that time pa. i wonder why he didn't include that in his email. hahaha

lder in ___ weeks. weeeh!!!! hahahaha :)

so now, i'm tagging some people... Jake, Ate Daisy, Roanne, Ate Ghee, and Tin you're it!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Said I'd Never Go Alone

if you've noticed i don't post video clips on my blog, but this video really blessed me. when i saw this in zayin's page, i really cried. it really described how i'm feeling in cartoons. hehehe. and also the lyrics of the song. especially the part... "But You never said it would be easy. You only said I'd never go alone" coz when i feel down and i go to the Blessed Sacrament, i really feel God is there with me. that i am not alone. that He is just there beside Him, i just snob Him. then i'll just cry again. hahaha.

but as the song goes, whatever He wants i'll go through it coz i know it will bring me closer to Him and He has a great and wonderful plan for me. and as i said... He said that i would never go alone. and what i am experiencing is just small compared to what He went through just to show His love for me.

and now this song is a personal prayer of mine. again, big thanks to zayin. thanks zay! :)

now, there are two songs that makes me cry, this one and Arms of Love.
here's the video. a request, please watch it until the very end.

If You Want me To
Ginny Owens

The pathway is broken
And The signs are unclear
And I don't know the reason
why You brought me here
But just because You love me the way that You do
I'm gonna walk through the valley
If You want me to

Cause I'm not who I was
When I took my first step
And I’m clinging to the promise
You’re not through with me yet
So if all these trials bring me closer to You
Then I will go through the fire
If You want me to

It may not be the way I would have chosen
When you lead me through a
world that's not my home
But You never said it would be easy
You only said I'd never go alone

So When the whole world turns against me
And I'm all by myself
And I can't hear You answer my cries for help
I'll remember the suffering
Your love put You through
And I will go through the valley
If You want me to

Covered Travel

i love to travel. maybe it is because eversince i was a kid my family and i would always go to places. baguio every summer and would go home to our province every vacation time. and our province is in bohol so we would really travel. or just roadtrip to the nearby laguna or wherever. and after i resigned from my former job all i did was travel. i went exploring the visayas and mindano region. first time to go to mindanao. hehe.

but of course, in anything that we do there is a risk. just by stretching our arms. you could pull a nerve accidentally. hehehe. and when you travel, there is really a big risk especially if the place you are going to is a new place for you. that is why we need a travel insurance. so that we would not worry much when we explore places. but most insurance have an age limit, but good thing there is an travel insurance over 65. because it is not only us youngsters who loves to explore. and i think traveling could somehow help them have a healthy life, but just a little careful in what they eat and do. hehehe.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fatal Lovelife

my childhood bestfriend got engaged last week! congrats danny and tina! my sister and i attended the engagement party. naks! oo nga noh! bday and engagement party in one. and when tish was showing me the video of tina accepting the proposal (coz we were late. hehe), my sister told me... "ate tin, si ljieu na lang.." meaning i just have only one bestfriend left who is not engaged nor married. i was supposed to contradict her when i realized she is right. rlyn is married, tina is engaged.. it's just ljieu. but ljieu has a boyfriend. and i think it's just a matter of time before they'll tie the knot. that means i'm the only one single.

tina and i were texting each other yesterday and she asked me.. "When will you get married?" my reply is: "Two years from now. that's why you should pressure yourself to find a husband for me. hehehe"

and the other week, my mom and i saw my cousin who is based in cebu. and my mom asked him to find me a bf. my cousin asked how old i am and i told him i'm only 26. and he said that i'm still young. coz he married at the age of 31. hehehe. and i said that i'm not pressuring myself. it's just my mom who is pressuring me. hehehe.

seriously, i'm not pressuring myself to look for a boyfriend or husband to be or whatever. it's like i'm still not prepared for that. no, it's not because i'm not over anyone yet. it's just a personal mission in life. labo? malabo talaga! hehehe. it's like i want to focus on my career first and if i'm okay with my career, then i'll focus on my lovelife.

and they said that.. either you'll have a great career or a great lovelife. it's one or the other and not the same. but for my case i have none. so maybe, it's not my career i should concentrate on. maybe it's my lovelife. siguro dapat kong kareerin ang lovelife. heheheeh.

just want to share something. a former officemate told me that he'll introduce me to a friend. i said okay and he asked if i want to see his picture so i said sure. and you know what he showed me? not just a picture. but a resumé! when i saw it. i was really laughing and laughing. he's right. at least now i would know already if we're compatible and if his work is okay for me. hahahaha.

i haven't met the guy and i didn't really read his resumé. but that is something new. hehehe

regarding my title: i just said out loud what could my title be. and an officemate asked what about and i said about lovelife. he just answered... Fatal Lovelife. so that's it! bwahahaha

Money Talks Again

I have been writing about money a couple of times already. I even mentioned in a post that sometimes money is what makes the world go round. Somehow this is true especially when you are in dire need of cash. Like for example tuition fee of your child, house mortgage, car loan and what most of us can relate to… credit card payment.

I admit, I am really cranky and really in a depressive mode when I do not have any money. It is worse than me having my PMS. Hehehe. Humility aside, and as my ex told me.. I am not used to having no money. And I do not want to get used to it. Hahahaha.

And most of the time there are emergencies that we need extra cash (like when we see a nice blouse in the mall, just kidding. Hehehe). But seriously, there are times when we do need extra cash and need to make cash advance. And sometimes the disadvantage with the credit cards is that the due date is right before payday and you receive the bill days after payday. So now when you do not have any money to pay for the card. It would be nice to have a payday loans, wherein you can pay every payday. This I believe happens only when you borrow money from a friend. Hehehe.

Friday, September 28, 2007


the month of september had not been the greatest month for me. it's like i'm always down and worrying about a lot of things. i really made the wakeboarding plans pushed thru coz i needed it. i needed to relax. as i told my wakeboard buddies, i know that wakeboarding would really give me bodyaches and i needed that to drown all my spiritual, emotional and whatever pain i'm feeling. the week after the wakeboarding trip had really been painful. especiall with my bodyaches. every move i make is OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! and when my body is already healing, i got a spiritual/emotional blow. yup, even spiritual.. since i got really depressed, i was questioning God. and really felt that i'm a bad person and didn't deserve blessings.

funny coz a week before even if i'm feeling down the pits, i still felt blessed. even if there are problems, i know i am still blessed. then saturday came. and after the realizations, i really felt peace. promise! this week, whatever came my way, i felt calm. some people thought i was depressed coz of my text messages from the book of pareng Paulo but honestly, what the book said was what i was feeling last week (specifically friday). and i just wanted to share it even if it's delayed. hehehe.

and this week, i've realized that for a really proud person as i am, God is still blessing me. He is humbling me. yes, i am a very proud person. that is one of my favorite sin to commit.. pride. maybe because i love to eat pride chicken when i was a kid. yuck! corny! hehehe.

okay, back to my post. well, i'll just repeat and emphasize that i am a proud person. so when i have problems or i feel down or i need help, i don't try to show it. i always show that i'm strong. but God still gave me people who i don't know if they saw past my pride but they sure have been used by God to help me. but as i said before, God's message for me is to wait. i thought before that God sent me these people because He's granting me something already. but no! i think this is His way of giving me an opportunity to be patient. labo ba? honestly, malabo. hahaha. but i know that after these opportunities would be something far better for me. His perfect plan for me.

these are the people i want to thank. they have helped me in one aspect of my life. and i won't mention what. i'm proud, remember? hehehe.

Thanks to:
Jopay - for the instant text, ym and email messages. for always remembering me
Emcee - you're right. i am not asking anyone for help. and yet you still lent a helping hand. thanks for believing in me
Dino - i'm really glad we had that phone conversation when you asked that the out of town schedule be moved
Gani - namiss kita bigla ha. magsideline ka nga. kme clients mo.
Pie - kahit na tuliro utak mo that time, you still remembered me. and remembered to mention it to me.
Kate - this thank you should have been said a long time ago pa. hehehe
Maca - you always remember me
Son - thanks for always informing me and sending me emails
Ate Dada - i'm really thankful nakakasabay and nakakasalubong kita sa mrt. hehehehe
Tina Guzman - seeing you in the wedding shower slightly changed my life. naks! hahaha
Jay - actually, you're a blessing for other people, for my friends. but through me coz for my friends. but still even if it's for other people, not me.. you still are a blessing,
Mam Irene - the text message and phonecall that changed my life. with this list, most unexpected kayo. thank you so much for believing in me. though i left you and gay hanging before, you still had been nice to me. thank you!

i'm sure some of those in my list do not know what i'm thankful for. but for those who realize what it is for.. quiet na lang kayo. hehehe. thank you! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007


honestly, my ultimate dream for a water adventure besides scuba diving is to experience jetski. when i was still a kid, i would really want to ride a jetski. but the problem is it is expensive, for just a few minutes it would cost you much. that is why i was so happy to have experienced water skiing or wakeboarding. hehehe. coz it may not be a jetski, but i am getting there. that's the advantage of living in the Philippines. a lot of beaches and water sports to try.

but the disadvantage? there is no snow. i could not experience snowfights, snowman and the luxury skiing holidays. this makes me dream of going to Meribel, France and St. Anton, Austria to experience the luxury ski chalets in St Anton. that would be a wish for me. not only the skiing experience but first to be able to go to those places. a place where there is snow. and stay there for a year to be able to experience changes in season as Renny always brag about. hehehehe. because here in the Philippines, there are only two seasons, summer and rainy seasons. and be able to ski. for i have always associated skiing with luxury and for rich people. and even for just once in my life, i would like to experience that, wouldn't you?

oh well... after writing about sleeping and dreaming, this is one dream that i would make sure would come true.


i love to sleep. it is something that i do not have any difficulty doing. i can sleep anywhere and even if it's noisy and with lights on. even while sitting. i think if i would like to, i can sleep standing up. just like my dad. but of course what makes me sleep more comfortably is having a nice bed. of course the bed should have a very comfortable bedding. a big bed with lots of pillows that would want me to just stay in bed. i have always loved pillows. ever since i was a kid, my bed should have lots of pillows. even if the pillows would occupy 95% of the bed, it would be okay with me.

also for me, a bed with lots of pillow would make a bedroom enchanting. yes, i am really using the word enchanting for it. hehehe. well, it really is enchanting when you see a bed. coz when you lie down and get to sleep, you go to far away places, beautiful and not, through your dreams. dreams that you imagine and dreams from your unconscious mind.

lately, i am having weird dreams. not really that weird but i can remember my dreams and my dreams are related to whatever is happening in my life. i think my dreams now are saying how truly i feel even if i try to hide it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just Wait and See

it had been a remarkable saturday for me. i was supposed to go to divisoria with officemates but since i'll just have to meet them there, i did not push through anymore. so i just attended mark10 instead and had a film showing on old testament Bible stories. and i'm really thankful i attended mark10. then i saw two of my highschool bestfriends that night.. jay and ljieu. i miss rlyn tuloy.

though i have heard the story of Joseph the Dreamer a million times, it still touched my heart when i watched the cartoons. what really inspired me were two parts. when the prison guard was telling the pharaoh about Joseph. that even if his brothers wanted to kill him and sold him, he never cursed God. and next is when his brothers apologized to him in selling him. and Joseph just answered that it was God's plan. for if it did not happen, they will die coz of the famine.

i don't curse God but i always question Him when things i pray for do not happen. and even if Joseph was a really good and faithful man to God, he was still imprisoned but because of that he became a pharaoh. and as i told jay later that night, it made me realize that maybe that's what God is doing to me. coz in the future i'll be the leader of the world. bwahahaha.

after mark10, i met up with jay. told her about a little disappointment. and she said that God has a greater plan for me. my mom also said that, and i know everyone will say that and i just want to hear God say me to me right now what is His plan. coz i hate to wait. i am not patient. and i'm telling God i'm not praying for patience so don't give me the opportunity to be patient. then jay said.. "isn't it frustrating when everyone around you is moving and yet God is asking you to be still.." exactly! that's exactly what i'm feeling right now! as in!

of course we discussed the cartoons that i've seen that afternoon. and she said what struck her from the story of joseph is that for 10 years, he was in a cell. God made him wait in a cell. and he excelled in a cell. so when we feel that we are in a garbage bin, let's try to be the best trash there is.

yesterday, God's message had been loud and clear. Wait.. Be still... i guess He's really preparing me for something great. and i'll just be the best trash. hehehe. i am praying that i'll not be impatient and try to jeopardize His plans for me. hehehe.

much later that night. actually, early morning already. 1am na kaya. i met up with ljieu. yup, even if i'm super sleepy already, i still met kathreen. coz it might be years before i'll see her again. ljieu had known me since first year highschool so she knew me before a lot of people. anyway, we've talked about my bedroom, and my mom's rule on no eating in bedrooms. and that there are lots of ants on my bed and i don't know why since food is not allowed in the room. i just said: "i guess i'm just really sweet that's why there are ants." and with a shocked face she said, "tin? ikaw sweet?" i said yup. people do change. if others would ask me if i've changed.. i'll say "yes. now i'm sweet." hahaha. my mom's description for me before would be.. "hindi siya malambing." now, i can say i am. bakit ba? gusto ko sabihin na malambing na ako eh. hahahaha.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Fell in Love

Yup! i fell in love last weekend. i fell in love with wakeboarding. actually, with kneeboarding pa lang pala. hehehe. but for me it's still wakeboarding. hehe.

my harper friends prefer surfing more, but for me it's really wakeboarding. as denise puts it, wakeboarding is for the less patient. and that's me! hahaha. also with surfing you should know how to balance. and i'm really not good in that part. and i don't get much bruises in wakeboarding.. it's just my muscles. unlike in surfing where the surfboard will always hit you. i have low tolerance with pain, remember? hehehe.

i don't know. i just fell in love with wakeboarding. even if i was not able to finish one round. as in i want to experience it again. aside from scuba diving, wakeboarding is now included in my what to repeat water adventure list. and it's a sport i want to master. maybe, what made me more like it is that i was able to make my first turn the next day when hours ago, i was being problematic coz i thought i won't be able to hold the bar for long.

see! i literally fell! hehehe

i guess, i won't be that inlove with wakeboarding if not for my friends and the people in Lago de Oro where we stayed and learned the sport. the people in the resort are really nice. though they called me sir twice, i still find them nice. the place says a quiet neighborhood. it's true! i just don't know if it's what our neighboring rooms will say. hehehe.

it was really a fun weekend. even if my muscle joints really hurt even up to this day, the weekend really made me relax. it made me de-stress. (is there such a word? hehehe). for a very stressful week/month, it is a great way to end it. thank you wakieboardies for the very fun weekend. especially to gabe who really made us all relax and put a smile on our faces. hehehe.

special message to denise: nonsense excuse mo. why? coz i was in a similar situation as you are. and still it didn't stop me from trying and enjoying.

*thanks to gabe for my wakeboarding pictures.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wordsy Words

"What is she revenging for?"

is there something wrong with the statement? when i asked my officemates if it's the right grammar, they told me.. "is there such a word as revenging?" and i said yes. it's the act of revenge. so i checked google and a dictionary, and there's such a word. hehehe. still they insist that there isn't. until an officemate said: "there's such a word.. it's a tin-tin word."

there was also this one time when i replied to a text with a new word. and an older officemate asked if it's what the youth today uses.. a younger officemate just replied.. "no, tin-tin just invented that word." hehehe.

i love to invent words. hehehe. by placing suffixes such as -ish, -er, -ness, -ly, and all other suffixes. hahaha. most of the words i've invented are not planned.. such as the care of-care of. situation called for it. and also the words i invent, you can easily know the meaning. but some words i invented in purpose. like badder. promise! it's badder.. coz i was between bad and worse, so it's badder. hehehe. why do i invent words? just for fun. i don't know.. it's make it more fun to say these words. hehehe. unlike if i just use an ordinary word. hahaha. honestly, i am not conscious about it until someone will pinpoint or will use these words. hahaha.

**re revenging. i know i should have used avenging instead. but i prefer revenging.. it's like i will demand you in court. hehehe.
(note: tagalog word of sue is demanda, so some thought that the english term for demanda is demand)

Thursday, September 06, 2007


tin-tin, ghalya, zettes trina, marj, nice

the SGG! my first barkada in college. i'm sure people who have known me in my latter years in college do not know this. hehe. it's because, two of them have left the country by that time already and the other three... well, we just go out once in a while.

i miss these girls. they made my first years in college really fun. when other freshmen students were crying coz they feel homesick, we're out partying. even if there are exams, we would still go out at night. and we would still have good grades. except for ghalya and i and math17. hehe.

i haven't seen these girls for ages. except for zettes and marj, who are here in the philippines for some weeks. the other three are now in the US. i remember when trina just left the country, she would text me saying.. the SGG Cali Chapter had a party the night before.

we have different personalities (trust me on this), yet we still became friends, had fun and shared good memories with each other.

we don't see each other anymore.. but we are still friends. still communicating once in a while. sharing pictures, exchanging letters and text messages. the Cali girls even shared an apartment at one point or are neighbors. and i hope we'll have a grand reunion on december for marj's wedding.

our lives now may be entirely different from our freshmen days, with work, kids, and everything, but we still know how to have fun and how it is to party!

a little game... if you would be able to guess the meaning of SGG, you will have a prize :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Moving On is Hard to Do

some friends and i were talking and the topic became breaking-up. and here's what we realize why it is hard to move on...

when you are still together, of course there are happy moments. but of course there are sad and bad moments. especially right before the break-up. and when you break-up... all you could think of are the happy moments. this is the perfect time for you to think about all the bad memories. but all you could think of are the good ones. so now, you are having a hard time to move on. now, all you do is cry asking yourself why and what happened coz everything is perfect. but you don't realize it's not. there are also times it's not. that it's bad. but you forget about it. you forget all the hurts you've experienced.

i'm going to be mean. but why is it that the things we have to remember in the moving on stage are the good memories? can't it be the bad ones so that we'll have an easier time to move on? wala lang...

Money Talks

I’m so happy yesterday! I finally found a dvd copy of Moulin Rouge. And it’s an original copy! So before sleeping, I watched it. Actually, I just watched those with the singing parts. That is how much I love to sing.

Anyway, there was this singing dialogue between Satine and Christian where he says that all we need is love, and yet Satine would answer back that it is money. So, what do we really need? Since I do not have a lovelife, I think it is money for me now. Hahahaha. Finding money is easier than finding a boyfriend. So I am really going with money now. Hehehe.

So since I need to make money, I signed up to payperpost. Yup. I’m really grabbing almost every blog money-making thing. That’s how hard life is. Actually, carey introduced me to this for the longest time already, but it is only now that I’m really into this. Hehehe. Coz before, I do not want to infect my blog with money making matters, but now times call for it. And also, I got inspired with how carey does it. It is not obvious that she is writing an ad. Carey, you’re really my idol with this stuff. And you’ll forever be associated with it already. Hahaha. So now I am starting to hear money talks. Is this bad?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Girls that Rock Award

they are simple, humble and ordinary people. not famous (except in the blog world i think). they are not called your highness. they did not have any solo concerts yet that have been sold out. you cannot find any albums of them in your favorite record bars. their cribs have not been featured in mtv cribs. they do not have their own tv show. but these girls rock! they have their own fans. and i'm one of them. why? because they are astig!

from the kingdom of cambodia... a musician/lawyer/diplomat who is so good in the kitchen (i'm talking about eating not cooking), and now a certified blogger with a matching feature in manila bulletin... You Rock Ate Toe!
actually, this award is from her passed on to me. that is why it really is an honor. coz the award is like made for her, and yet she is generous to pass it to someone like me. i'm not worthy. i'm not worthy. (with matching bowing). hehe

from one musician to another. a really great singer (i bet most of you didn't know that). but now a good housewife to her hubby and a sweet mommy to Baby A. and if you think of Turkey only as a food every thanksgiving, then read her blog to know how it is to live there. the diva of turkey... You Rock Duke!

a businesswoman at heart. not only with her own business but also with blogging. she can advertise without you knowing it. memes are attracted to her. people would always tag her. and as a revenge, she made her own meme which can be read from many blogs already. from the city of smiles, bacolod city... You Rock Carey!

don't be fooled with her sweet face, coz she can really be sarcastic and ruthless if she wants to (hehehe). she can think of out-of-this world topics. and 13 is a meaningful number for her. she can think of 13 different things that are in the same category and i am sure you would not think of that. an architect who is also a dancer (during flower festivals. hahaha), and definitely a creative writer. from the summer capital of the philippines, baguio city... You Rock Alternati!

here's my list of the Girls that Rock and it's up to them if they want to pass their award to another person. hehehe.

here's the Diyosa ng Kagandahan (Goddess of Beauty) signing off....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weekend Movie Singing

last weekend (the really long weekend), i just stayed at home. i really planned of not going out except last sunday for mass and for the wedding preps of marj. i just indulged myself with tv, dvd, internet, computer games, sleep. hehehe. and i was really contented. why? because it seems that it was only last weekend that i really had some rest. it was a lazy weekend for me. it's like i didn't have any pressure or whatever.

and since i slightly had a dvd marathon (movies coz i finished the tv series already), almost all the movies i watched have a good soundtrack. and the good thing about dvd, some of it have lyrics showing. and this made me enjoy the movie more, coz i get to sing along. hahaha. that is why i watched again and again Love Actually. it's not only because i love their soundtrack, but also the movie itself. i love it!

haay... how i wish i'll find a dvd of Moulin Rouge and The Sound of Music...

weekend is fast approaching again.. any plans for the weekend? and what movie soundtrack is your favorite?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

All About Me

i want to post something but i don't have abything to post. so i'm just going to steal this from Jamie. yup, jamie. we miss you!

i'm not posting the rules coz there'll be no rules. hehehe. i hope you'll answer it. thanks :)

1. Tin-tin is _____.

2. Tin-tin loves _____.
3. Tin-tin is my _____.
4. Tin-tin needs _____.
5. Someday Tin-tin will be _____.
6. Tin-tin reminds me of _____.
7. Without Tin-tin, _____.
8. Tin-tin has a tendency to be _____.
9. Only Tin-tin can _____.
10. I've been wanting to tell Tin-tin that _____.
11. If Tin-tin is the answer what is the question? _____.
12. If Tin-tin is a song in your head what would it be? _____.
13. A one liner for Tin-tin would be _____.

have fun! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A 5th Grader's Dream

it's always said that when a door closes, a window is opened. i didn't very much feel that quote until recently when an email was sent somehow like that. it's about thanking God for closed doors just as much as you're thankful for open doors.

last year, i thought i was going to transfer to a new company, a (slightly) dream company.. but i don't know what happened. it didn't push thru. i really questioned God. but after reading the email, i've realized something. if not for that, i wouldn't make a step in fulfilling my ultimate dream. and so now i've made a step. i applied for my dream to come true. and now i'm asking for your prayers. hahaha. coz for me i only have ten percent of passing. but i'm really hanging on that ten percent. so guys please pray for me. thank you :)


last night, while i was channel surfing, i came across a quiz show in QTV. the title is Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? it's like who wants to be a millionaire but the people who can help you are 5th graders. the questions ranged from 1st grade to 5th grade subjects. yup, they are. and of course since they are elementary topics, and i've graduated a long time ago.. i flunked. hahaha.

sample of the questions i was not able to answer:
What sphere is the lowest layer of the earth? --> well, i remember before that i had a hard time memorizing all these spheres.. mesoshpere, troposhphere, etc.
How many feet in a mile?
How many moons does mars have?
How many of the interior angles in a scalene triangle have the same number of degrees? --> okay.. this is a 3rd grade question. i can't remember that in our 3rd grade math.

haaay... if i'm not even smarter than a 5th grader.. how can i fulfill my dreams? see! i badly need your prayers. hahahaa :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


i have just finished watching Heroes. a tv series in america that almost all of my friends have finished watching months ago. we had a dvd months ago but i have not seen it until last weekend. and i liked it.

but honestly, when i see matt partman, the one who can read minds, i get bothered. it's like when i watched the movie What Women Want starring Mel Gibson. it's scary. more scary than those with nuclear power. it's because, it's like my mind is the only thing where i can have my privacy. my thoughts, dreams, etc. it's like the only place where i can be secured. did you get it? basta... after watching the movie and again heroes, it always make me think that i should be careful with my own thoughts coz someone might be able to read it.

one thing you would hear from he series over and over again is the word... destiny.

have you ever thought what your destiny is? and if ever you'll have a superpower, what would it be?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Friendster Testimonials

after two weeks of absence, i've attended Mark 10 again. i missed the kids but they didn't miss me. they were not listening to me and yung iba inaaway ako. especially jom who's 11 y.o. (am i right tim?). he asked me how old i am, and when i said i'm 26, he blurted out: "why are all the 26 year old that i know fat?" saya diba? thank you very much jom! but as i said in my comment on your friendster, i understand you coz you're now EMO. hahaha.

to lift my spirits up and with nothing to do since plans for tonight didn't push thru, i read my testimonials in friendster. and most are funny and really described me. and i'm posting them here. so this is a looooong post. you don't have to read it. it would just serve as a reminder for myself when i am feeling down. and i won't translate it. but don't worry everyone.. i'll summarize them for you. coz what are written are just the same. and for those who have all the time in the world, you can guess who wrote it. hehehe. and of course the testimonials there are basically chosen. hehehe.

basically, the testimonials just say that: I am a good singer, dancer. Friendly.. a kind, generous friend who is fun to be and really pretty. hahaha. i love having my own blog. i can write anything. hahaha ;p

here are the testimonials:

the thing that i love about tin tin is the fact that she is super ma-kwento. it seems like she never ran out of amusing stories to tell. she's very dedicated to her endeavors and amazingly, she still finds time for gimmick. this girl has an amazing voice. Hehehe. NOT!!!!

d best external affairs head, sobrang mahal ang org…laging me free dessert everytime may meeting…sobrang magalaw kya ang galing sumayaw! Hehehe… Anyway, one of the best listeners, you can tell her anything without being judged. Tsismosa in other words. ang daling ayain sa mga gimiks and kainan (sosyal yan). Mapang-asar on the side.

ang laki ng improvement at transformation ng girl na to when she joined the tambourine. if before she used to be shy , ngayon,waahh....ang galing ng sumayaw...

I can easily tell her my secrets and problems and i know she wont tell. Great dancer..her new motto: "Practice makes perfect!"

super masayang kasama and laging libre ang dessert ng externals...

videoke queen yan...super galing kumanta yang si tin-tin..

A Praise & Worship dancer at heart. Polite and friendly but don't be deceived by all her "opo's" & "po's" coz she'll strike you with her pranks, antics & pang-aasarz... grrr... when u least expect it.hehehe...:) Inspite of her sneakiness... she'll touch you with her thoughtful gestures. ;)

c tintin ang isa sa mga pinakabading na sisses sa econsoc noon (marlet and tj ung iba!)..define tsismis at alam nia yan lhat!mega business woman din u still remember nung one time na nagtry k magpka feeling "conservative" ? kakloka! d nia rin natiis!

Tin loves (and struggles) to tell jokes. But mind you, this sweet and funny (videoke-loving) lady is a friend you can always rely on. She usually plays Ate Helen, listening to friends' problems and what-have-you's, and of course, giving advice. One thing I find amusing with her... she's updated with the latest buzz (in and out of showbiz, hehehe) and with her oh, so keen intuition, she knows the latest tsismis even before it happens.

tin is one person who never fails to bring sunshine wherever she goes, ever lively, sobrang makulit.

very reliable and very patient...someone who doesn't complain even though i surprise her with a lot of favors...

Proven na ba naten na ang gaganada lage ng mga externals com heads.. hehe. she
sometimes has the tendency of switching from one topic to another without any
warning or transition at all hehe but that's ok, we catch up eventually. The best ka
talaga bakla, videoke, party, tequila days, e4 days,midnight society...

Grabe super saludo ko sa pagiging friendly and "ALWAYS AROUND" ng girl na to! whew! She's always there when you need her and despite her busy life she makes it a point that she'll always have time with everything and everyone that matter to her...sound super girl ba? coz she really is!!

bait kasi hinatid ako sa bahay kahit kelngan na nilang umuwi

super super simple and super baitÜ cia ung kaibigan na di mu kailangan makita para masabi mong friend mo... khit na may age gap kmi,i easily got along with her...u will really feel comfortable whenever ur with herÜ

We love to try out cafes in LB and wherever, actuallly...

She's one of the missing link between the more mature members of the org and the
youngsters. Sya nga pala ang kauna-unahang resident econsoc na nagka-celphone (ako pager lang nun). Kahit sa Space Shuttle man o sa jeep o sa kalsada, walang mintis yan kakakasend ng text.

sha yung tipong friend na di mo na kaylangan makita para malaman mong nandiyan lang.

Super bait, parang hindi nagagalit... AS IN!!!

si kristine na siguro ang may pinaka astig na boses sa balat ng lupa. yun tamang d mo makakalimutan. she accepts me for who i am, but let's me know when i am going too far na.

Mapagmahal, mabait at mapagbigay

kahit sa phone lang kami nag uusap di ka talaga mabobored.

she’s a sweet, thoughtful (for she never forgets to text me whatever event is happening), humble, God-fearing person and a true friend to me…

Define sweet. You were frowning because your day didn’t turned out right but then somebody far away texted you with this line “Smile! Jesus in me loves you.” That’s Tin and she knows exactly when you’re feeling down.

Pano though she's 2 years older, she looked cuter and younger to! hehe. I admire ur conviction to stand by ur decisions.

she's kind n very friendly, n she'll always make u feel na ur a welcome addition 2 her friends.

trivia: mlayo p lng sya sa tambayn makikita mo ang super todo hi w/ todo smiling face nya and its enough to lighten up your mood.

madami at mahilig yan magtanong ng kung anu-ano..... never a time na nagkita kami na hindi nya ko tinanong:)

before kala ko mataray siya, pero sooobra bait niya.

she really understands na feeling mo sa kanya mismo nangyayari yun.

ever the so ruffa mae econsoc sis... ay ewan ko d2 sa sis ko na 2 masyadong kikay... pagtinawagan mo pa sa phone ang sagot... howdy dowdy... hehehehe well she's is so kind, sweet, gentle and .... murderous! shes the ultimate chikadora bloc mate...

sobrang touched ako sa kanya kasi ang lambing nya sa akin kahit minsan e nasusungitan ko sya...

ito na ata ang pinaka-funny na taong kilala ko. as in! ang lupet mag-joke! no dull moment! true scorpio indeed.

Tintin..very religious...child of God...sweet, sensible though I must say she's one helluva job-hopper

si tin ay makulit. si tin ay mabait. si tin ay madaldal. si tin ay sikat -- literally, may
kilala sa kahit anong college sa campus..all courses well-represented sa circle of friends nya, hehe ;)si tin ay friendly. sobra. kahit bagong kilala ka pa lang nya, she has a way of making people very at ease with her..

Pag nakikitira ako dati sa house nila sa whitehouse super maalaga yan.. Mega
luto ng name it. Taz meron kameng common dream nyan, to
see our faces sa lifestyle section ng newspaper.. he he he!! Mala socialtie ba.

and she never fails to include me in her prayers..

sobrang bait, pero she can hold her subordinates. lagi kaming may choco mousse every externals meeting! and, the theme of the externals committee? "committee ng mga
magaganda't gwapo".. just look at our head, and that proves it. :)

si tin e good listener.kahet simpleng kwento lang e makikinig siya sa iyo... si tin,never
nakamiss ng bati sa akin yan...birthday at even anivversary...ang sweet nga kc she never forgets...

Tin is super God-loving, kaya minsan pag feeling ko hindi ko na kaya ang lyf I ask her to
pray for me....Laging nanjan, super sarap kausap, funny madalas, serious kung minsan...and always ready to listen to the latest chika and even the smallest of all problems. Super sensitive na friend, kaya naman feeling ko maski hindi ikwento sa kanya ung mga chika eh mejo gets parin nya. Intuitive, yep that's tin. Loving, un rin. Grabe nga itong magmahal eh

it wouldn't be the same without rocha's morning prayer..i always look forward to her minsan sakto tlaga! hay..thanks talaga for the never-ending and untiring inspiration you're giving're such an angel!

a vry supportive frend!hehehe and a vry generous one 2!!

the 1st time i noticed her was way back year 2004 yata yon, someone (a guy)commented saying "i like that girl, she's pretty".. then sabi ko oo nga, sino sya? after that lagi ko na syang napapansin kc medyo madaldal (hehehe)!!! she's very friendly, always wearing a sweet smile... smart and self-confident, she knows how to carry herself that's why she's sexy..

u know what's her fav. sOng??? "i will survive"... grabe tlaga hataw nya! kya, wherever i may go, pag naririnig kO yang sOng na yan, xa agad naaalala kO! hehe(",)

shes very accommodating...and friendly talaga shes the type na i-aapproach ka kapag medyo na-a-out of place ka prang ganun bsta shes really nice un po..

She will just pop up in your phone sending a prayer msg na nakaka touch.

ewan ko ba kung bakit sa kakupalan mo sakin ay itinuturing parin kitang kaibigan... :)

mdaling mksundo yan. sana lng (mader) wag masyado sensi at mtampuhin. d rin
pikon yan. pero pikunin ko man yan, mdaling hanapin kiliti nyan. AS IN!

AnG ShEpHeRd KoNg....... kakaiba.....?


but seriously c tintin ay super friendly & hindi sya plastik na frend as in, akalin mo naman b first met namen eh feeling close na ka agad namen hehe para bang magkakilala na kme matagal na ganun ba, but until now ganun pa rin sya na super mabait,super & very approachable (lalo na pagdating sa money hehe joke),& super masaya kasama as in hindi ka maboboring' wag mo nga lang pakantahin bka mag backout na kayo sa gimmick hehe joke actually may potential naman po sya eh promiz!!!

hoy ang paplastik ng mga kaibigan mo ha! diva k daw?!! alam ko lng sobrang taas ng confidence level ng babaeng to. cia ung tipong d ka mgddlawang isip lapitan pag kailangn mo ng tulong, advise, maski pera (hehe) o basta kailngn mo ng kaibigan period. thats because she has a way of making people around her feel special. her sunny disposotion can light up an otherwise dull mood.nd she is so open and bubbly that (yes) we can talk about nything under the sun and moon

tin?! wat can i say..uhmmm.. nde po sya tin!! Wahaha mas bata ko sa kanya.. but she acts, sometimes, like she's yonger than i am..hmmmm.. she's sweet.. pretty.. mabait.. and chubby.. hehe..kala mo puro positive sasabhin ko noh? :-)

Pero tuwing nag-uusap kami, siguradong madami na namang kuwento, dahil hindi siya nauubusan ng tsismis.

c tin, ang lakas ng loob na makipag pasexy-han sakin.. ewan ko ba.. angat lang sya sakn sa boobs and mas straight ang hair nya.. yun lang. good thing we became friends kahit sobrang layo ng age gap namin.. ;)

Matiyagang kausap sa chat at maraming insights sa buhay.

she's fun to be with. there would be no dull moment if your with her. cool kasama. pag may problema pwdeng lapitan kausapin. talk about anything under the sun and not be afraid of being rejected.

parang beauty and beauty combined..

probably, the most promising diva of our time...

sobrang kulit pero sobrang loving and caring... pero paminsan may pagka-childish... mahilig din sa mga jokes na...ehem... sige na nga...ahhm nakakatawa (ang hirap sabihin nun ah! hehe, joke lang po)..

funny nga yan eh kasi mahilig manlibre khit wala lang..nakkahiya tuloy..super kulet din..parang lasing kausap..haha!

palatawa, laging nakangiti :) galing din kumanta, hanep! 1st time i heard her sing, napanganga talaga in!

pagsinabi ko ng "TIN!" alam na nya na may major chika..hehe ;p wlang tatalo dito kpag nag videoke na! fave nyang song (dat tym) na kantahin: WEAK.

Tintin is very sweet.always asking how you have been doing.she’s such a good listener.always ready to take a couple of minutes off her precious time to listen to your anecdotes(interesting or otherwise)or your simple whims&wailings.She is very easy to please(a good thing).so easy in fact that a simple McDonald’s Hello Kitty doll would briskly send her on flying on cloud nine.

Although we aren't that close, being with her makes me feel that we really are close friends. walang ilangan and super prankahan, never kang magsisising magpakatotoo dito! super nice pa, bagay n bagay sa kanyang cute na smile...

She's someone in my past that I keep going back to again and again... and again.

basta, ok ang personality medyo corny nga lang lalo na pag nag-joke tungkol sa ngongo, kahit ilang beses ipakwento sa kanya yung joke, go pa rin ito! ;) ibang klase din syang mag-observe, akalain mong napansin daw nya yung d naman kapansinpansin..

The magnetism and the charm, walang tatalo kay Tintin.

A good ate to ERIC and DIANE.

she has the power of blab. She can talk to almost everyone in her path. Excellent p.r.

She use to be very quiet, shy type of person… But now, I’m really surprised that she’s grown to be a very articulate and confident young lady. Simpleng tao lang ‘yan si Tin-tin

tin-tin is a take in charge person, she was our block party coordinator. such a great memory and have a knack for cheering everyone up.

galing magalaga. pag may nahihiyang sabihin laging nakatawa, iba un smile sa nakatawa ah.

C tin2x ang taong kapupulutan mo ng mga unique jargons w/ matching convincing facial expressions pa..c: u can also count on her sa kahet saang gimik, no wonder why she became the external head ng econsoc. One thing she hates most...IPIS!...pareho kame, lalo na yung flying ones!

ang taong kakambal ang phone nung college, nakakamangha dati dahil nakakapagtext habang mistulang nakikinig sa klase (hanggang natuto na rin ako, so hindi na gaanong amazing) magigitla ka na lang pag makareceive ka ng inspirational text messages from her out of the blue.

Tin is really the typical racho. Vain... but has every right to be vain due to our lineage of natural beauties lol She is out-spoken and a religious person.