Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Power of the Internet

we all know how internet can help us - keeping in touch research, etc. but it can also destroy one. video scandals, etc.

this week the kpop (korean pop - yeah! i'm addicted to it now) world had gone fiasco because of a comment made by one of the idols to his friend on myspace four years ago when he was still a trainee and new in the country.

a lot of koreans got mad. there had been petitions for him to leave, but the worst is having a petition of him to commit suicide. and 3,000 signed that petition. what happened next? well, he quit not just being the leader of the group but he quit the group itself, and went back to america where his family resides.

it's just sad that someone who has a lot ahead of him had his career ended like that. and it just proves, that netizens can really affect one's life. there had been a number already who committed suicide because of harsh comments from the netizens.

and also, it shows how public your posts are on the internet. i remember my dad getting mad at me because of an entry i've posted in my blog (yes, my dad reads my blog. pa, don't deny it, i even saw you once. hehe).

and i remember reading somewhere that some companies search the internet for information on applicants.

so, my dear blogsy friends.. remember, that what you write can either make you or break you. what you write might not be of significance for you in the present, but we'll never know for another person, nor in the future.

and for those who read negative comments that affects them, don't make it affect you negatively. learn from it, prove to them your worth.

and for the kpop idol, just hang in there. coz a lot of people still believes in you.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Thank You

dear blogsy friends,

how are you?

i would just like to thank you for reading my posts and visiting my blog all these years. thank you for the support and trying to understand my posts. i admit i am not good in writing. i cannot compose really well, i have a hard time expressing myself and sometimes i think my grammar is incorrect. and yet, you still continue to read my entries, visit my blog once in a while

i truly really appreciate it. thank you thank you thank you.