Monday, April 16, 2007

Madame Florence Foster-Jenkins

"I am well aware there are people who say I cannot sing! But whatever the case may be - there is no one who can say I didn't sing!" - Madame Florence Foster-Jenkins
That is my new motto, as told by my new idol. Madame Florence Foster-Jenkins is not really a popular opera diva as compared to others. But she is totally one of a kind. So, why did she become my new idol? Because, she is a tone-deaf opera singer. A singer who doesn't really care if the world laughs at her but still sings coz that is what she loves to do. Most of her recitals are done in Ritz with her friends and the women club (where she is the president) as the audience. She has a recording album and believe it or not, she has a sold-out performance in Carnegie Hall!

As you all know, my talent is not singing. But just like Madame, I love to sing. And I'm sure my singing is something that everyone misses when they don't see me. Though they mock or laugh at me, they still miss it. And they feel it's not complete if they won't hear me sing in videokes or parties. Aminin. Totoo diba?

So how did I learn about Madame? It's thru a play by the Repertory Philippines. My sister has a free ticket and she invitd me. I think it's not a coincidence. I think, I was really meant to watch it coz after the show, I got really inspired. the play is entitled Glorious. It's shown until April 29 in Onstage, Greenbelt 1. This is not a promotional blog. But i'm encouraging you to watch it coz she's my new idol. Hehehe. And it's just really great to watch a theatre play once in a while.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

little kid

the other day in the restaurant, a little girl fell from her chair and her face hit the floor. she was crying really hard. but after five minutes, she was running again, as if nothing happened. then it made me realize. we should all be like that little girl. when we get hurt, we cry but not for too long. then we stand up and enjoy life. but we should learn from the hurt that we have experienced.

well, i guess i'm like that kid. especially when it comes to physical pain. i have a low tolerance for physical pain. never got spanked when i was a kid. no, it's not because i'm a good girl, my parents just don't believe spanking is the solution. and i wasn't really engaged into sports. trust me, when i get really hurt, i would cry. you know the threading of eyebrows? i cry pag nagpa-threading ako ng eyebrows. so just imagine when i tried surfing. i really cried when i got hit again by the surfboard. but even while crying, i still headed back to the waves and rode the board with body aches and all. hmmm... does that mean i'm a brave girl? hehehe

i'd also like to take this opporunity to publicly apologize to ate jopay and kuya marvin coz i wasn't able to attend the christening of baby polo. sorry talaga. pero punta talaga ako dapat. may gift na nga ako diba? kaya ready to go na. kaya lang nagka-problem ako. hanggang u.n. avenue lang ang kaya kong maglakbay mag-isa. sorry na po talaga...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Forever Crush

forever crush..

i believe everyone has one. it's not your boyfriend/girlfriend or your husband/wife. he is someone who you have a crush on for like forever. well, maybe he became your husband after some years.. but most of the time this is someone who you like from afar. he could be your friend, acquaintance or a stranger. it's possible that you would never be a couple but it's okay. coz you're not inlove with him. you just like him. crush nga lang diba? but everytime you see him, you'll get kilig once again.

well, i guess he is someone you would just get kilig from for like forever. but not someone that your husband/boyfriend would get jealous of.

did you get my explanation? hahaha. and do you have a forever crush?