Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bentosa Adventure

just wanna share that my dad cares for me pa pala somehow. hehe. as i've mentioned in my spa review, i had bentosa recently, actually just last friday. so saturday, i want to take a bath but was advised not to because i just had a massage the previous night. i asked our househelps if i can't really take a bath and showed them my back which is full of bentosa marks. they recognized it instantly, it's a popular thing pala in the province. just a common massage. anyway, my dad was sitting beside me. he literally panicked. he pulled my shirt to see a better view of my back and was really panicky when he told me "Pumunta ka na ng derma!" i was really laughing. i know napahiya sya, then he said it might be a ringworm or something, and i should go to the derma. then i explained it to him that i just had bentosa and explained what it is. sobrang funny lang coz our househelps didn't react, and he reacted so panicky. but in all honesty, i was touched. naks pa! concerned ka pa rin pala saken. ;p

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