Monday, October 03, 2005

Blessed with Friends

I was suppose to go to Camiguin last weekend but due to some changes in the schedule, it didn't push through. I am still tahnkful though that it was cancelled coz my weekend still had been a fun, enjoyable and blessed weekend. I got to spend it with Econsoc and BLD friends, two sets of friends that had been closed to my heart and have molded me.

After a long time, since July, I went back to LB last Friday. Saw some brods and sisses again like Bart, Mars, Chopol, Jeff, Tina, Jason, RY, Primo, Fheby, Patrick, Karlo, Aqui, Ainah and Cindy. Hope I didn't forget anyone. It was really great to see them. How they had been a blessing last weekend, aside from the fact that they made me enjoy my weekend, here are other reasons:

..nagpasingit sa line sa bus
..i was still welcome khet na sobrang younger batches sila
..saw a real example of how you could not see that your "true" love is just infront of you when you are busy chasing the wrong guy
..realized how much loved i am by them when after a long time of not going out, would have lunch out for me. khet pinag-antay ako ng matagal. bitch tlga. haha
..even if i am out of touch with LB and the people, i can still be updated. labo!
..khet sobrang kinukupal ako, they care for me still

at marami pang iba. i am really glad i had been part of the Econsoc family. and it made me realize how old i am. i was born in the year 1980, and ang kagimik ko last friday has an age range that was born in the year 1984 to 1987!!! OMG! i guess that just means that i am young looking. hehe.

What i hate when i go to los baƱos is going back to manila. Sobrang nakakatamad for the place is relaxing khet mainit, and also the people khet na kupal. Was supposed to meet my BLD friends in makati at 7pm, finally i left LB by 6:30 pm. Not only did the heat made me lag behind. At 3 in the afternoon, Ainah and i went around the UP campus. So after the tour and back to Kitanlad, what do you expect but my smell to be amoy-araw. It made me hesistate to leave coz am sure my BLD friends smell fresh. But i don't want to miss the opportunity to be with them again, so amoy-pawis and all, i went back to Manila.

I'm thankful i did attend the overnight at Jopay's. Saw Beng once again. Got to warn Jaz. Got to know Ate Giselle more, looks can be deceiving. hahaha. Enjoyed Jopay's cooking. Got to spend time with Ate Anna. Got to talk to Tatee in a deeper way. Exept for Jopay and Beng, it was my first time to have bonded with these girls. And i was blessed with their sharings. Though some shared their probles, it was still a blessing to me for i learned a lot of things. Like for example..

..your dream guy or ideal man can really be a reality
..God does not work in a hurried pace
..i am blessed with my family even if we are not perfect
..BLD community is God's gift to me
..though i don't/didn't feel it, the BLD people loves and cares for me (yuck! naiiyak ako)

I remembered tuloy when I was asked last Saturday what is/are my blessing/s and i said being there had been a really big blessing. Then i was crying and Ate Anna and Tatee were surprised why i was crying. I was also surprised myself for I thought I'm already healed coz I've shared it already during our last SE Pastoral and in my sharings, but I still cried. I guess, the tears really need to pour for me to be totally healed from the hurt. But last weekend made me appreciate the BLD Community more. And I realized tat hurt as i had been, there are still those I can consider as my true friends.

For my friends, especially those whom I got to spend the weekend with, thank you. I love you guys! :)

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Anonymous said...

ako ba yung bitch na pinaghintay ka ng matagal for lunch? hahaha

for more! ngayon ko lang nabasa to. was searching my name through blog. hahaha. anyway... yun lang ;)