Thursday, November 17, 2005

All By Myself

i hate eating alone. when i eat alone, feeling ko kse kawawa ako. parang lonesome or no friends at all. pathetic ba? hehe. that's why when am alone in the mall killing time and i get hungry, i just buy finger food and eat it while walking. para di obvious na loner or something. even when i was in college, if my friends have eaten already, either i won't eat at all or treat ko sila ng something just for them to accompany me while i eat. i only eat alone table sa house.

anyway, last night after office i went to greenbelt to have a confession. why greenbelt when i work in qc? because that's the only church that am sure there's a confession during that time and i don't want in the church near us because my mom knows the priest. then, i was supposed to go with my brother. but just because i called him up 30 minutes late, tinamad na daw sya. (hmmm.. parang nagiging spoiled na si eric ha). anyway, i still went to greenbelt. dati, when i go to makati, i would call up my friends to have dinner with them. but the last time i went to have a confession, i did not call up anyone bgut i saw tin dizon and we had dinner. so i said to myself yesterday.. malamang i'll see someone i know and i could invite him/her for dinner. i saw three people from bld. but i just said hi to them. nahiya ako. they are nice people, but syempre when you see them as a group, it's a different feeling already. basta parang naiiba sila if they're with their friends na. it's just not them ha. actually, almost everyone. don't you feel that way too? you like them as individuals, but when they're grouped together already, awkward feeling na towards them.

anyway, besides them, i did not see anyone anymore. so i just went to powerbooks, got the book that am currently reading there (hehehe), went to jave man and ordered. yup! i ate all by myself. but i did not feel awkward. why? because i am reading a book. it means i still have company. parang di ako kawawa. coz it's like i really wanted to be left alone during that time to finish the book.

end of sharing. nonsense ba? sorry ha.. first time kse that i ate alone in a public place, without feeling pity for myself. hehe :)

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Duke said...

tin you get used to it afetr a while. At first parang hindi mo alam kung anong gagawin pero sanayan lang yan.

I learned to eat alone when I started working. And now, I enjoy eating by myself in a restaurant more :D weirdo ko no?