Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ultimate Cebu

as you all know, i love cebu. and i had been to cebu countless times since it's near bohol and most of my cousins live there.

cebu has many beautiful places, things to do, and food that are not too known to the public. and my cousin realized this, that's why he created a blog about the wonders of cebu. may it be in the city or not.

he was born in cebu and grew up there that's why he knows all about cebu. he loves cebu so much that he returned there after working here in manila for some time.

it's still a new blog but i recommend that you visit it when you're planning to visit cebu coz you'll be able to do things that are not usually included in a tourist's itenerary. and i hope he'll feature masi and would bring me some when comes here. hahaha.

so visit ultimatecebu, okay?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Driving 101

my brother, eric, has his driver's license already. and last night was the first time we experienced his driving.

unlike my two siblings who went to driving school, it was just my dad who taught me how to drive. we would go every weekend to the mountains of binangonan. he would teach me on a mountain, that's why i'm expert sa mga hanging. there are three memories that i have for those driving lessons..

1. when we nearly fell a cliff. i don't know what happened but we nearly fell a cliff. my dad was panicky. hahaha. and he asked me to get out of the driver's seat, he'll be the one to drive. hehe.
2. when he let me drive for the first time in the highay. i can only hear one thing from him... "slow down, slow down." that's that happens when you're used to driving in arcades. hehehe.
3. when he let me drive first time to show my family what i learned. take note, this is in one corner where there are no cars. as in i just have to go straight... and eric (who was less than 10 that time) was at the backseat really crying and shouting and heading to the door. he was really scared. he didn't trust my driving. but nothing happened to us. hello! it was just less than 5 minutes and just a traight line. no challenge really. hehehe

now, eric is already driving. i have my license also (and you saw it), but i don't drive. why? i just don't want to. not yet the time :)