Monday, November 07, 2005

Pot Luck Party

WOW! That's how I describe tha party and feelings I had last Saturday.

I'm turning 25 and I want to celebrate my silver birthday, and I want to hold a party for my Econsoc brods and sisses. But it would be expensive since ang dami nila. Great that i have talked to my Econsoc sis Tina when I went to LB last month. We have decided to have a party with the other November bday celebrants. But when I texted them, they cannot commit. Good thing, Emcee also wanted to have one. So with the three of us (Emcee, Tina and I) excited to have a party but with no money, we decided to hold a potluck party. I started to text our brods and sisses on what food they'll bring. Talk about kapal ng mukha. Hehe. Next problem is the schedule. Since BLD have activities for two weekends, I am only free on Nov. 5. This serves as a problem because Nov. 5 is part of the long weekend and it is not yet registration time for the resident members. As I texted Emcee and Tina, last Nov. 2, I was really nervous. because as of that date, more or less only 20 people confirmed their attendance. Still, I was excited.

The Big Day! Those coming from Manila were to meet in Greenbelt. I turned out, there were only three of us. Uh-oh.. Party time is 7pm and the bus left Parksquare 6pm! Haay.. After getting lost in Pansol, we finally arrived in the resort 8pm. But there is only just one person there. Haay... Finally, people started arriving at 9pm. But we still cannot eat since the people I assigned for the plates and utensils, could not make it. So I texted those still arriving and asked them to buy to be paid later. What we thought would be around 20 people, turned out to be 35, mostly alumni. This is far cry to the 300+ members of the org. Still, it was a fun night. What made the party great was that there are those who I have not seen in ages. And everyone there has one goal in mind.. to have fun. And fun we had. The party was flowing with fun, laughter, songs, teasing, food, softdrinks and booze. It was truly a magical night. A night that describes my life with Econsoc.. fun, memorable, special and loved. Yes loved, because once again I felt the love of Econsoc for me. I know I was not the only one celebrating her bday that night, but still I felt the love of Econsoc for me. Thank you ECONSOC! Love ko talaga kayo.

Also, it made me appreciate the unlimited text of Globe (sorry jopay) and YM. But still, naubos load ko kse madami naka-Smart (yihee! happy na si jops). Khet na naubos load ko, okay lang. Load lang yan. But the fun we had during that night.. PRICELESS :)

Pics to follow. Look out for my next entry.. A Disney Princess Birthday Party :)

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