Tuesday, October 13, 2009


did you know that it's october already and the it's already 2010 soon?

honestly, i was surprised when i realized it this morning. yes, i know it's october already but i was surprised when i realized that 2009 will end already. it's like i didn't notice that 2009 has gone by. promise, i still can't believe that 285 days had gone by already and i have not noticed it.

i guess i won't notice that it's christmas already until someone mentions it to me.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Every Help is a Big Help

i guess you already know what happened in our country, the philippines, last weekend. a typhoon hit our country which flooded the metro, leaving a lot of people homeless. and now, another typhoon is said to go to our country. we really need your prayers. and all the help that you can give.

the fans of the korean variety show, family outing, has an on-going project. it is to help the victims of the typhoon. if you'll notice in the right-side of my blog, there's a chip-in button for the philippines disaster. you can donate there. you just need your paypal account or credit card. click chip-in or visit this site:

and the good thing about this project is that, if they'll have enough funds, it will be distributed to other countries who need help also, like indonesia.

so if you can, i hope you can donate any amount. there's no small amount here. thank you for your prayers and your help. stay safe everyone and God bless us.