Monday, September 25, 2006


ace would always tell me before that i have this expression on my face when i get disappointed or on the brink of crying and stopping it. it's like my mouth is forming a sad face like those you draw. :( like that one. (sorry, i'm lazy today to research for a picture of a sad face.) anyway, i don't believe it. coz i know it's only for the cartoons. i know i can't tell a lie, but i thought i can hide my true feelings. not! the other day.. i was disappointed mom and i would cry any minute but i was really trying not to. but when i looked in the mirror and tried to smile. it's not my smiling face! now, i know what ace, ate france and the others say about that kind of face. it's really like my lips are facing down. even if i'm smiling, i'm still not smiling. haaay...

another discovery. i love to drink milk. but it was only last satuday that i discovered that a baby's milk tastes different and i don't like it!

last saturday, i attended Mark 10 (like the kids for Christ of Couples for Christ) and the drink that was served was milk. so while the kids are busy eating and after all my energy was drawn out (ang kukulit nilaƜ), i decided to drink milk. so i really filled up my cup. then right after i took a sip, tita joy asked me if it tasted good. she didn't need to hear my answer coz she saw on my face that i didn't like it. hehehe. then i asked her whet milk was that. it was lactum. the milk for babies. i thought it was nido or something like that. i thought the only milk that is not delicious are powdered non-fat milk. that's why i don't drink non-fat milk.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

let's sing a song

got tagged again. this time by snglguy. i was to list the seven songs that is currently in my playlist. i'm in a sentimental mood right now. and i really want to listen to music that would really make me feel more depressed. i guess, i'm having my monthly visitor that's why. hehe. yup, i really have to announce it. hahaha. and i guess it also has to do with what happened to my friend Liebeth. kindly pray for her soul. so here are the songs...

1) Lately - "Lately, i've had the strangest feeling..."
i think this started my senti mode. after listening to the song, i feel like crying and would just listen to it again and again

2) Crave (by Marc Dorsey) - "It's you i crave, i crave your touch. i crave your lips.."
i saw a cd of my sister and it includes this song. i'm so happy! i love this song kse.

3) Somewhere Out There - "..beneath the pale moonlight"
i'm returning to my childhood. hahaha

4) A Whole New World (from the soundtrack of Aladdin) - "i can show you the world shining shimmering splendind..."
told you. i'm being childlike

5) Invisible Man (by 98 Degrees) - "Baby to you all i am, is the invisible man"
wala lang. gusto ko lang. hehe.

6) Warrior is a Child (by Gary Valenciano) - "Lately, i've been winning battles left and right"
feel ko talaga toh. it's like the song is describing me

7) Who Am I? (by Casting Crows) - "Who am I that the Lord of all the earth.."
a praise song that i like right now

sayang! the instructions are for 7 songs only. i really enjoyed this meme coz i was singing while typing the lyrics. hehehe.

Since this is called a tag, i'm gonna tag 7 people. I don't want to be the last one to be it. hehehe.
here goes the lucky persons are:

1. Tani - since you would like to be tagged, right? hehehe

2. Jhed - my bday gift for you

3. Renny - i don't know if you do tags, but i'm curious on the kind of music you're listening to

4. JV - aside from kapag tumibok ang puso, ano pa song mo? hahaha

5. Mai - so your mind would be off from digiscrapping for a while

6. Jase - i hope the list would not be purely madonna songs. hehe

7. Vina - what are your music on your new car?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

Am supposed to be in the Singles’ Prayer Meeting in Makati now. But coz of the rain, my mom didn’t allow me telling me that I’ll have a hard time going home and that most areas now are flooded. So now, I’m at home. Wala lang. sharing lang. hehe.

I would really like to attend the prayer meeting coz I want to say thank You to Him. For He had been really good to me. I am really being blessed by Him. And it’s a blessing that I didn’t expect. Kaya ang galing lang talaga.

But recently, my other prayer to God is “Lord, lead me not into temptation.” When I tell this to my officemates, it’s like I’m just joking. But as they say, jokes are half meant. And I’m really thankful coz God is really not leading me into temptation. Well, circumstances are really funny now and somehow I’m enjoying it. But the good thing is still God would intervene so that I would not sin. Do you understand what I’m saying? If not, don’t worry. You’re not really meant to understand it. Hahaha.

Another sharing.. or an analysis. When I was with my former company, I had this crush. Well, we would smile at each other but that’s just it. I don’t think he knows my name. but when I was to leave the company, I discovered he knows my name. Syempre, sobrang kilig diba? But that’s just it. Coz I’ve already resigned. Then now, I have a crush here in the office for more than a year now. He knows my name coz we would be attending the same meetings. But now, we would talk even if it’s not office hours anymore. Kilig din lang. does that mean that I’m… just do the math. And I hope I’m having a correct analysis. Hahaha :)

I am sorry if this is full of nonsense. It’s Monday and it’s raining. And my background music now? Rainy days and Mondays… Okay, everybody sing ;p

Thursday, September 14, 2006

death and a question

a batchmate of my brother (who is in third year highschool) died last weekend coz of dengue and pneumonia. my brother knows him coz they belonged in the same club (Boy Scout) when they were in grade7. i asked my brother to describe his batchmate. he said that he has a sunny disposition and would smile always. it's just sad how death can just happen and with the most unlikely people.

RalphT and Charles asked on their blog the one question you would like to ask them. i have a different question. my reply to ralph. what would be the one question that you would like to be asked? :)

Monday, September 11, 2006



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Usog" is a Filipino superstition where an affliction or psychological disorder is attributed to an evil eye hex. It usually affects an unsuspecting child, usually an infant or toddler, who has been greeted by a stranger.

Once affected, the child begins to develop fever, and sometimes convulsions. Supposedly, the child can be cured by placing its clothing in hot water and boiling it. It is said that the condition is caused by the stranger having a masamang mata, or evil eye in Tagalog, lurking around. Superstitious folk have supposedly observed this phenomenon and regularly suggest this to the Psychiatric Disorders Handbook DSM-IV which, of course, is not accepted.

Usog can also affect adults, although it induces vomiting rather than fever. Supposedly, it can be prevented by stopping a stranger or visitor from greeting the child. Unlike "lihi", however, usog is not medically accepted.

both my pinkies are not straight. they are somewhat bended. and my mom said that if this is the case then you are prone to getting usog. maybe i am. and i remember one time in a jeepney, there was this cute baby with her grandmother. eventhough my friend and i both mentioned that the baby is cute, it was only i that the grandma asked to make a sign of the cross on the baby using my saliva. fyi, that's what they say is the cure for usog, a saliva of the person who gave usog. and that if you are prone to get usog, then you can easily give one too.

so, why am i talking about this? coz i had a really terrible headache last night with the matching feeling of wanting to throw up. and our household help said that maybe i was nausog.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


last night is a turning point for me. it finally dawned on me that it's really totally over. i just hope you've realized it too...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Christmas Post

109 days to go before Christmas. tv shows have special christmas segments. everyone talks about it. and i hate it! everyone is excited about Christmas. it's not yet even december. they should be excited about my birthday muna. hahaha. in our home, setting-up of Christmas decors would be after my birthday. hehehe.

but honestly, unlike the previous years, i don't care much about the early excitement of people on Christmas. maybe it's because i don't have any plans for my bday. i'm not even excited for my bday. pathetic! it's pathetic for me coz i love celebrating my bday. i guess i'll just be excited about Christmas and maybe forget about my bday. but if i'm going to work for my bday, that's another story :)

"it's Christmas time all over the world tonight..."

so, Merry Christmas everyone! what's your Christmas wish and what are your plans for Christmas?

is it obvious that i have nothing to write? haaay...

Monday, September 04, 2006

singer in me

my singing voice is to die for. you would rather want to die than hear me sing. hehehe.

my father proposed something to me. he'll not enroll me to driving lessons but instead to a voice lesson so i can sing freely whenever i want. and he was amazed with the improvement of toni rose gayda (is it the correst surname?) so most probably, mine would improve also. i told him i don't like since if i'll have a great singing voice, i'll not be popular anymore. i'll just be one of those people who had a good singing voice.

yesterday, i heard mass with my highschool bestfriend. i told her that when i was still a kid i wanted to be a priest because the priest can sing anytime on microphone and nobody is stopping him. you know her suggestion? i can sing at the street corners like a crazy woman and nobody would stop me. i would even earn because i'm sure people would give me money. hahaha.

hmmm... change of careers?