Friday, December 22, 2006

i would just like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! i hope you'll have a great Christmas spent with your family, loved ones or friends that are close to your heart.

and since i don't know when i'll be back.. i would like to thank you for being part of my 2006. thank you for having the patience and time to read my entries. and thank you for reacting even if what i wrote are nonsense. hahaha.

and for 2007, i pray that you will have the desires of your heart. that you would not cry coz of love. and you will have a very blessed year. Happy New Year!! :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Operation Help-out

With the present state of the Bicol region after the typhoon, my friend decided to organize a relief operation for them. Well, since it is almost a one-man team, it was just a small one. A help targeting a hundred families. I helped my friend by also asking some of my officemates to donate something especially food. Also, I helped with the packing of these goods. So while packing the goods, I felt really overwhelmed. It’s because there were just only 6 of us there and all of us are helping out, not because our company said so, it’s not for our school, office, organization or for anyone but it is because we just wanted to help out. and when we were labeling our box, we don’t know how to label it since we don’t represent anything. We just want to help on our own. Ang galing lang! Those who have helped out won’t be recognized because they have no names. They can’t say thank you to this Organization or Company, because it’s not a group, they are all individuals who have just created a team.

And something that I can’t forget is when we were packing the donated clothes. While sorting out, Ace told us “Remember that these are not poor families.” It’s true. They are not poor families. They live in nice subdivisions, houses in Bicol then in a blink everything is wiped out. And now they don’t have anything. We really don’t know what fate would bring us.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

first impression never lasts

Last week, I went out with some of my officemates. And there, I learned that before, when I was still new in our office, they don’t like me. but now they love me. Ha! Hehehe. and to think that it was the time I was still a little quiet in the office and really goody-goody. I think that’s the time I was prim and proper. Of course! Coz I was trying to make a good impression. And still they didn’t like me. but after some months, years, they learned to like me. not only like.. but also to love me.

When I was also an applicant in econsoc, my organization in college, part of the initiation was the human auction. The procedure is that the members would bid for an applicant and whoever bids the highest would have I think 5 hours time of the applicant where he can ask the applicant to clean his house, do his term paper or whatever. In other words, the applicant will be the member’s maid. Anyway, when we were auctioned, i was the lowest priced applicant. Pathetic noh? Hehe. Anyway, I know naman before that the members, except for my blocmates, did not like me. that if ever I’ll give up in the initiation, they wouldn’t mind. But when I became a member, I think they are glad that I’m part of the organization. That they already see me as an asset to the org.

What I just can’t understand is what people see in me first. Some thinks that I am mataray. Others, I don’t know. It’s just majority don’t like me the first time they see me. and I did nothing wrong to them yet they hate my guts. I just really can’t understand it. I’m just quiet in the corner, and still people think that I’m mataray. it’s just that I don’t know what to do to make a good first impression.

How about you? Do you have any problems with first impression? What is generally the first impression of others of you?