Sunday, September 28, 2008

Your Name Is...

i have a crush in church. i don't know him personally. we just see him in church. and since we do not know him, nor anything about him, we just guess.guessing his age, and now guessing his name. my sister's guess is james or jonathan. for my brother, it's chris.

someone suggested enrico or diego. but with how looks, my sister and i don't think it's either.

it got me thinking. does a name fit a face? or can certain names really describe/represent a face?

do i really look like a kristine?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Wish

to be honest, i told myself way back that i'll not post another bday wishlist. but i can't help myself. am posting one again. hehehe. before making your christmas list, consider my bday list first, okay? my bday comes before xmas anyway. hehehe.

  1. an all expense paid out of the country trip
  2. an all expense paid out of manila trip
  3. free roundtrip out of the country airfare ticket
  4. free roundtrip out of luzon airfare ticket
  5. free businessclass roundtrip ticket
  6. a free spa treatment
  7. a free make-over (tristan!!!! happy birthday to you)
  8. a boyfriend! hahaha
yes i know it's mostly about free travel. but what i really like is that my day would be special in a good way :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


sometimes i would go into hibernate mode from text messaging and the likes, i guess it's my time for myself or for other matters. but as a friend tells me, you should be careful when you go into a hibernate mode, because your friends or people might get used to of your absence.

i don't know why, but recently, this is what i am thinking. people would not really notice if i become gone. or become quiet, unless i do not send the morning prayers or the forwarded text messages. but my stories (as if i love telling stories) or other personal experiences, people would not miss.

i'm not afraid of death. honestly, i do not fear dying. what i fear is that i'll totally be forgotten.

this is what not i was really supposed to blog about. i don't know i just want to write it. that's all. end of drama mode

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Malaysia? Why Not?

before anything else, i would like to say thank you first to kyels for answering all our queries about malaysia. and apologies also. but kyels had been one of the nice malaysians that i've encountered. thanks kyels!

we only had a daytour of kuala lumpur. with our 12-hour stay in malaysia (we chose to cut the stay short), there had been only three highlights for me and my sister.

1. the ritz-carlton hotel experience. if ever i'll return to malaysia, i would really prefer to stay there. the staff especially the concierge were really friendly and helpful. and i like the amenities. life-saver. hehehe.

2. chinese temple (sorry forgot the name of the temple). i really wanted to go here to witness live what you see on tv. what makes it more wonderful for me is that we got to experience how they worship and did the fortune thing. what was my fortune? "you will tie the knot." i know this is about matrimony and not tying the knot of a gift wrap. hehehe

3. meeting this chinese guy who helped us in finding the pavilion. he doesn't really know the way but he still led us there and even called up his friend to ask for the directions.

wait! there could a fourth highlight. the immigration when we entered malaysia. the immigration guy was really friendly even if we did not have any embarkation pass. and he's the first friendly malaysian we've met, which had been a major relief especially since our bus driver was rude.

if you will notice, 3 out of the four highlights that we had has something to do with people helping us and being friendly. it's because our malaysia trip was really an adventure. and since it was just the two of us who have no idea of the place, these people had really been blessings for us. we really felt lost in malaysia. when we ask for directions from different people, we'll also receive three different directions. and even if the place we're asking is just on the next street, they do not know it. and we're talking about major places.

i'm sure our friends in singapore find us amusing when they asked us about our trip in malaysia. it's because when we answer it's like we're traumatized with our trip. hehehe. i don't think my sister and i would return there soon, or if at our own expense.

but if you're into designer stores, you'll love it there. coz you'll see designer stores almost everywhere. and we're talking about really high-end stores.

oh well.. at least i got to see the place. i just hope the next time i'll be able to visit it, i'll have a more pleasant stay.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Singapore, Again?

why would i return to singapore? several reasons:

  1. i'd like to explore it more
  2. experience luge
  3. and night safari. the one thing i'd like to experience and yet never got a chance to
  4. go back to sentosa when it's not raining
  5. to have lunch/dinner with ann and julie
  6. to see cesar and rey. wakeboarding? hahaha
  7. buy ballpens so mark10 kids will lead the prayers again. hehe
  8. to buy an umbrella! - this is our main purpose in going to singapore the last time, but i was not able to buy one. yup, the umbrella should be bought in singapore. hehe.
there are lots of other reasons, but for now this will be it.

*forgot to mention.. another reason.. so that bld people in singapore would have a reunion again. hehe ;p