Thursday, March 30, 2006


an officemate was playing Text Twist in the offfice. (hala! playing games in the office. hehe) i was working at a computer beside him. everytime i would glance at his side and see the monitor, i would guess the longest word. he got irritated and would cover the letters, but i would still get a chance to see some letters and would still guess and would get the right answer. it's really fun irritating someone. hehe.

i was asked how can i guess the words easily. it made me think. it occurred to me that when i see a plate number i would love to re-arrange the letters to form a word. and now my hobby at home is notto read a book but to answer crosswords. we have this book of crosswords at home, and i would answer 5 sets of puzzles for an afternoon. and i love to watch quiz shows. i would prefer it than adventure games or reality shows such as fear factor or takeshi's castle.

but i don't consider myself as a nerd because though i love to read books, i hate reading textbooks. i don't open my textbooks when i was in school. seriously! i don't even study much, that's why it's funny that i love answering intellectual questions. hmmm.. maybe that means i'm just really born smart. hahaha ;p

Monday, March 27, 2006

Because of You...

...i had been a princess
...i experienced flying business class (at nawili ako. hehe)
...i've been to camiguin (kahit na nagkasugat)
...i celebrated my birthday with orphans
...i earned extra income
...i travelled around the philippines
...i saw how much my loves me and how open-minded she is
...i gained self-confidence, for you totally believed in me even i don't believe much on myself
...i began to cry lots of times
...i became a spoiled brat (hehehe)
...i have my phone
...i fulfilled my dream of giving a "Cartier" bracelet to the one i love
...i lost and gained weight
...i have a constant companion in trying out new restaurants and spas!
...i somehow gained slight interest in economics (haaay... i still can't believe am a graduate of econ. hehe)
...i learned how to snorkel
...i learned to really appreciate underwater creatures
...someone believed that i can achieve my dreams, and now i also do believe that i can
...i learned that i can hurt someone i would hurt the least
...i had been thankful for my life
...i learned to care for something
...i felt how it is to be loved

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


last monday, i visited my derma because of allergies. it came to my mind, that dermas now are in-demand. especially with facials being popular nowadays. and my friend paying P3,000.00 for her derma consultation plus some products. am just so lucky that my derma still charges only P250.00 consultation fee and her products are really effective. though she charges cheap, she really is a good derma. she had been our family derma for more than 10 years now. and she really knows her job.

now, i'm praying that i am gonna be healed from my allergies. coz affected are my hands. three parts of my body that i am really proud of: hands, feet and legs. that's why when i burned my legs in camiguin, i really cried my heart out not having any care with my surroundings. and now my hands, aargh!!!! even if i'll be absent from work, i am more concerned with my hands. you know where am allergic? detergents and dishwashing soaps. arte!!! hahaha :)

Friday, March 10, 2006


note to myself: do not watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. anymore in the ETC channel in the mornings or you'll be late.

my favorite tv show is FRIENDS. and i remember last saturday when i went with marvin and jopay to the covenant house, we had a little debate on who would be better for rachel. is it joey or ross? mine is definitely joey. but they prefer ross. then the arguments turned to who would give rachel a better future. hahaha.

it's just sad that FRIENDS have ended already. and it's pathetic for my part that i still haven't seen the ending :(


as i talked to my officemate yesterday, i only want three things. these three things can easily be achieved by others or just readily given to them. but for me, it is not that easy. but well, nothing is impossible, right? these three things are really mababaw. but i don't care. because these three things are three things i have expected since i was in college but then reality sank in and it is not reality for me. haay...

well, am saying all of these. because from now on. i'll not lose hope. i'll not lose faith. i know that i'm gonna get this sooner or later. diba Lord? hehe :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thesis Kwitis

last monday, i consulted a dermatologist regarding my hands. his prescription was an anti-allergy medicine. since the derma is in the former rustan's cubao, my mom and i had lunch in gateway. we tried to buy the medicine in watsons there but it was out of stock. but i was told by the pharmacist that the medicine costs P8.76. okay.

since my mom was going to ortigas, i just rode the mrt. passed by farmers and bought the medicine in watsons in farmers. i ordered 10 packs alreay and easily told the pharmacist, "P8.76 each, diba?" when she checked it was only P8.26. ha! same store, different buildings (just 5 minutes away from each other) but different prices.

well, the pricing didn't really come a surprise to me. it just brought back thesis memories. my thesis topic was the price dispersion between the virtual and conventional markets. but actually, i also came across the price discrepancies among the conventional stores.

my product was paco rabanne for men. i chose this because this is the first perfume that i remember my dad used. though i really don't like the smell, i still use this as my product. for papa! that was how i loved my dad.

i've discovered during my store checks that the prices in the different rustan's stores are not the same. and when i was asked about this during my defense, i used my instinct to answer the question. though same stores, they have different prices depending on where the store is located. they have different target markets. like watson's even if it is a drugstore, watsons farmers caters lower class citizens compared to watsons gateway.

i am just hyper with this topic. because it's my thesis, and most especially because that answer is an answer i haven't found in any of my research but just came from my common knowledge. sorry.. proud lang talaga ako ;p