Saturday, April 13, 2013

Liar Game

Liar Game..

my favorite japanese series. it's a different kind of series not your usual story. it will make you think and be confused. it's not a lovestory but a mind game.

anyway, akiyama is a psychologist who brought down a networking company before. and nao is an innocent girl who asked for his help for this game.

for all the liar game series and the new movie ( with a new girl lead), the girl lead would always ask the help of akiyama. but along the way, when the game is getting really tough, they would doubt him and not follow him.

well, it just made me think about my faith. i would always ask God for His help. sometimes it's really clear on what He wants me to do. but it's not my comfort zone, it's an answer i am not used to, and when life is getting really tough, i would abandon Him. i will not follow Him. i would think of "something better/solution", but in the long run, i would realize that everything would be easier if i just followed Him. i may not know the reason but He knows the game plan, i just don't follow it.

just like nao in the series, akiyama wouldn't tell her his game plan. even if akiyama's game plan seems stupid but in the end, nao will just realize, he is right all along. why did i not just follow him?

it really takes faith to trust.