Monday, April 27, 2009

Too Random

i now realize why is it that my sister and i have only few pictures when we travel in a foreign land. it's because i'm usually the one holding the camera. and i'm the map reader. my sister would just wait for my directions. so instead of being busy with the camera, i'm busy with the map. but i'm not complaining because i've learned how to read map (just make sure the map is detailed. hehe). and i get to really know the place. as in when you leave me there, i know i'll find my way back. and it makes me comfortable with the place.

lately, a lot of my friends keep telling other people that i'm looking for korean guys. i would just like to clarify something.. i'm not. seriously. i know i've posted about korean mania before but that's just it. and it's my way to de-stress. but honestly, i'm not into korean guys. it's just that now i'm update with kpop but that does not mean i want to marry a korean. if he's korean, then fine.. but if he's not, it's also fine. as long as he's a good man and he loves me.

speaking of kpop, i'm surprised that the popular prison inmates of cebu are dancing to the tunes of kpop, such as Lies by Big Bang, and wonder girls songs.

i relly like my sister's student, jared. he's my favorite. he's really funny and cute. earlier, he and his siblings danced coz he didn't have any assignment yesterday. and they really danced the whole song. funny coz his siblings are really in full support. hehehe

i'm now a snob :( before, when i saw some friends i would be too lively in greeting them. but now when i saw them in the mall, i just say hi then leave. even if they seem to like to have a little chitchat, i would just smile and say goodbye. why am i not friendly anymore?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer End?

Note: i am selfish. hehehe

summer in the philippines is from march to may. and it's still april, yet it's always raining. and just drizzle but it's raining hard, and everyday starting this week.

honestly, i don't care as long as i'm not on the road when it rains. it's okay if summer has ended already. why? because for me, i already experienced summer. summer has always been associated with the beach. i have already gone to the beach. yehey! and attended mark10 on a wednesday evening.

*picture from clint

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Washing of Feet

yesterday was maundy thursday. and of course when you hear mass, there will be the washing of feet. it's a humbling act. especially for the priest. yesterday when father washed the feet of the 12 chosen men, i wondered how he felt. coz i'm sure he really doesn't know these guys, well maybe except for the church assistant and the security guard.. but for the others, even if most of them are really rich people, how does he feel holding and washing their feet?

it also brought memories of one of the bonding moments with SE34. i think for me, this would be the most memorable.. the washing of feet.

we stayed overnight in tagaytay, and the next morning.. our activity was to wash the feet of the other se34 members, particularly those who have hurt you or you want to say sorry to.

these are my friend. though we have only known each other for just a year, we totally have known each other and were already comfortable.

but still, it's feet.. i don't like. hehehe. but when i participated, i was humbled. not only because i washed someone's feet, but also when my feet was washed. really a humbling experience.

right now, i would like to apologize to all those i've hurt consciously or unconsciously.

and to iris and tuz, for posting your pic, i just want to sing... "sorry sorry sorry sorry (naega naega naega monjoe)..." with matching dance yan. hehehe.

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Truth about the Little Mermaid

when we were kids, my sister loved the disney movie The Little Mermaid. we would always watch it. i think more than once everyday. that's why i thought i can say i know the story very well. but then recently, i got to watch some shows where they keep comparing the little mermaid to a sad story or to unrequited love. and that really confused me. so i asked my sister about it. she gave me the wikipedia link. and it's just the other day, that i've learned about the real story of the little mermaid. i never knew that it's a sad story. all along i thought it's a happy ending. sigh...