Sunday, February 22, 2009

Korean Mania

my sister had news for me that really got me excited. Bigbang MIGHT come to manila!!!! i was really excited with the news yesterday. G-dragon and Daesung!! yes, and also Top. but still, g-dragon and daesung. hahaha. (a little background, sandara park created a buzz in korea because of her kissing scene with top in a music video. and i think she'll be part of a new female group)

i'm sorry. i am kinda into korean showbiz recently. and i like the music of Bigbang. actually, yesterday before my sister told me the news, i had the song "Lies" in my head all morning.

so, how did i end up liking bigbang and korean showbiz? it's because i've been addicted with this korean variety show, Family Outing. it started when my sister let me watch it because the guest was Bi Rain, then the next guest was Cha Tae Hyeon (the guy in My Sassy Girl). i tried to look for the first episode and the guest was cute, Kim Dong Wan of Shinwa. bwahaha. and the rest is history. and since they feature different guests every show, you would try to learn on who the guest is. recently, they had Daniel Henney and (to my sister's delight) Top.

yoon jong shin, park yejin, lee chunhee, kim sooro, yoo jaesuk, lee hyori, daesung (kim jong kook is not in the picture)

it's really a funny show, and as you would always watch it, they would somehow be like part of your familly too. from korea's sexy diva lee hyori, chunderella (lee chunhee), dumb and dumber yoo jaesuk (the best mc for me) and daesung (from bigbang), sweet park yejin (surprisingly was the villain in Memories in Bali), stepmom kim sooro, the newest member kong jong kook, to oppa yoon jong shin.

i hope my sister won't get mad at me for posting this. she told me not to be excited coz it might get jinxed. i hope not. anyway, i'll go back to watching family outing. thanks to the subbers.
*picture of bigbang from this site and family outing from

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Specialty is the Best

a virtual kiss from ate ghee

i love pleasant surprises. i guess people who get text messages from me or is my ym buddy would know that.

i admit, i would like to have a surprise party. well, ace tried.. but not really that surprise coz i also helped with the food preps. but when i was in 4th year highschool, i somehow had a surprise birthday, more of a surprise greeting.

last day of newspaper drive. newspaper drive is like a big event in our school. the batches really compete. so it's a busy day for our school. come lunch time, i was in the canteen with my friends when one group from the lower batch went to us and started singing happy birthday. with matching balloons and all. i was really surprised. and i received lots of bday cards that day. it was really a good feeling since the day before, i was talking to a friend and told her that my bday would just be another day. that's why i didn't expect that some people would make it special.

this is my birthday post, but i would like to greet ate ghee happy happy birthday :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Filipina Artist to Debut in New York Gallery

i would just like to share this nice article about Miss Maria Pureza "Puchette" Escano. if you're living in new york, or somewhere near there i hope you can visit the exhibit. that could be your birthday gift for her. belated happy birthday puchette. question, puchette are you going to wear pink at the exhibit? hehehe. i just have to ask that, coz that's how we became friends. hehe. but seriously, if you can visit the exhibit, please do so and show your support. thanks

Filipina Artist to Debut in New York Gallery

Maria Pureza Escaño, a Filipina artist will mark her debut into the international art scene with an exhibition at the ICO Gallery in Tribeca, New York from March 5 to 28, 2009. Maria Pureza will participate in "New Motions of the Figure",a group show of realists which includes the works of Blake Ward, John Boe Paulsen, Kevin McKrell, Ned Martin, Nelly Drell and Jean Dorch.

Maria Pureza Escaño, a self-taught artist, was born in Sariaya, Quezon, a town from which she sources the birth of her creative soul with its dreamy and colorful vistas and its rich culture of Fil-American-Hispanic infusions.

Considered as one of the most promising artists in Manila, Maria Pureza is gaining reknown for her excellent realism renditions of rustic scenes in oil, acrylic and watercolor and the sinuous quality of her abstract works. Buds Convocar, president of the Art Association of the Philippines describes her paintings as “can be ranked with the great American impressionists” while Dekada Arts, an online gallery, considers her style as “a bold deviation from the common impression of what is Filipino.”

ICO Gallery is located at 27 North Moore Street, New York. Artists’ reception will on March 13 at 8:00 pm. For inquiries please call (212)966-3897 or email