Wednesday, October 26, 2005

20 Random Facts

Was tagged by Duke. so here goes..

" 20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people
as minutes it takes you to write the facts "

1. I am a fast reader, if I just concentrate on reading a book, I can finish a novel in a day.
2. I really am a fast-paced person coz even in eating, I am always the first one to finish.
3. I wanted to shave my hair back in college, just like Demi Moore in GI Jane.
4. It is my dream to be featured, even just my picture, on the Lifestyle section of newpapers or magazines.
5. I wanted to take voice lessons, not to improve my voice but to have a recital.. in other words, I wanted to have a concert.
6. It is hard for me to say NO to people. Soemtimes, even if it's my disadvantage, I still yes.
7. In connection, I like to please others.
8. I hate cockroaches.. As in! even just the mere sight of them in television..
9. My life verse is Mark 11:24, ever since highschool and it all started with not having a report. hehe
10. I love to host/plan parties.
11. Even with my body size, I still feel I am sexy and pretty. Hehe.
12. I am not keen on the salary that I get from my job, what I look at is I'm happy with my work, with what I am doing and the people around me.
13. I can sleep easily. Just give me a pillow or something to rest my head on, I can sleep just right there and then even if there is a party going on.
14. I laugh at people who is not good with their grammar or sometimes even the pronunciation. Yabang ko noh? I laugh at them when I am a confessed barok.
15. If am going to live in the province, it is definitely Cebu. Honestly, I can see myself living there.
16. I am a brand-conscious person. I always buy on a budget. As in really on a budget but most of the time, I buy from named stores.
17. I hate going to sales. I hate the crowd. That's why I'd rather buy an expensive item than makisiksik sa crowd.
18. I wake up early in the morning just to read my Bible and pray then go back to sleep.
19. I love to take on challenges. I challenge myself most of the time. But sad to say, I easily give up.
20. I am a sensitive type of person. Siguro paranoid. Coz I easily get the feeling that I am not liked.

Whew! I don't know hotw long it took me. Bacause I was called on by my unit head. Office stuff. Hehe. But I'll pass this to those who I know the blog addresses.

1. Kim - the new Ma'am Kim
2. Julie - the new mom in Singapore
3. Tres Maras - the beautiful products of Tito Dante and Tita Annie
4. Bart - one who appreciates life now more than we do
5. Denz - Ms. Grimace

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


BDAY ko na! hehehe. and Christmas is also around the corner. i read my highschool classmate's friendster blog and she had there a wishlist. since it's my bday already, i have decided to make my own wishlist. it does not necessarily mean it is really realistic, but what the heck?! it's my wishlist. hehe.

  1. Surprise Party for my bday - this is really not possible. i have plans on my own for my bday and also it would not be a surprise from the heart coz you've read it here already. hehe. i have just thought of this because an officemate had a surprise party for her bf. wala lang :)
  2. Laptop - preferrably a MAC. i remember when i was still in college or highschool, i said to myself or anyone who cares to listen. the first major thing that am gonna buy with my salary is a laptop. i tried saving, but still no laptop. have spent it somewhere else. sad..
  3. Trip around the World - that's for dreaming big. but Singapore is fine with me as of the moment. why singapore? because i can visit a lot of friends there now. also, i wanna see the night safari! california would also be fine. 3 of my college barkada are there having the time of their lives and i could also visit my relatives there.
  4. Try the Spa in Nature Spa and Sampaguita Gardens - Nature Spa is like a haven in Tagaytay. i don't call myself a spa addict but somehow loves to have a body scrub once in a while. i definitely would love to try it our. sampaguita gardens is in new washington, aklan. have been there but to visit the precious moments place and not the spa for lack of budget. hehe. ace told me they have nice spa there and i believe they really have. i guess somehow it is like nature spa. what i like about these two are they are far from the hustles of the city. it would be totally a relaxing mode for me.
  5. Go to Batanes - yup, until now i still want to visit batanes. even if they have electricity and internet already, still i want to visit the place. it's like not part of the philippines already kse. hehe.
  6. Have a Vacation in Amanpulo- yupyup. Amanpulo. haay... when will that happen kaya? even it's in the Philippines it is like Europe for me because of the cost of going and staying there.
  7. Visit Bora Bora - Bora Bora, a new discovered place to visit. it's in the Tahiti. and at first i received an email where the hotel has a glass floor and you can see the fish swimming below. wanted to know where it is and visit. saw the beach in arirang channel and then i researched about Bora Bora.. that's the place i'm looking for. it was really soooo nice. try to google Bora Bora and their hotels. nice hotels.

well, it's pretty much on travelling. i just love to travel and discover new places. well, one out of these five coming true would not be bad. there's nothing bad in dreaming and as my favorite Disney song goes...
" matter how hard your heart is breaking, if you'll keep on believing. the dream that you wish will come true.."

Friday, October 21, 2005

When I Die...

i just came from a wake of my officemate's mom. it reminded me of my lola's wake and jopay's entry on her blog on what she wants when she dies. now, i'm going to share what i want when i die..

until i die, i am still conceited. i want my pictures to be posted all around the funeral place or wherever my remains will be. ala rico yan ba. so friends, lend some of my pictures to my family when i die ha.. para marami sila ipost. i don't care if i look good or not, basta puro pictures ko nakakalat. hehe. i'll borrow an idea of ate jopay. just like her, i want to have a eulogy from friends everyday. my family's part would be on the day of my internment. there'll be a representative from econsoc, bld, highschool friends, childhood friends, etc.. i don't want my wake to be for one day only, so my friends will have a chance to visit me. and if you're planning to give me/my family a mass card, cash na lang. hehe. because my family would need it more. attend a mass and offer it for me na lang. and i'm sure i'm in your prayers. just being practical. hehe. lastly, i want to be cremated. that's one thing that should really be followed. why? ayoko ipisin! but i know it's still gonna be a long time before it happens. a lot will still happen in my life :)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Prompted by the Spirit

i was asked to led the Youth Prayer Meeting yesterday. the Gospel for today is about paying taxes to Caesar. i have to ask pa what it means so i can understand the Gospel and know my theme. well, my theme was "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God." Mt.22:21 anyway, it made me realize that the topic is for me.. how much i have given to God, and how much i should give to Him.

anyway, i have finished my line-up and prayer but honestly, was not satisfied. ewan.. basta parang may kulang that i can't pinpoint. kaya sobrang kabado ako until saturday morning. when i read the readings for yesterday, i was comforted by the words.. "For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time all that you have to say." Lk 12:12

prayer meeting na.. we had it in the Secretariat coz we will also have BBS. walang podium, so walang patungan ang notes/kodigo ko. one thing about me is i'm full of pride or mayabang. nahihiya ako magdala ng paper sa harap that would be obvious. so, lahat impromptu. yung ibang songs ko, i haven't memorized the lines, di ako makapag-prompt, wala pa naman projector. since, wala akong notes.. everything was made right then and there, just keeping in mind my line-up of songs. i just surrendered myself totally to God. and i just made the worship my personal prayer to Him.. honestly, i don not know how it had been for those who were there, but for me it was truly a blessed worship. sobrang feel ko yung worship yesterday. sa sobrang feel ko, i even sang sa mic. dati kse pag songs na, i just prompt the lines or cover the mic. yesterday, talagang kumanta pa ako. and even when i prayed in tongues. basta sobrang nacoconscious kse ako when i pray in tongues, but yesterday, i totally gave my all to God. i just returned to the Heart of Worship :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Survey Says...

Ayan Ate Jopay, para matuwa ka.. and for you guys to know me better...

01. Your Name? ~ Kristine Marie M. Racho
02. Hobbies? ~ Blogging(!), sleeping, reading, GYM! (hahaha), eating, travelling and trying out new restos
03. Gender? ~ Female
04. School? ~ UPLB
05. Height? ~ 5'3"
06. Zodiac Sign? ~ Scorpio
~~ Okay... Where did #7 go?!?
08. Address? ~ West Ave.
09. Email Address? :)
10. Hair? ~ Long, Down & beginning to curl again
11. Eye Colour? ~Black
12. Hair Colour? ~ Naturally Black
13. Right or Left Handed? ~ for writing, left.. but for other tasks, right
14. Status? ~ Single
15. Siblings? ~ 1 Younger sis and 1 Youngest bro. labo!!
16. Last 4 Digits of your Mobile Number? ~ 8301
17. When's your Birthday? ~ Nov. 8 (Jopay, take note)
*Have you...*

~~ Uhh... Where's #18-#20?!?
21. Tried smoking? ~ Nope
22. Drink alcohol? ~ Occassionally. i prefer cocktails and hard drinks
23. Been hurt emotionally? ~ Of course.
24. Kept a secret from anyone? ~ Of course.
25. Been on stage? ~ Yep yep. whenever i receive my diploma. hehe


26. Color? ~ Pastel Colors
27. Food? ~ Japanese, American, Italian, PIZZA and CHIPS!
~~ Once again, another number is missing! Oh well...--comments by Elaine
29. Number? ~ 8
30. Cartoons? ~ ginger, walt disney princess movies
~~ What the?!? Can't the Author of this Survey count?--comments by Elaine
32. Song? ~ songs by hillsongs, parokya ni edgar, mymo, etc..
33. Movie? ~ 50 First Dates, I Am Sam, Life is Beautiful, etc. etc
34. Subject? ~ Math 36 - Calculus. (no joke, khet take 2)
*Right Now*

~~ Jeeze, Louise! Another number gone!-- comments by Elaine
36. Wearing? ~ black cardigan, white sando, black slacks, black shoes
37. Hairstyle? ~ Long, Down
38. Looking At? ~ The screen of the pc that's displaying my bloxster "edit entry" page
39. Thinking Of? ~ answers
40. Listening To? ~ my fingers tapping the keyboard, and the silence in the whole floor

*Do You Believe In...*

41. Love? ~ Yes
42. Faith? ~ Yes.
43. Yourself? ~ Yes.
44. Ghosts? ~ not really, but i'm a coward. hehe
45. Angels? ~ Yes.

*In The Last 24 Hrs...*

46. Worn Jeans? ~ Yep
47. Cleaned Your Room? ~ nope
48. Cried? ~ Nope.
49. Met Someone New? ~ Yup. some of ian's friends
50. Last Person You Talked To On The Phone? ~ Co-worker
*Love Life*

51. Do You Believe In Love? ~ Yes.
52. Have A Secret Admirer? ~ ewan..
53. Do You Wanna Get Married? ~ Yes.
54. Do You Plan On Having Kids? ~ Yes. if we can't have one, i could settle for adoption
55. How Old Do You Want To Be When You Get Married? ~ i'm turning 25.. so 27-28
56. How Old You Wanna Be When You Have Your Child? ~ After a year of marriage
57. How Many Kids Do You Want? ~ 2
58. Would You Have Kids Before Marriage? ~ Nope.
59. Do You Have A Crush? ~ right now? parang wala. wala na ata gwapo. hehe
60. What Do You Want Most In A Relationship? ~ Love and respect
61. Horror or Action? ~ Action.
62. Kiss or Hug? ~ Hug
63. Summer or Winter? ~ Summer.
64. Sunny or Rainy? ~ Sunny
65. Chocolate or Vanilla? ~ Chocolate
66. Hanging Out or Chillin'? ~ Hanging Out
67. Music or TV? ~ TV
68. Hamburger or Pizza? ~ Pizza!! sobrang fave
69. Smile or Laughing? ~ Smile coz i can do it anytime. if i just laugh out of the blue, people will think there's something wrong
70. Sleeping or Eating? ~ Sleeping!
71. McDonald's or KFC? ~ Mcdo!
72. Silver or Gold? ~ White Gold
73. Sunset or Sunrise? ~ Sunset
74. On The Phone or In Person? ~ In Person.
75. Diamonds or Pearls? ~ Diamonds.
76. Adidas or Puma? ~ Nike. (I agree with you, Elaine and Jopay)
77. Football or Golf? ~ Football. i get bored with golf
78. Local or International Artist? ~ Either-Or
79. Sneakers or Boots? ~ Sneakers.
80. Jack Daniels or Chivas Regal? ~ ....?
81. Dunhill or Marlboro? ~ None.
82. Clubbing or Live Music? ~ Live Music.
83. Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt? ~ Johnny Depp, a really great actor
84. Angelina Jolie or Kate Hudson? ~ Angelina Jolie
85. Epic or Romantic Comedy? ~ Romantic Comedy.
86. Sexy/Naughty or Kind/Plain? ~ Kind but can be Naughty (Agree!)
87. BMW or Mercedes? ~ bmw
88. Hiphop or Pop? ~ Pop.
89. Montreal or Toronto? ~ Montreal
90. Long Haired or Bald? ~ Bald.
91. Ice Cream or Candies? ~ Ice Cream.
92. Beach or Mountain? ~ Beach.
93. Pepsi or Coke? ~ Coke.
94. DVD or Cinema? ~ Cinema
95. Nokia or Ericsson? ~ Am using Ericson now
96. 311 or Hoobastank? ~ ...?
97. Asia or America? ~ Asia
98. Tattoo or Piercing? ~ Ear Piercing
99. American Idol or Canadian Idol? ~ American Idol
100. Asking or Answering? ~ Asking, definitely :)

TAG! You're It! Go ahead and answer the Survey!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blog Addicts

i started my blog last year when i still have no job and was really unsuccessful with my baking experiments. got the idea from my friend Petrina. with nothing else to do, i wrote my first entry. i don't pay much attention to my blog just updating it once in a while and also, i don't tell my friends about it coz am somehow embarrassed with my writings. i've got no talent in it kse. but then, friendster blog became a fad. and my sis, Kim, asked in our egroups if anyone has a blog, so i told her bout my blog. then a week after, i talked to Jopay and she was so excited about blogging. so i visited her blog and saw the blogs of my other friends.

i now believe that blogging is fun. not only for writing your thoughts but also reading your friends'. like for example, Duke's. after a long time of no communication, i am somehow updated again with her life. i learned about Elaine's accident through her blog. and realized that Kuya Marvin is poetic.

through blog, i have learned and realized a lot. now i see the beauty of blog, and honestly i am getting addicted to it also. opening my blog and my friends' when i have the time :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


ay mali! FEU won pala. hehe.

that's a text message i sent to some of my friends from la salle after a great game versus feu. i know they're affected somehow. my siblings are. hehe. to my friends, don't get mad at me, okay? i sympathize with you. i may not have studied in dlsu, but it's close to my heart, promise! anyway, there's still next year and i guess the title is not really for you. it was a great game, especially after yeo tried to revive the ball after tripping and all. that's sportsmanship. till next year friends

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sorry Ace

Pero sino nga ba si Ace? Si Ace ang parte ng aking nakaraan, parte pa rin ng aking kasalukuyan ngunit bilang kaibigan na lamang. At sana parte pa rin siya ng aking kinabukusan bilang mabuting kaibigan. Malaki ang pasasalamat ko at naging bahagi siya ng aking buhay. Sa kanya ko naramdaman ang pagmamahal. Talagang minahal niya ako at kahit naman ako, minahal ko din siya hanggang ngayon, bilang mabuting kaibigan. Siya ang nag-iisang taong may tiyagang makinig sa mga kwento, reklamo at kung anu-anong kuro-kuro ko. At siya ang higit na nagtitiwala sa aking kakayahan at mga pangarap, kaya nang dahil sa kanya, maraming pangarap ko na rin ang naiksatuparan. Sa madaling salita, marami ang pinapasalamat ko sa kanya. Subalit, khet na puro kabutihan ang ginawa niya sa akin, sinaktan ko pa rin at siguro ay patuloy na sinasaktan. Minsan pala, mas makakasakit ang pagiging mabait kumpara sa pagmamalupit. Sa kabaitan mo, nabibigyan mo siya ng maling pag-asa.

Bakit ko ba sinusulat ang lahat ng ito? Sa kadahilanan na gusto ko humingi ng paumanhin kay Ace sa lahat ng masamang nagawa ko. Gusto ko rin ipakita sa lahat na talagang nagpapasalamat ako at naging bahagi siya ng buhay ko. Maaring hindi niya mabasa ito, pero ayos lang. Dahil pag mabasa niya ito, iba ang isipin niya. Baka isipin lang niya na ginagawa ko ito nang hindi talaga bukal sa aking kalooban, at nagpapakitang tao lang sa kanya. Kaya mas mabuti na sigurong hindi niya ito mabasa. Sana lang maramdaman niya talagang ako ay totoo sa pagpapaumanhin at pagpapasalamat. At alam ko na itong entry na ito na nakalaan lang sa kanya ay hindi pa sapat sa lahat nang nagawa niya para sa akin...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Blessed with Friends

I was suppose to go to Camiguin last weekend but due to some changes in the schedule, it didn't push through. I am still tahnkful though that it was cancelled coz my weekend still had been a fun, enjoyable and blessed weekend. I got to spend it with Econsoc and BLD friends, two sets of friends that had been closed to my heart and have molded me.

After a long time, since July, I went back to LB last Friday. Saw some brods and sisses again like Bart, Mars, Chopol, Jeff, Tina, Jason, RY, Primo, Fheby, Patrick, Karlo, Aqui, Ainah and Cindy. Hope I didn't forget anyone. It was really great to see them. How they had been a blessing last weekend, aside from the fact that they made me enjoy my weekend, here are other reasons:

..nagpasingit sa line sa bus
..i was still welcome khet na sobrang younger batches sila
..saw a real example of how you could not see that your "true" love is just infront of you when you are busy chasing the wrong guy
..realized how much loved i am by them when after a long time of not going out, would have lunch out for me. khet pinag-antay ako ng matagal. bitch tlga. haha
..even if i am out of touch with LB and the people, i can still be updated. labo!
..khet sobrang kinukupal ako, they care for me still

at marami pang iba. i am really glad i had been part of the Econsoc family. and it made me realize how old i am. i was born in the year 1980, and ang kagimik ko last friday has an age range that was born in the year 1984 to 1987!!! OMG! i guess that just means that i am young looking. hehe.

What i hate when i go to los baƱos is going back to manila. Sobrang nakakatamad for the place is relaxing khet mainit, and also the people khet na kupal. Was supposed to meet my BLD friends in makati at 7pm, finally i left LB by 6:30 pm. Not only did the heat made me lag behind. At 3 in the afternoon, Ainah and i went around the UP campus. So after the tour and back to Kitanlad, what do you expect but my smell to be amoy-araw. It made me hesistate to leave coz am sure my BLD friends smell fresh. But i don't want to miss the opportunity to be with them again, so amoy-pawis and all, i went back to Manila.

I'm thankful i did attend the overnight at Jopay's. Saw Beng once again. Got to warn Jaz. Got to know Ate Giselle more, looks can be deceiving. hahaha. Enjoyed Jopay's cooking. Got to spend time with Ate Anna. Got to talk to Tatee in a deeper way. Exept for Jopay and Beng, it was my first time to have bonded with these girls. And i was blessed with their sharings. Though some shared their probles, it was still a blessing to me for i learned a lot of things. Like for example..

..your dream guy or ideal man can really be a reality
..God does not work in a hurried pace
..i am blessed with my family even if we are not perfect
..BLD community is God's gift to me
..though i don't/didn't feel it, the BLD people loves and cares for me (yuck! naiiyak ako)

I remembered tuloy when I was asked last Saturday what is/are my blessing/s and i said being there had been a really big blessing. Then i was crying and Ate Anna and Tatee were surprised why i was crying. I was also surprised myself for I thought I'm already healed coz I've shared it already during our last SE Pastoral and in my sharings, but I still cried. I guess, the tears really need to pour for me to be totally healed from the hurt. But last weekend made me appreciate the BLD Community more. And I realized tat hurt as i had been, there are still those I can consider as my true friends.

For my friends, especially those whom I got to spend the weekend with, thank you. I love you guys! :)