Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ji Jia Wei's Quotable Quotes

it's been a long time since i watched a taiwanese drama. and as you know, i get influenced easily. so when i saw several posts about Murphy's Law of Love with pictures of danson tang also, i told myself that i should give it a try.

and tried i did. and i got hooked. taiwanese are sooo good in making romantic comedy dramas. even if the drama is full of cliches. and even if i always were able to guess what will happen next (that's how cliche it is), but still i loooved it and was still hooked.

ji jia wei is a sweet guy in his own way. and handsome too. hehe. but anyway, even he is a cold porkchop, his words are gem that people can learn from. so i made this post to write those quotes. and just because i want to write something in my blog..

"I don't wish to hurt somebody else with the past between us two." - what he told his ex when she gave instructions to a friend on what ji jia wei needs when he has the flu

"You can be angry, but you can never ignore me." - as i always say.. the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference

"If a plane can get to that place, then it's not that far away."

"Why are you always deciding on the outcome even without trying?" - i am guilty of this

"I thought I had the ability to give you happiness but I didn't imagine that my love would make it so hard for you."

"Sometimes dating is just like that. It's like dancing. If you miss one step, all the steps afterwards will be wrong... One moment impacts a lifetime."

his girlfriend is the dr. love, but i learned a lot more from ji jia wei. still, his girlfriend the dr. love has one quotable quote for me:

"Why did we learn so much from this relationship but can only fulfill it with someone else?"

all i can say about xiao tong's (dr. love quote) is that, i don't know why you're not together? even if the drama would end with less than 19 episodes and even if i'll miss ji jia wei, it's okay. because as the drama still goes on, it just became dragging.

oh well, i still loved it. i still gave it an 8/10 rating.