Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas is for Kids

i watched joey de leon's life story yesterday in magpakailanman. he mentioned when he was interviewed that "Ang Pasko ay para sa mga bata." well, he also said that for adults, it's for love and rekindling of friendship.

i believe that Christmas is for kids. hwen i was still a kid myself, Christmas is my favorite season. because this means we're going to bohol and see my cousins then swim at the beach, receive gifts, etc etc. then we went back to manila, more gifts from santa. yes! i really believed in santa when i was still young. then i grew up. no more santa, no more going to bohol coz it's expensive and my lolo is gone already. Christmas is now just dinner together with my mom leading a personal prayer before meals, and pretty much that's just it. an ordinary day.

for this Christmas, even if it will be just another day for our family, i hope that our love for each other will overflow. the love of my dad for us will rekindle and the happiness we felt when we were still together, would be felt again and more. and anyway, Christmas is not about me, it's about Jesus. it's His birthday!

to my friends and to those who just came across this blog, MERRY CHRISTMAS! and i pray that you would not forget to invite Him in His birthday celebration :)


Anonymous said...


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clicked your site from duke's blog..

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dreaming-neko said...

thanks for dropping by the neko! :)
nice place you got here...
trade links?

happy holidays!