Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Update on The New Tin-tin

so what is the update on my post The New Tin-tin? am i successful? have i achieved my goal? i still cannot see my collarbone. but when people see me they say that i'm really thinner. but when i weigh, our scale would show no change. i even gain weight. but my clothes are somehow more loose now. or maybe zasam is right. manang luz, our dear laundrywoman, is not good in washing my clothes anymore that's why they became loose. hehehe.

sorry i can't show any pictures. the latest picture that i have is last July 6. but 5 days after that (after not going home for three days), when my mom saw me she did not recognize me because according to her i look like an addict. weh!

i'd like to thank ate rezza who helped me achieve my goal. well, i still really have not reached my goal but it's okay coz at least from this point, i know that it is possible and i'm really headed towards there. thanks ate rez!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jeepney Ride

one of the facts i mention when i get tagged is that i would rather walk than ride the jeepney. but i do ride the jeepney. when i ride the jeep before it was not a big deal, but now...

four hours of bus ride would give you and your companion a chance to talk anything and everything under the sun. that's what happened to jason and i when we went to Anawangin. we talked about everything, as in everything, even economics! so don't be surprised that we talked about riding the jeepney. i remember telling him that as much as possible i don't ride the jeep. that i just walk home from the office than ride a jeepney. and why is it?

(1) i really think that i smell more polluted when i ride the jeep
(2) i just don't like the feeling of having your skin touch your seatmate who is sweaty

i'm not being mean. i'm just being honest. and i'm not being maarte or judgmental. i still ride the jeepney. when i go the prayer meeting, i sometimes ride the jeep. so why am i writing this and sounds defensive? it's because of this picture...

it was taken inside a jeepney. that's me in green! and i did not just photoshop myself there. and to clear to Yen that i do ride the jeepney.

is my preference not to ride the jeep makes me maarte?

and if there's a jeep from west ave. to coron, i'll definitely ride that! it's an airconed jeep, right?