Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bentosa Adventure

just wanna share that my dad cares for me pa pala somehow. hehe. as i've mentioned in my spa review, i had bentosa recently, actually just last friday. so saturday, i want to take a bath but was advised not to because i just had a massage the previous night. i asked our househelps if i can't really take a bath and showed them my back which is full of bentosa marks. they recognized it instantly, it's a popular thing pala in the province. just a common massage. anyway, my dad was sitting beside me. he literally panicked. he pulled my shirt to see a better view of my back and was really panicky when he told me "Pumunta ka na ng derma!" i was really laughing. i know napahiya sya, then he said it might be a ringworm or something, and i should go to the derma. then i explained it to him that i just had bentosa and explained what it is. sobrang funny lang coz our househelps didn't react, and he reacted so panicky. but in all honesty, i was touched. naks pa! concerned ka pa rin pala saken. ;p

Sunday, September 25, 2005

SPA Reviews

if you've read my previous entries, you'll read that i love to try out new restos. well, now it was somehow modified. now, i also want to try out SPAs in the metro. not only in the metro but anywhere else. hehe. well, so far i have tried four and in order: Suriya in Glorietta 3, Spa Central in Iloilo, Moorea in Tomas Morato, and the most recent, Sanctuario in Malate. For Suriya and Spa Central, I had body scrubs. While in Moorea and Sancturaio, body massage, in Sanctuario, particularly Bentosa.

First, the Suriya in Glorietta 3. It was really refreshing and relaxing. After the scrub, I was wrapped in a banana leaf and was left for 20 minutes to relax. Afterwards, a delicious hot tea. Delicious coz i don;t drink hot tea. But i really liked their tea. Sayang lang di ko naubos. I was hot kaya and i wanna go home already coz it's late na. The receptionist was not that friendly. we had a reservation at 9pm. Arrived a little before 9:10 and we can't be accommodated na daw. Pinaglaban tlaga namin ang aming slot, so pnagbigyan kme. But the one who gave me the body scrub was really nice. Since it was my first time for a body scrub, i was shy pa. Even if the procedure makes me sleepy, I would still talk to the girl kse kawawa naman and hiya nga akoƜ Anyway, after that, my skin was really soft and smooth. And i had a nice goodnight sleep.

When I went to Boracay recently, afterwards, we went to New Washington in Aklan to see the Precious Moments place there. They also have a spa there and ace told me it was really great. Next time we'll try it. hehehe. Anyway, after New Washington, straight to Iloilo. So, i really felt dirty and harrass. So, arriving in Iloilo, straight to the Spa Central. Compared to Suriya, i like Suriya better. The room is not private. They just have cloths to sparate the rooms, just like in Moorea. The underwear is not disposable. Sa suriya kse and Moorea they have this disposable undies kaya you feel safe to use them. Sorry, it's a big deal for me. But what i like for these three Spas (Suriya, Spa Central and Moorea) it's really a haven. They will let you relax. Sa Moorea, I was given extra sleeping time pa. Hehe. In Spa Central, it's not really first class, totally cheap kaya ang services. My Iloilo officemates also told me that there are better spas there. But i like their service. And after that long day, it was really refreshing afterwards. I felt really clean, and in fairness, their scrub smelled good.

Now, Sanctuario. I've first heard about it in Jessica Soho Reports and was really amazed with the Bentosa. I'd like to try it especially since it was said to remove the "lamig" in your back, and Gwyneth Paltrow is in it, why won't I give it a try. I hate massages. It only gives me more body aches afterwards, so I daid i'll just try Bentosa since they're just gonna put hot glasses in my back and i'll be okay. Well, arriving in Sanctuarion, it's like Sanctuario coz it's like a nature spa. But not for long. The ladies' dreassing room is in the second floor and the bath place is in the ground floor, passing the salon and restaurant. Ladies are to wear opnly sarong. Second, the sauna, actually it's like a jacuzzi, and the pool is for public use. I mean the sauna in Suriya is also for public use but only for girls. In Sanctuario, you are to share it with guys also. Sorry but i was not to go boy-hunting but to relax. Then they have this herbal bath. The water was really hot! As in! Parang for the first five minutes we were trying to cool it down first before we can truly relax. Then Bentosa time! First, my back was massaged. Okay, then the glasses were placed. It was somehow painful. My massuer loves to put pil on her hands. And when she massages me, it is really painful coz it was so madulas and i can feel it in my bones. Honest! Sabi nga nya, malambot balat ko.. Kaya siguro. I didn't feel the glasses removed but I still feel backache, in other words parang may lamig pa. She massaged me still and then it was done. She made me stand and gave me the tip envelope. Haay.. no time to sleep. Honestly, i did not feel relaxed. Kaya I am sorry, for the four spas, i like Sanctuario the least. I don't think i'll return there. For the other three, i might return.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

working relations

Last Monday night, I met my former boss in P&G, Mam Sally. We had dinner at around 10:30 in the evening. Well, I came from the Singles Prayer Meeting thus the late dinner. Anyway, it was fun. We did some catching up. She's based in Singapore already and was just here for a week. Talking to her made me realize how God loves me and how blessed I am. Inspite of being connected with P&G for only 8 months, I have gained lots of friends. That even if I already work in QC, I still meet them once in a while. And it made me sad also because though for in my first work I lasted for a year and thought gained friends, there had been no communication from them anymore. As they said..sometimes we just meet some people for a reason and purpose.. and I guess our purpose for each other has been fulfilled already. Hope we will meet again someday coz am really glad I met them :)