Saturday, August 28, 2010

nonsense post

don't mind this.

an aging actor oh so furious

and i won't tell why

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are We Close?

i really appreciate it when people turn to me and ask me to pray for them coz they say that i am close to Papa God. but honestly, i find it funny at the same time and would like to tell them you're mistaken.

coz i also feel far from God and ask prayers from some friends telling them the same reason. hahaha.

but in reality, i know that we are all close to God. He is trying to close the distance from us in an equal manner, it's just that we are the ones who widens the gap.


okay, i don't know how to end this post. hahaha

Friday, August 06, 2010

Link of the Moment: Canon in D

i don't want to neglect my this site, but i don't know why can't i think of things to write. actually, i do. but when i start to open the site, it's gone.

so i got an idea. an idea from an acquaintance who asked me to share with her my favorite link for her bday, but what i did is for a month, i shared something new everyday. so that's what i do, i'll share a new link (almost) everyday. for those subscribed to my blog (i have a subscriber?!?!), sorry to flood you with posts. hehe. anyway, i honestly think i'll not be able to post something everyday. and i don't know how regular the post may be, so i'm just going to name it Link of the Moment. hehe. oh by the way, as early as now, i'm warning you that there will be a lot of kpop stuff. hahaha

for my first link...

i like Canon in D. i think it's the only classical music that i can listen to over and over again without getting sleepy. first time i heard it in the movie My Sassy Girl, i fell inlove with it easily. and there had been a time that i listened to it the whole day in different variations. haha. some friends also like it that they used it as their wedding march (argh! they beat me into it. hehe). i don't know how to play the piano, and definitely not the guitar (eventhough i had guitar lessons in the past), but i think it's not that easy playing it in guitar. that's why this video amazes me. and i think a lot of people also with 75million hits already. enjoy