Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 in a Glance

2009 is like a blur for me. i really didn't notice it passing. i'm surprised that it's already coming to an end. and for the first time in my 29 years of existence, i forgot that it was my birthday. i think three words that can describe my 2009. it's the year of anti-socialness, rejection, and kpop.

1. anti-socialness - i rarely saw my friends this year. it's really sad that i can't join them. and one day i realized i don't know them anymore. so for december, i try to catch up. i tried to accept all the invitations of my friends

2. rejection - several applications (no, not for work. well, except for fso) and got rejected on all of these. well, i understand what happened with fso. took the exam in my worst condition (super backache and runny nose) that i really can't concentrate on the exams. for the others, i also understand. except for my last application, totally can't understand it but i'll try to accept coz i know God has a better plan.

3. kpop (korean pop) - my connection with my sister. hahaha. also with two other friends. when i'm down, i just try to watch the variety shows. and my song of the year is ring ding dong. my family knows why, and they said that it's effective. hahahaha. i'm just not sure if i'll say goodbye to kpop next year. i hope not

and to my dear blogsy friends, thank you for visiting my blog this year. i pray that 2010 will be a good year for you. God bless :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

(Un)Merry Christmas

i've been crying since thursday for different reasons. no, i'm not depressed. i just really can't understand Papa God right now. it's like everything is not working out for me these days...

i hope everyone is having better days. and will have happy holidays and a merry Christmas