Thursday, April 24, 2008

People and Places

it's not the plce nor the activity but the people you are with...

that is so true! and i got to prove that last weekend. the off-the-grillies went on an out of town trip. if before we always have activities.. surfing/harping, wakeboarding.. this time, it's really the art of doing nothing. as in they just slept in the afternoon. and yet, i still enjoyed the weekend. it had really been a relaxing weekend for me. something i wanted. and i don't think i'll enjoy the art of doing nothing if i was not with them.

another topic... i don't know if the world is small or the people i know are just everywhere. it's because whenver i go in an out of town trip, i would always see someone i know. i think it was only in batangas when we went wakeboarding that i did not see anyone i know. but what really amazed me (and even my friends) is seeing someone i know in baler! baler which is a very far place, a real adventure to go to. and yet, i would see a highschool classmate there?? amazing!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Great Love

this is a report from my Multiply. and I was surprised coz Meyms texted me that when she searched for one great love in Google, my post was on second page. hehe. and i have nothing to post, so i'm just re-posting this.

because of Maalaala Mo Kaya (episode of Eddie Garcia and Gloria Romero), Meyms texted us who is our one great love. the replies ranged from serious answers to michael scofield.

Jassy asked something about having a feelings for someone but after awhile when you meet again, it'll be a different feeling altogether. i asked.. how would you define one great love? you can't say tit's the person you're inlove with from eversince to the present, coz if it is, it'll be unfair to your present partner. i opened the topic to my friends who were with me, they answered (especially emcee)...

according to Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, and Boston Legal, there are 2 great loves not one. first is the idealist and the second is the realist. idealist, your ideal one great love... and the realist, the one who would save you or catch you when you become broken hearted with the idealist.

i think that's right. with all the replies yesterday, they all had their one great love.. a part of their past.. but i think they would still meet another great love. this great love would be for forever, maybe that person would be the greatest love. hehe.

as for me, my friends said they know who my one great love is. and i think i know who they are saying. i don't know. as i said in my text reply.. "too early to tell." maybe they're right about my one great love. maybe siya yung idealist.. coz i know one day i would meet my realist :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is I

i got tagged by Ghee. and i am thankful for that so i'll have something to post. hehehe.

I AM kristine marie or tin-tin or more known as prettytin. hehe. (tacsiyapo girls, now you know why i used marie when i surprised you. hehe)
I WANT to have a spa weekend in another country (demanding. haha)
I HAVE good friends around me
I WISH i'm somewhere else
I HATE worrying too much
I FEAR cockroaches!
I SEARCH for pictures of my glossary. hehehe
I WONDER what my purpose is.. or what does God want for my life
I REGRET nothing? motto ko is no regrets
I AM NOT secret..
I DANCE when I'm bored
I SING when I like to
I CRY when I'm really mad
I WRITE only in my blog
I WON in raffles
I AM CONFUSED with life
I NEED to use my passport
I SHOULD rest from Multiply first. hehe
THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS Papa God, please be in-charge of my tomorrow...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Not a Princess Anymore

i'd always go the beach than in the mountains. i'd rather swim and go diving than go mountain climbing or trekking. and to think i don't know how to swim ha.

why? it's because i'm not fit for it. i remember when i was in college, our exams for PE1 was to go hiking/camping. and the first time i hiked (Peak 2), it literally took me four hours than the normal two to reach the place, and also twice the time in going down. as in i became popular in the group coz i was really the last and i was always falling (diba Dax?). thankfully there had been those kind enough to help me all throughout. yup, they were laughing at me from time to time but still they would help me. the next day, literally bodyaches and patay na kuko for me.

that is why i am so proud of myself last weekend when we went to to Anawangin Cove/Capones Island (and i'm really linking Ferdz and not Wikipedia. Ferdz, you should pay me). what we thought would just be a short and easy walk turned out to be a really tiring one. and not really easy. a rocky trail, and we're just wearing havs/flipflops.

but what amazed me was the fact that i was able to finish it. and i was not the last one.. especially, since there are times that those ahead of me are really ahead and i can't see them. then there are times i can't see those ahead and behind me. i was just alone and i would fall, with no one to see and help me. and yet i was able to stand again and finish it!!

it may sound shallow but if you'll ask my PE classmates, they would really be surprised. when i was on my own, i realized that i am such an adventurer now. not anymore a princess who would always need a knight in shining armor. just from time to time. hehe. and i am not that clumsy or unbalanced person anymore. promise! it was really an amazing achievement fo me.

and to the tacsiyapo girls/abet's angels, i'm really glad i followed. ang saya! :)

another topic.. last week, i just woke up one day and felt that some people are praying for me. it was a nice feeling. thank you to all those who pray for me. thank you! thank you! thank you! you just don't know how much i appreciate that and how much it helps me. thanks :)

*picture c/o oros. (oros, kinuha ko na ha. khet di pa tyo friends. hehe)