Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ji Jia Wei's Quotable Quotes

it's been a long time since i watched a taiwanese drama. and as you know, i get influenced easily. so when i saw several posts about Murphy's Law of Love with pictures of danson tang also, i told myself that i should give it a try.

and tried i did. and i got hooked. taiwanese are sooo good in making romantic comedy dramas. even if the drama is full of cliches. and even if i always were able to guess what will happen next (that's how cliche it is), but still i loooved it and was still hooked.

ji jia wei is a sweet guy in his own way. and handsome too. hehe. but anyway, even he is a cold porkchop, his words are gem that people can learn from. so i made this post to write those quotes. and just because i want to write something in my blog..

"I don't wish to hurt somebody else with the past between us two." - what he told his ex when she gave instructions to a friend on what ji jia wei needs when he has the flu

"You can be angry, but you can never ignore me." - as i always say.. the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference

"If a plane can get to that place, then it's not that far away."

"Why are you always deciding on the outcome even without trying?" - i am guilty of this

"I thought I had the ability to give you happiness but I didn't imagine that my love would make it so hard for you."

"Sometimes dating is just like that. It's like dancing. If you miss one step, all the steps afterwards will be wrong... One moment impacts a lifetime."

his girlfriend is the dr. love, but i learned a lot more from ji jia wei. still, his girlfriend the dr. love has one quotable quote for me:

"Why did we learn so much from this relationship but can only fulfill it with someone else?"

all i can say about xiao tong's (dr. love quote) is that, i don't know why you're not together? even if the drama would end with less than 19 episodes and even if i'll miss ji jia wei, it's okay. because as the drama still goes on, it just became dragging.

oh well, i still loved it. i still gave it an 8/10 rating.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tips for First Time Travelers to Tokyo

yay! i finally had been to Japan! Tokyo in particular. and of course, before going there i did some research on where to go to, what to expect, etc. honestly, i got a little scared as readings said that the subway is confusing and there's not much english.

okay, subway is confusing at first but after 2 days, you'll be fine. and just have a map with you. hehe. and english? trust me! Japanese are like the kindest people. i guess i'll have another post dedicated to that. so no problem even if there's a language barrier.

since we received a lot of help from the Japanese, i am now writing this post to help those who are planning to go to Japan. well, these are the things that helped us in Tokyo.

1. Download Google map on your phone

Google map had been our bestfriend. we would rely on it too much. it tells us what train to ride and the time the train leaves and what platform. see! you won't be confused with the subway if you have this. hahaha.
but don't really trust the travel time for walking, i guess they timed those who walk really really fast. and i get lost with the walking directions. hehehe

2. Rent pocket wifi

first tip is to use google map. and if you are to use it, you would need an internet. you'll not always have an internet, so it'll be great if you rent one. another helpful thing in our travel. and it's not expensive.

i rented from this site: it was an easy process, i got mine from the post office in the airport and just mailed it there to return.

3. Get a PASMOcard

if you'll just be in Tokyo, this would save you time and also some Yen. yes, you get a little discount if you use PASMO than buy a ticket every single time you ride the subway. yes, you save time since you just tap and tap your card. and you can also use it on vendo machines!
and you can have it personalized!

4. Learn the word "Sumimasen"

it means Excuse Me. this is the first word you'll say to the Japanese if you'll ask for directions or call their attention to order, etc etc.

and it's like most of the foreigners i encountered during the trip who would pass by would say Sumimasen instead of excuse me.

5. Bring power bank

let me repeat it. you will be using google map on your phone, you will be using wifi. and i'm sure you will be using your phone's camera a lot.

so what does this mean?

low batt. solution: bring a power bank. what i have is a cheap power bank since i just use it rarely in the Philippines. but in Japan, i used it everyday. and it gave my phone a longer life even just a little

6. You can also learn the sentence: "____ doko desu-ka?" (pronounced as ____ doko des ka)

this means "Where is ____?"

this is just an option so you can also ask those who can't speak english. what i did sometimes was show a picture then say "doko desu-ka?". then the way was shown to me!

just a warning though. some gets excited that they would suddenly speak in straight fast japanese. so either you say, "sorry no Japanese" or if they show the way with hands i say "left then right?" also with hand gestures. then they'll know i don't speak in japanese. hehe.

if the direction is complicated and they can't speak english at all, just follow the first part of the directions then look for another person to ask. hehe

7. Wear comfortable shoes

i know it's good to be fashionable when traveling especially with all the OOTD posts that we see in sns. but trust me, if you're like us who would like to visit as many places as you can in your first trip to tokyo, you would walk a lot. as in a lot! so better to wear comfortable shoes. and guess what? sneakers and rubber shoes sell cheaper in japan! that's what i found out in our trip. you can buy a lot! :)

and a note to smokers, there are vending machines selling cigarettes but you cannot buy from those. to buy cigarettes from these, you would need a Japanese ID card.

well, that's it. i hope it would help you a lot in enjoying your trip to Tokyo. =)

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Hongdae to Nami Island/Petite France

when you research on how to go to nami island/petite france, it's kinda complicated. and when i was doing our itinerary for last january, i was kinda scared if we'll be able to reach the place. good thing korea has a new subway line which makes it easier to go to nami island. 

to help you more during your trip itself, download the korea subway app. it would help you a lot in going places.

okay here's the direction to nami island from hongdae.

Of course we will start from Hongik University Station. When inside Hongik Station, go to the G-J Line, particularly for the train going to Sangbong (G-J line). Transfer to Gyeongchun Line and go down in Gapyeong.

let's summarize: Hongik Univerity -> G-J Line - Sangbong -> Gyeongchun Line -> Gapyeong

yes, you will just ride the train and not go out the train stations anymore.

And when you reach Gapyeong, you can take the shuttle bus for only 5,000won.It's a ride all you can bus for one day. So you ca use it going to both Nami Island and Petite France. And it passes by every hour. But before you ride the bus, ask first if it's the shuttle bus because there are also ordinary buses that pass by.

Let's go first to Petite France. yes, i suggest you go there first coz i'm sure you're going to spend more time in Nami Island. so just for you not to rush your stay in Nami.

Petite France is as the name says, Little France.

the entrance fee is 8,000won.

it's a nice place to take pictures and show to your friends and trick them that you're somewhere other than korea. hehe.

Okay, next stop. so what is Nami Island? It is a park but on a different island.

So yes you have to ride a ferry going there. The entrance fee which includes the ferry is 8,000won.

It's a popular site for korean dramas, especially Endless Love. it's a beautiful place actually.

We went there during winter, well, as you know there are not much plants during winter. i guess it'll be more beautiful if it's spring or fall.


sorry, i'm not good in describing things and in convincing. the main purpose of this post is to just actually show you the new way in going to Nami Island/Petite France. but i just posted some pics and stuff to tell you what these places are about. i assure you, you won't regret visiting those places. it's not a waste of time. happy sightseeing!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Catholic Churches in Seoul, South Korea

wherever i am, i really try to hear mass if it's a sunday. so when i'm in korea, i try to find out where the nearest catholic church is. and so far, i've been to four:

1. Myeongdong Cathedral (

- the most popular among my list. this is a tourist spot in myeongdong. i guess because it's located in the shopping district. and since it's a cathedral, it's the biggest among my list. also, i think this is the church with the most english masses. but the only schedule for english mass that i know is 9am.

Directions (for the visitkorea site):
Myeong-dong Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 8
Walk along Toegyero-gil st. for about 300m and turn right at the intersection.
Walk along Myeongdong-gil st. for 100m to the Catholic Center
Walk up along the center

2. (Church in) Itaewon

- since itaewon is a foreigner place, i assumed that there is a catholic church there. and yes, there is one. it's near the mosque. i have to mention this because you will see the mosque more, but they're not on the same street. when we went out of the subway station there's a tourist guide who gave us a map and told us the direction of the church.

since it's in a place with lots of foreigners, i'm sure there's an english mass. but i'm not sure what time. the mass that we attended was in korean. and i've noticed only 2 young people in there.

3. (Church in) Hongdae

- finally! after always staying in hongdae, i finally saw the Catholic Church there. it's in one of the streets. it's near the elementary school.

the schedule are 9am and 11am. but when i asked from the church's office what time is the english mass, they said none.

since going to the itaewon church and seeing only 2 young people there, i became observant on the youth going to church in korea. this is the church where i saw many young people. and i think they're all friends. i arrived before the mass started and whenever there's a youth coming, their friends will be excited. and they stayed at the left corner of the front of the church. i had been a member of the youth ministry before that is why it makes me happy to see youth going to church.

If you're from exit 9, you have to turn left (instead of right where most of the stores/restaurants are). it is not that obvious so you really have to look for the cross to see if it's already the church. and it would be helpful if you will ask around while walking (that's what i did). the elementary school would be a helpful landmark coz it's in the next street.

4. (Church in) Hyehwa

- after learning that there's no english mass in hongdae, i went to hyehwa as i read that there's an english mass there and a lot of filipinos. when i went down the station and walked a little, i saw the lane with filipino food. and after speaking in broken english for days, it's really a relief to speak in your native tongue in a different place. since i heard them speaking in tagalog, i asked them in tagalog where the church is. i was told that the mass is at 1:30pm, and to visit myeongdong for english mass. i asked if the church is open to visit, and i was told yes. so i visited the church.

when i arrived (past 9am) at the church, there's an on-going mass. but it is in korean. still i stayed since i can't attend the 1:30pm mass anymore coz i'm leaving for manila already.

Hyehwa Station (Line 4), exit 1. Just go straight ahead then you'll see the tents of the filipino market and just go a little straight more.

and here is the filipino market that you will pass by from the church to the subway

i'm sure there are still a lot of churches in seoul but these are all that i have visited and easy places to visit from hongdae. hehe.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Management Fulfillment

DO you ever wonder why companies, even big companies hire third party companies to manage some of their work, like warehouse?

Managing something is not an easy job. Managing a single event is already a lot of work, what more managing a warehouse? That is why it will be better to hire a third-party company for it. AMS Fulfillment will really fulfill your dreams in management. It will make your life easier. It will make your company more profitable. In other words, what more can you ask for?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014: ???

???... coz i don't know how to describe my 2014. honestly, the first thought was shattered dreams. but then i kinda remembered that there had been some good things that happened in my life. i really am not sure if 2014 had been a remarkable year for me, like it's a year i remember for something. all i can think about is how heartbroken i was for having my dream shattered. maybe it's because it happened at the latter part of the year. okay, let's enumerate the highlights of the year:

1. shattered dream. this is number one since i've kept on mentioning it since earlier. what made it more heartbroken for me is that it was not really shattered by other people (yes, partly) but the decision of not pursuing it and losing confidence in myself (the reason i didn't pursue it) hurts even more.

2. monthly meeting friends who i have not seen for a very long time. well, it's not really super every month but i think i only missed 2-3 months. i'm glad last year that i was able to see some friends again. friends i have not seen for years.

3. out of town with the dilags. finally! i got to join the dilags in an out of town trip that needs overnight stay. i just followed them but still i got to be with them for more than a day.

4. visayas exploration with the spammers. we conquered visayas in september: dumaguete - siquijor - oslob - cebu city

5. cliff diving! i don't know how to swim and yet i jumped cliffs with deep waters. i'm so proud!

6. the birth of the facebook thank you posts. it all began when i was starting to lose self-confidence. i need to counter it with something positive. i need to be reminded why i should be thankful. thus the birth of the thank you post. i just post when i feel so down.