Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blog Addicts

i started my blog last year when i still have no job and was really unsuccessful with my baking experiments. got the idea from my friend Petrina. with nothing else to do, i wrote my first entry. i don't pay much attention to my blog just updating it once in a while and also, i don't tell my friends about it coz am somehow embarrassed with my writings. i've got no talent in it kse. but then, friendster blog became a fad. and my sis, Kim, asked in our egroups if anyone has a blog, so i told her bout my blog. then a week after, i talked to Jopay and she was so excited about blogging. so i visited her blog and saw the blogs of my other friends.

i now believe that blogging is fun. not only for writing your thoughts but also reading your friends'. like for example, Duke's. after a long time of no communication, i am somehow updated again with her life. i learned about Elaine's accident through her blog. and realized that Kuya Marvin is poetic.

through blog, i have learned and realized a lot. now i see the beauty of blog, and honestly i am getting addicted to it also. opening my blog and my friends' when i have the time :)

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