Friday, July 17, 2009

Top Three

while on my way home, i just had a random thought of three whatevers. i don't know why i've thought of this, and why three, it's just really random thought. and all this is for the present moment

3 countries i'd like to visit:
1. korea - coz i'm envious of my sister. so that we'll have the same number of countries visited. hehehe
2. japan - sanrioland
3. norway - to claim my free lunch

3 things i'd like to have back from my old self:
1. being a jokester - i think i'm so serious with everything now
2. care for others/patience/friendliness
3. doesn't cry

3 things i'd like to have:
1. peace of mind
2. vacation
3. lots of money - bwahaha

3 food i'd like to eat:
1. burritto
2. egg tart - should be from macau. hehehe
3. dark chocolate - actually, am still unsure if dark or something sweet

3 things i'd like to do:
1. get pampered in a spa
2. go to a faraway place
3. sleep and sleep

then i fell asleep. and then i'm already near my place. hehe.
happy weekend :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Reading for Today

"But now do not be distressed, and do not reproach yourselves for having sold me here. It was really for the sake of saving lives that God sent me here ahead of you." - Gen 45:5

i felt at peace when i was reading the readings for today, especially when i came across the above verse. i really felt God assuring me that everything will be fine.

short sharing... these past few days, i totally felt disappointed with what's happening in my life. everything just seems to go wrong. then i read this verse. this is from the story of Joseph, him being sold by his own brothers, getting in jail, etc. etc.. and then he saving not only egypt but other nations as well.

joseph was right, if what happened to him did not happen, there'll be a different story.. they might not be saved, especially his brothers.

i know that everything will fall into place. this is just some roadblocks on my path, but i will still reach my destination :)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

2nd Stop: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

puerto princesa, palawan is a nice place. a clean place also. palawan had been one of my to visit places. and it did not disappoint me. for a first timer, i am glad we visited these places.

1. honda bay - really good for snorkeling. though i had gone diving early that year, it was still great since it's still like a close encounter with the fish. you can feel their bite coz you're not wearing wet suit unlike in diving. when i get out of the water i would always complain to my sister that the fish bit me, then i would go back again to the water excitedly. hehehe.

2. underground river - we were to decide if we're to take the dos palmas day tour or the underground river tour. sooo happy that my companions chose the river tour, especially since we always go the beach. if you go to palawan, you should definitely visit this. you'll get a free butt massage on your way there and back. and the cave is a different experience.

and where would you get a chance to eat with bayawak (monitor lizards) around you...

but be careful of the monkeys, coz they really steal your food. we were posing for a picture when a monkey suddenly tried to grab my sister's drink

and just before you reach the cave, what will welcome you is a nice beach but you can't swim there coz of the strong waves and someone drowned before

3. baywalk - they have their own baywalk. we went there end november and they're building that time the biggest chrismas tree. it's a park where families and couples go on dates. while my companions were talking, i tried almost every street food there. i guess that's the reason why i did have tummy troubles at the middle of the night.

4. free taste in the market - we had lots of free taste in the market when we were buying pasalubong. not only cashew nuts but also other food that were new to us okay i forgot what are those)

5. crocodile farm - what i like about this is that we were able to hold baby crocs

6. red bananas - was really amazed with this fruit. we lost our discount in the restaurant coz we got this for free but i was really amazed at it. but when we returned to manila, our maid was like it's just an ordinary fruit. it's really my first time to see that fruit

i still have other places to explore in palawan, but at least i got to visit one already. haay.. when will it be amanpulo?