Wednesday, October 26, 2005

20 Random Facts

Was tagged by Duke. so here goes..

" 20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people
as minutes it takes you to write the facts "

1. I am a fast reader, if I just concentrate on reading a book, I can finish a novel in a day.
2. I really am a fast-paced person coz even in eating, I am always the first one to finish.
3. I wanted to shave my hair back in college, just like Demi Moore in GI Jane.
4. It is my dream to be featured, even just my picture, on the Lifestyle section of newpapers or magazines.
5. I wanted to take voice lessons, not to improve my voice but to have a recital.. in other words, I wanted to have a concert.
6. It is hard for me to say NO to people. Soemtimes, even if it's my disadvantage, I still yes.
7. In connection, I like to please others.
8. I hate cockroaches.. As in! even just the mere sight of them in television..
9. My life verse is Mark 11:24, ever since highschool and it all started with not having a report. hehe
10. I love to host/plan parties.
11. Even with my body size, I still feel I am sexy and pretty. Hehe.
12. I am not keen on the salary that I get from my job, what I look at is I'm happy with my work, with what I am doing and the people around me.
13. I can sleep easily. Just give me a pillow or something to rest my head on, I can sleep just right there and then even if there is a party going on.
14. I laugh at people who is not good with their grammar or sometimes even the pronunciation. Yabang ko noh? I laugh at them when I am a confessed barok.
15. If am going to live in the province, it is definitely Cebu. Honestly, I can see myself living there.
16. I am a brand-conscious person. I always buy on a budget. As in really on a budget but most of the time, I buy from named stores.
17. I hate going to sales. I hate the crowd. That's why I'd rather buy an expensive item than makisiksik sa crowd.
18. I wake up early in the morning just to read my Bible and pray then go back to sleep.
19. I love to take on challenges. I challenge myself most of the time. But sad to say, I easily give up.
20. I am a sensitive type of person. Siguro paranoid. Coz I easily get the feeling that I am not liked.

Whew! I don't know hotw long it took me. Bacause I was called on by my unit head. Office stuff. Hehe. But I'll pass this to those who I know the blog addresses.

1. Kim - the new Ma'am Kim
2. Julie - the new mom in Singapore
3. Tres Maras - the beautiful products of Tito Dante and Tita Annie
4. Bart - one who appreciates life now more than we do
5. Denz - Ms. Grimace


Duke said...

hey tintin! thanks for answering this meme. we're opposites pala when it coems to shopping. I like going to sales!

tin-tin said...

hehe. actually, am not into shopping also. i don't like looking for stuff. i just buy what catches my eyes agad :)