Wednesday, November 17, 2010


if you guys still didn't know, i do not have a job now. why? coz i resigned from my job effective sept. 1. and yes, i did resign even if i still do not have another work waiting for me. my original plan is to rest for one month and start working again in october. but that didn't happen. still no work when september ended. but you know what? everything worked for a reason. papa gad been hospitalized and then died, and i was always in the hospital and the wake. so my october is basically for papa. a week after the cremation, i got backpain. as in total backpain that i can't move. it started tuesday and i just rested for the whole week. week after is my birthweek so enjoy week for me. hehe. but starting this week and the following weeks, i don't know already. but i trust in God's plan and His perfect timing. i am sure He won't abandon me. and He is there helping me arrange my life. thank You Papa God.