Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 in a Glance

2009 is like a blur for me. i really didn't notice it passing. i'm surprised that it's already coming to an end. and for the first time in my 29 years of existence, i forgot that it was my birthday. i think three words that can describe my 2009. it's the year of anti-socialness, rejection, and kpop.

1. anti-socialness - i rarely saw my friends this year. it's really sad that i can't join them. and one day i realized i don't know them anymore. so for december, i try to catch up. i tried to accept all the invitations of my friends

2. rejection - several applications (no, not for work. well, except for fso) and got rejected on all of these. well, i understand what happened with fso. took the exam in my worst condition (super backache and runny nose) that i really can't concentrate on the exams. for the others, i also understand. except for my last application, totally can't understand it but i'll try to accept coz i know God has a better plan.

3. kpop (korean pop) - my connection with my sister. hahaha. also with two other friends. when i'm down, i just try to watch the variety shows. and my song of the year is ring ding dong. my family knows why, and they said that it's effective. hahahaha. i'm just not sure if i'll say goodbye to kpop next year. i hope not

and to my dear blogsy friends, thank you for visiting my blog this year. i pray that 2010 will be a good year for you. God bless :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

(Un)Merry Christmas

i've been crying since thursday for different reasons. no, i'm not depressed. i just really can't understand Papa God right now. it's like everything is not working out for me these days...

i hope everyone is having better days. and will have happy holidays and a merry Christmas

Monday, November 30, 2009

3rd Stop: Macau

when i hear macau, i associate it to china and the korean drama that i've seen. that's just it. but i want to visit macau. why?

1. as i said, because of the korean drama (boys over flowers). i want to see the places they've been to. the beach(?) where jihoo sunbae and jandi went. and also the airport where i felt the hurt of junpyo (my favorite scene).

2. venetian hotel. whether i would ride the gondola or not, i'd still like to visit the hotel. seeing on tv that it's like outdoors, or you're in venice or somewhere, but in reality you're just inside the hotel. it would be great if i can stay there.

3. fisherman's wharf. famous landmarks from different eras and places in one place, enough said.

4. casino. i know i'll have luck playing the casinos there. hahaha

5. egg tart. no, not the lord stow's brand. something better. i forgot the name. but i think they are the original vendors of egg tarts. a small coffeeshop.

6. other places i failed to mention. i'm sure macau has lots to offer.

note: sorry no pictures

Sunday, November 01, 2009


i found out some things about me this week

1. i can survive even without eating anything for 24 hours, just give me water. and i'm not on a diet okay? which i need actually
2. i'm not really a multi-tasker. all my life, i consider myself as a multi-tasker. but this week proven me wrong
3. i'm kindhearted to the point of people taking advantage of it
4. i'm too generous, just like the story inj the gospel who just gave 2 coins but in reality has given her everything. i think i'm like her. and the people around me thinks i'm thrifty, but honestly it's all i can give.. it's everything i have
5. i seriously need an extra income... seriously
6. i give in to peer pressures easily
7. i should not plan or get excited on anything coz it doesn't happen (haay... vina and neko, when will i meet you?)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


did you know that it's october already and the it's already 2010 soon?

honestly, i was surprised when i realized it this morning. yes, i know it's october already but i was surprised when i realized that 2009 will end already. it's like i didn't notice that 2009 has gone by. promise, i still can't believe that 285 days had gone by already and i have not noticed it.

i guess i won't notice that it's christmas already until someone mentions it to me.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Every Help is a Big Help

i guess you already know what happened in our country, the philippines, last weekend. a typhoon hit our country which flooded the metro, leaving a lot of people homeless. and now, another typhoon is said to go to our country. we really need your prayers. and all the help that you can give.

the fans of the korean variety show, family outing, has an on-going project. it is to help the victims of the typhoon. if you'll notice in the right-side of my blog, there's a chip-in button for the philippines disaster. you can donate there. you just need your paypal account or credit card. click chip-in or visit this site:

and the good thing about this project is that, if they'll have enough funds, it will be distributed to other countries who need help also, like indonesia.

so if you can, i hope you can donate any amount. there's no small amount here. thank you for your prayers and your help. stay safe everyone and God bless us.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Power of the Internet

we all know how internet can help us - keeping in touch research, etc. but it can also destroy one. video scandals, etc.

this week the kpop (korean pop - yeah! i'm addicted to it now) world had gone fiasco because of a comment made by one of the idols to his friend on myspace four years ago when he was still a trainee and new in the country.

a lot of koreans got mad. there had been petitions for him to leave, but the worst is having a petition of him to commit suicide. and 3,000 signed that petition. what happened next? well, he quit not just being the leader of the group but he quit the group itself, and went back to america where his family resides.

it's just sad that someone who has a lot ahead of him had his career ended like that. and it just proves, that netizens can really affect one's life. there had been a number already who committed suicide because of harsh comments from the netizens.

and also, it shows how public your posts are on the internet. i remember my dad getting mad at me because of an entry i've posted in my blog (yes, my dad reads my blog. pa, don't deny it, i even saw you once. hehe).

and i remember reading somewhere that some companies search the internet for information on applicants.

so, my dear blogsy friends.. remember, that what you write can either make you or break you. what you write might not be of significance for you in the present, but we'll never know for another person, nor in the future.

and for those who read negative comments that affects them, don't make it affect you negatively. learn from it, prove to them your worth.

and for the kpop idol, just hang in there. coz a lot of people still believes in you.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Thank You

dear blogsy friends,

how are you?

i would just like to thank you for reading my posts and visiting my blog all these years. thank you for the support and trying to understand my posts. i admit i am not good in writing. i cannot compose really well, i have a hard time expressing myself and sometimes i think my grammar is incorrect. and yet, you still continue to read my entries, visit my blog once in a while

i truly really appreciate it. thank you thank you thank you.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Memories of Coup

the former president and a great leader of the Philippines, Cory Aquino, passed away last August 1. and of course her presidency was again remembered. and there had been a mention of seven coup d'etat. but out of this seven, i could only remember one. and this one introduced me to the term coup d'etat.

it is december 1989 (if i'm not mistaken, december 1). around 4am, while having breakfast and getting ready for school we heard from the radio (my grandma always listen to the news every morning) that the villamor airbase was attacked. honestly, i did not know what villamor airbase was. i didn't even know that we have an airbase. hehe. afterwards, it was announced that there are no classes. of course we were happy with the news but i didn't know actually why there's no classes.

we lived near camp aguinaldo. you can say the camp is walking distance from our house. that's where we hear mass. since we live near the camp, you can hear helicopters flying, you can see the jets... you will really know that something's wrong and everyone was fearful.

my family and the rest of the neighborhood evacuated the place and we went our own separate ways. we stayed at the house of my mom's friend in tandang sora. my uncle who was left behind recounted that you can hear bombings. and a day or two after the coup ended, we passed by aguinaldo and you can see bullet holes, not only on the walls of the camp but also at the house across the camp. there are still tanks in the vicinity, and inside the camp.

it was a scary experience, and we were not really in the area when the real bombings occur but still it was scary. that is why i can't imagine how those in war zone areas feel.

let's just pray for them. and the family of the soldiers.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


i have a short attention span.

the end.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Top Three

while on my way home, i just had a random thought of three whatevers. i don't know why i've thought of this, and why three, it's just really random thought. and all this is for the present moment

3 countries i'd like to visit:
1. korea - coz i'm envious of my sister. so that we'll have the same number of countries visited. hehehe
2. japan - sanrioland
3. norway - to claim my free lunch

3 things i'd like to have back from my old self:
1. being a jokester - i think i'm so serious with everything now
2. care for others/patience/friendliness
3. doesn't cry

3 things i'd like to have:
1. peace of mind
2. vacation
3. lots of money - bwahaha

3 food i'd like to eat:
1. burritto
2. egg tart - should be from macau. hehehe
3. dark chocolate - actually, am still unsure if dark or something sweet

3 things i'd like to do:
1. get pampered in a spa
2. go to a faraway place
3. sleep and sleep

then i fell asleep. and then i'm already near my place. hehe.
happy weekend :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Reading for Today

"But now do not be distressed, and do not reproach yourselves for having sold me here. It was really for the sake of saving lives that God sent me here ahead of you." - Gen 45:5

i felt at peace when i was reading the readings for today, especially when i came across the above verse. i really felt God assuring me that everything will be fine.

short sharing... these past few days, i totally felt disappointed with what's happening in my life. everything just seems to go wrong. then i read this verse. this is from the story of Joseph, him being sold by his own brothers, getting in jail, etc. etc.. and then he saving not only egypt but other nations as well.

joseph was right, if what happened to him did not happen, there'll be a different story.. they might not be saved, especially his brothers.

i know that everything will fall into place. this is just some roadblocks on my path, but i will still reach my destination :)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

2nd Stop: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

puerto princesa, palawan is a nice place. a clean place also. palawan had been one of my to visit places. and it did not disappoint me. for a first timer, i am glad we visited these places.

1. honda bay - really good for snorkeling. though i had gone diving early that year, it was still great since it's still like a close encounter with the fish. you can feel their bite coz you're not wearing wet suit unlike in diving. when i get out of the water i would always complain to my sister that the fish bit me, then i would go back again to the water excitedly. hehehe.

2. underground river - we were to decide if we're to take the dos palmas day tour or the underground river tour. sooo happy that my companions chose the river tour, especially since we always go the beach. if you go to palawan, you should definitely visit this. you'll get a free butt massage on your way there and back. and the cave is a different experience.

and where would you get a chance to eat with bayawak (monitor lizards) around you...

but be careful of the monkeys, coz they really steal your food. we were posing for a picture when a monkey suddenly tried to grab my sister's drink

and just before you reach the cave, what will welcome you is a nice beach but you can't swim there coz of the strong waves and someone drowned before

3. baywalk - they have their own baywalk. we went there end november and they're building that time the biggest chrismas tree. it's a park where families and couples go on dates. while my companions were talking, i tried almost every street food there. i guess that's the reason why i did have tummy troubles at the middle of the night.

4. free taste in the market - we had lots of free taste in the market when we were buying pasalubong. not only cashew nuts but also other food that were new to us okay i forgot what are those)

5. crocodile farm - what i like about this is that we were able to hold baby crocs

6. red bananas - was really amazed with this fruit. we lost our discount in the restaurant coz we got this for free but i was really amazed at it. but when we returned to manila, our maid was like it's just an ordinary fruit. it's really my first time to see that fruit

i still have other places to explore in palawan, but at least i got to visit one already. haay.. when will it be amanpulo?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blah... Blah...

i know what's the next stop will be, but i decided not to write about it yet. but instead some random things again...

1. i'm not friendly anymore. for my friends who can read this, please take note of that statement. i'm not friendly anymore. so don't expect me to text you every event, every happening there is. and if we meet in the mall, unless you say hi to me.. don't expect me to greet you. i told you i'm not friendly anymore. what happened? why am i not friendly anymore? honestly, i do not know. i'm just lazy to text anymore. i don't even check my multiply that often. well, because also of busyness. i'm sorry because i'm not friendly anymore. i'm sure a lot would get mad at me, sorry..

2. i was chatting with the cab driver yesterday, and he's telling me that his son is going to take the college entrance exams, because of scholarship. when i asked him what he's planning to take, he said his son is still undecided. major in college is really important, it somehow directs your path in life. i belieive this totally makes a difference to your futurer on what course you will take. but when graduating students are answering the admission forms, only a few know what to take. i wonder how can students be helped with this?

3. why does my sister have good dreams almost every night? but i dont have any dreams, and just had nightmares. unfair! and what makes it more unfair is that now she even dreams of those that should be my dreams! unfair!!!!

4. how time flies... it's already july next week. next thing i know it's my birthday again. what to do on my bday? i think there should be something coz it's my 29th birthday. something before the big 3-0.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st Stop: Hong Kong

hong kong would always be special to me. it's my first out of the country experience. and i believe hong kong has a lot to offer to visitors aside from disneyland and oceanpark. places i would visit again in hongkong, in no particular order. and obviously, i'm only including those i've been to...

1. temple st. night market - we discovered this accidentally since it's just beside our hotel. it then had been our favorite. way better than ladies market because the stuff here are really cheaper. and the best thing? the street food. seafood! and i think it's worth your money, the quantity and definitely the taste.

2. mtr - it makes everything in hongkong accessible. and a great place to rest if you're already tired from walking.

(*edit: and just by riding the mtr, you can reach schenzhen, china already)

3. h&m stores - i just need to include this. going to hk just to visit the store. hehe. and still can't get over the dress. haaay... but really it's a nice store, not that expensive and lots of good stuff to choose from. also some staff are friendly.

4. causeway - i'm not a shopper. i hate shopping. but the concept of causeway having a road closed just so the shoppers could walk freely, that's nice.

some notes to remember for me:

1. don't go to the area where symphony of light is held/museum alone at night. or else you'll meet a new friend

2. they'll be selling you a lot of jewelry when you go into a tour, just be careful okay?

3. be on the look-out for the great tv's at the street. coz your crush might be featured.

4. i just have to agree with backpacking philippines when he posted about the rudeness of those in hk. this is one downside of hk, the people. most of them are rude. yes there are friendly/kind people you'd encounter but mostly are rude ones. and this is just not how they talk to you, but just by mere observing them, you'll notice that.

5. there are still nice people. and God won't abandon you. you'll be able to meet people to help you, like a waiter who out of nowhere would greet you in tagalog. and johnny walker.

a lot can be said about the place, but for now this is my piece.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


i have decided on something...

i will write about places i have been to. even if it's a long time already since i went there.

and i will start this week.

but if you have a special request on a topic, tell me and i'll try to write about it.

i have nothing to write now and i have not decided yet on a place. i just want to tell you that i'm still alive. hehe. okay, signing off...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ultimate Cebu

as you all know, i love cebu. and i had been to cebu countless times since it's near bohol and most of my cousins live there.

cebu has many beautiful places, things to do, and food that are not too known to the public. and my cousin realized this, that's why he created a blog about the wonders of cebu. may it be in the city or not.

he was born in cebu and grew up there that's why he knows all about cebu. he loves cebu so much that he returned there after working here in manila for some time.

it's still a new blog but i recommend that you visit it when you're planning to visit cebu coz you'll be able to do things that are not usually included in a tourist's itenerary. and i hope he'll feature masi and would bring me some when comes here. hahaha.

so visit ultimatecebu, okay?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Driving 101

my brother, eric, has his driver's license already. and last night was the first time we experienced his driving.

unlike my two siblings who went to driving school, it was just my dad who taught me how to drive. we would go every weekend to the mountains of binangonan. he would teach me on a mountain, that's why i'm expert sa mga hanging. there are three memories that i have for those driving lessons..

1. when we nearly fell a cliff. i don't know what happened but we nearly fell a cliff. my dad was panicky. hahaha. and he asked me to get out of the driver's seat, he'll be the one to drive. hehe.
2. when he let me drive for the first time in the highay. i can only hear one thing from him... "slow down, slow down." that's that happens when you're used to driving in arcades. hehehe.
3. when he let me drive first time to show my family what i learned. take note, this is in one corner where there are no cars. as in i just have to go straight... and eric (who was less than 10 that time) was at the backseat really crying and shouting and heading to the door. he was really scared. he didn't trust my driving. but nothing happened to us. hello! it was just less than 5 minutes and just a traight line. no challenge really. hehehe

now, eric is already driving. i have my license also (and you saw it), but i don't drive. why? i just don't want to. not yet the time :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Too Random

i now realize why is it that my sister and i have only few pictures when we travel in a foreign land. it's because i'm usually the one holding the camera. and i'm the map reader. my sister would just wait for my directions. so instead of being busy with the camera, i'm busy with the map. but i'm not complaining because i've learned how to read map (just make sure the map is detailed. hehe). and i get to really know the place. as in when you leave me there, i know i'll find my way back. and it makes me comfortable with the place.

lately, a lot of my friends keep telling other people that i'm looking for korean guys. i would just like to clarify something.. i'm not. seriously. i know i've posted about korean mania before but that's just it. and it's my way to de-stress. but honestly, i'm not into korean guys. it's just that now i'm update with kpop but that does not mean i want to marry a korean. if he's korean, then fine.. but if he's not, it's also fine. as long as he's a good man and he loves me.

speaking of kpop, i'm surprised that the popular prison inmates of cebu are dancing to the tunes of kpop, such as Lies by Big Bang, and wonder girls songs.

i relly like my sister's student, jared. he's my favorite. he's really funny and cute. earlier, he and his siblings danced coz he didn't have any assignment yesterday. and they really danced the whole song. funny coz his siblings are really in full support. hehehe

i'm now a snob :( before, when i saw some friends i would be too lively in greeting them. but now when i saw them in the mall, i just say hi then leave. even if they seem to like to have a little chitchat, i would just smile and say goodbye. why am i not friendly anymore?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer End?

Note: i am selfish. hehehe

summer in the philippines is from march to may. and it's still april, yet it's always raining. and just drizzle but it's raining hard, and everyday starting this week.

honestly, i don't care as long as i'm not on the road when it rains. it's okay if summer has ended already. why? because for me, i already experienced summer. summer has always been associated with the beach. i have already gone to the beach. yehey! and attended mark10 on a wednesday evening.

*picture from clint

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Washing of Feet

yesterday was maundy thursday. and of course when you hear mass, there will be the washing of feet. it's a humbling act. especially for the priest. yesterday when father washed the feet of the 12 chosen men, i wondered how he felt. coz i'm sure he really doesn't know these guys, well maybe except for the church assistant and the security guard.. but for the others, even if most of them are really rich people, how does he feel holding and washing their feet?

it also brought memories of one of the bonding moments with SE34. i think for me, this would be the most memorable.. the washing of feet.

we stayed overnight in tagaytay, and the next morning.. our activity was to wash the feet of the other se34 members, particularly those who have hurt you or you want to say sorry to.

these are my friend. though we have only known each other for just a year, we totally have known each other and were already comfortable.

but still, it's feet.. i don't like. hehehe. but when i participated, i was humbled. not only because i washed someone's feet, but also when my feet was washed. really a humbling experience.

right now, i would like to apologize to all those i've hurt consciously or unconsciously.

and to iris and tuz, for posting your pic, i just want to sing... "sorry sorry sorry sorry (naega naega naega monjoe)..." with matching dance yan. hehehe.

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Truth about the Little Mermaid

when we were kids, my sister loved the disney movie The Little Mermaid. we would always watch it. i think more than once everyday. that's why i thought i can say i know the story very well. but then recently, i got to watch some shows where they keep comparing the little mermaid to a sad story or to unrequited love. and that really confused me. so i asked my sister about it. she gave me the wikipedia link. and it's just the other day, that i've learned about the real story of the little mermaid. i never knew that it's a sad story. all along i thought it's a happy ending. sigh...

Friday, March 27, 2009


you know what this is. yeah! it's the princess pret-ty tin. i'm back.

hehe. and to prove that i'm back and somehow it's still me, i will tell you my bloopers yesterday. hehe.

1. every morning or when i am in panic mode, i text my old number a personal prayer. and yesterday morning i was in a panic mode because i woke up late. so i started with my prayer by saying sorry coz i woke up late. but when i read my message on my sent items in the afternoon, i discovered that what i've written was: "Lord, sorry for waking up." toink!

2. was going to an office with one of our consultants. since it's just on the second floor, we decided to take the stairs. i stipped midway. why? because my shoes got removed. hehehe.

3. i decided to ride the lrt (light rail transit) in going back to the office. and when i was paying, the teller was just looking at me and not giving me ticket or a change (i know i still have a change). then when i looked at what i gave, i gave my mrt card pala instead of the payment. hehehe.

i forgot another one.. the most major one..

4. i overlooked a requirement. this made my application rejected yesterday. i'm really praying that the requirement can be produced and submitted today, or what i have can be sufficient enough. it's just really heart-wrenching when my dad told me that my application was not accepted because of that requirement (yup, my dad is helping me). it would be okay if i got rejected because i failed the qualifying exam, but not this way. after waiting for the announcement that it is open again for application and after receiving text message from a friend on this announcement that got me really excited, then i got rejected.. disheartening! i should not have been excited. ate tonette, i am sorry.. i don't know, i just feel like i owe you an apology. but still i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

actually, this is a nonsense post. i just want to say i'm back (i hope). and i missed my blog. how about you? how are you?

**just an update. my application for number 4 was accepted. yippee!! okay, now goodluck with the rest of the application.. especially french. hahaha

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


from korean to japanese.

one day, son excitedly texted me. (i'm sure she was excited. i can feel it in her message.) she's recommending to me to watch a japanese drama series "Bambino" if i want to be inspired in my career. that if i feel down because of career-related stuff, i should watch this series. honestly, i was doubting her since the star is jun matsumoto, who she has a crush on. i was thinking she only wants me to watch it because of jun matsumoto. hehehe.

but still i tried it. and she is right. it really is inspiring. my sister would once in a while nudge me when there's a scene or words that she thinks i can relate to. but 90% of the film i can elate to. even if he's a chef, it's still applicable to me. what's nice about the show is that the concept is not the usual love story but really on career.

bambino = bambi, meaning baby. i'm also a bambino, i guess that's why i can really relate to it.

and of course, here's some lines that i like:

1. I can't fight back.
2. Change of order. (because of this, my sister and i won't change orders anymore in the restaurant. hehe)
3. You're tired because you have too many wasteful movements. If you don't think about your job priorities, your tasks get slowed down.
4. Don't be impatient about the stuff infront of you. Prioritize beforehand.
5. Nice. (i think i was really like bambino when this was said to him. hahaha)
6. It's hard to think that one is not needed. There is nothing more upsetting than not being useful.
7. In the end, it's whether or not you run away from there.
8. Everyone is the same. Everyone who works has some discouragement in their lives.
Even still everyone continues on working. That's what it means to work for a living.
9. Guys who don't focus on the work infront of them don't have the right to talk about their dreams.
10. In this world, few people find their true calling. For everyone, more or less, it's unjust. But what will you do then? Will you stay there and rot? Will you work hard to turn it into something positive? Or will you look for some place else?
11. It can't be helped if you made mistakes. You can't change the past. The important thing is that you think properly about why you made mistakes.
12. People who can do their jobs are supporting those who can't.
13. You get tense because you don't have confidence in your skills. You have no confidence so you get your work done and you want to get away from the table. When you do that, you look panicky infront of the customers. All you think about is not making a blunder.
14. If people like you have confidence in their skills, then you will be fine.

i really recommend that you watch it :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Korean Mania

my sister had news for me that really got me excited. Bigbang MIGHT come to manila!!!! i was really excited with the news yesterday. G-dragon and Daesung!! yes, and also Top. but still, g-dragon and daesung. hahaha. (a little background, sandara park created a buzz in korea because of her kissing scene with top in a music video. and i think she'll be part of a new female group)

i'm sorry. i am kinda into korean showbiz recently. and i like the music of Bigbang. actually, yesterday before my sister told me the news, i had the song "Lies" in my head all morning.

so, how did i end up liking bigbang and korean showbiz? it's because i've been addicted with this korean variety show, Family Outing. it started when my sister let me watch it because the guest was Bi Rain, then the next guest was Cha Tae Hyeon (the guy in My Sassy Girl). i tried to look for the first episode and the guest was cute, Kim Dong Wan of Shinwa. bwahaha. and the rest is history. and since they feature different guests every show, you would try to learn on who the guest is. recently, they had Daniel Henney and (to my sister's delight) Top.

yoon jong shin, park yejin, lee chunhee, kim sooro, yoo jaesuk, lee hyori, daesung (kim jong kook is not in the picture)

it's really a funny show, and as you would always watch it, they would somehow be like part of your familly too. from korea's sexy diva lee hyori, chunderella (lee chunhee), dumb and dumber yoo jaesuk (the best mc for me) and daesung (from bigbang), sweet park yejin (surprisingly was the villain in Memories in Bali), stepmom kim sooro, the newest member kong jong kook, to oppa yoon jong shin.

i hope my sister won't get mad at me for posting this. she told me not to be excited coz it might get jinxed. i hope not. anyway, i'll go back to watching family outing. thanks to the subbers.
*picture of bigbang from this site and family outing from

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Specialty is the Best

a virtual kiss from ate ghee

i love pleasant surprises. i guess people who get text messages from me or is my ym buddy would know that.

i admit, i would like to have a surprise party. well, ace tried.. but not really that surprise coz i also helped with the food preps. but when i was in 4th year highschool, i somehow had a surprise birthday, more of a surprise greeting.

last day of newspaper drive. newspaper drive is like a big event in our school. the batches really compete. so it's a busy day for our school. come lunch time, i was in the canteen with my friends when one group from the lower batch went to us and started singing happy birthday. with matching balloons and all. i was really surprised. and i received lots of bday cards that day. it was really a good feeling since the day before, i was talking to a friend and told her that my bday would just be another day. that's why i didn't expect that some people would make it special.

this is my birthday post, but i would like to greet ate ghee happy happy birthday :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Filipina Artist to Debut in New York Gallery

i would just like to share this nice article about Miss Maria Pureza "Puchette" Escano. if you're living in new york, or somewhere near there i hope you can visit the exhibit. that could be your birthday gift for her. belated happy birthday puchette. question, puchette are you going to wear pink at the exhibit? hehehe. i just have to ask that, coz that's how we became friends. hehe. but seriously, if you can visit the exhibit, please do so and show your support. thanks

Filipina Artist to Debut in New York Gallery

Maria Pureza Escaño, a Filipina artist will mark her debut into the international art scene with an exhibition at the ICO Gallery in Tribeca, New York from March 5 to 28, 2009. Maria Pureza will participate in "New Motions of the Figure",a group show of realists which includes the works of Blake Ward, John Boe Paulsen, Kevin McKrell, Ned Martin, Nelly Drell and Jean Dorch.

Maria Pureza Escaño, a self-taught artist, was born in Sariaya, Quezon, a town from which she sources the birth of her creative soul with its dreamy and colorful vistas and its rich culture of Fil-American-Hispanic infusions.

Considered as one of the most promising artists in Manila, Maria Pureza is gaining reknown for her excellent realism renditions of rustic scenes in oil, acrylic and watercolor and the sinuous quality of her abstract works. Buds Convocar, president of the Art Association of the Philippines describes her paintings as “can be ranked with the great American impressionists” while Dekada Arts, an online gallery, considers her style as “a bold deviation from the common impression of what is Filipino.”

ICO Gallery is located at 27 North Moore Street, New York. Artists’ reception will on March 13 at 8:00 pm. For inquiries please call (212)966-3897 or email

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baler Surfing

i'm posting this for my friend. Balr is a nice place, especially for surfing. if you'll go surfing in Baler then go to La Union afterwards, you'll not consider La Union waves as surfing waves. if you would like to go surfing, you should really try it in baler. exciting. from going there to surfing itself, exciting! and his package is not expensive actually.

Baler surfing lessons and tour package
- minimum of 9 per trip/van
- if your group is less than 9, we will find other people to complete the number
- half of the payment to be deposited as downpayment; the other half upon meet up

- van transportation (Manila-Baler-manila)
- beachfront lodging (room sharing)
- 2 meals
- 2 hours surfing lessons (extra lessons also available)
- tour of Baler Church, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler, pasalubong center, and a trip/short hike to Dicasalarin cove (secluded beach)

Itinerary (subject to change):
11pm meet up (McDonald's El Pueblo, Ortigas)
12mn leave for Baler

6-7am arrive at Baler (check in and breakfast)
9am surf lessons
11am lunch/rest
1pm Dicasalarin cove (almost 2km hike)
4pm back to resort/rest/beach/surf
7pm dinner/socials

8am breakfast
9am beach/surf
11am lunch/rest
12nn checkout
1230p Baler Church, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler, pasalubong center
2pm leave for Manila
8-9pm arrive at Manila

Tentative date of next trip: February 28 - March 1

For more inquiries/details, kindly text Bart at 09172562040.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


when i get the chance to be home early saturday evening, i make it a point to watch talentadong pinoy (talented filipino) in channel 5. it's a filipino version of america's got talent or britain's got talent.

there's always a lot of contestants. for some you'll really be amazed. but there are some who would gross you out and you would not want your children to see coz they might imitate them. it's just great to see that there are really a lot of filipinos who are talented.

i can't join that contest coz i don't know what i'll present. how about you? if you'll join the contest, what talent will you show?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dreaming of Batanes

Batanes had always been a dream destination for me. eversince highschool, there are only two Philippine places that i really really would like to visit.. Batanes and Amanpulo.

i remember when i met kuya king of RACE, first thing i asked him is when are they going to batanes. that time, it's still an idea for RACE but they're considering it already. and now, that idea is going to be a reality. they are going to batanes on March 20-23. i was really excited when i got to read it. but now, it depresses me, especially when abet gave me a list of those who are going to join. most of the angels would be there, and as of 5:45pm today only 8 slots are left.

i was thinking of a topic to post, and when i read abet's message, i literally became weak. so now, i'm writing this blog to somehow strengthen me (duh! as if there's a connection). and why did his message made me weak/depress? its because as of now it's only 5% chance for me to join them. why just 5%?

1. the cost is quite expensive. but i know RACE would accept installment to help you in your payment. hehe.
2. my future is totally unclear right now. i have some concerns that would totally affect my future
3. the dates are friday to monday. that means, 2 days of absent from work. i'm having a dilemma now for next saturday's schedule. so what more for the batanes trip which would be on a weekday pa.

call me shallow, but i really want to cry now. highschool dream.. still a far-fetched dream. shit! now, i'm really crying

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 2009

last year, i was really looking forward to 2009. i envision my 2009 as a good year, way better than my 2008. i was excited for 2009 to come.

2009 is already here. more than a week has passed. and right now i do not know what 2009 has in store for me. honestly, it has not really been that great for me. but i still remain positive. it's just the start of the year, God has something really great for me this year. it is still not yet just revealed to me, but maybe little by little it is already presented to me.

and i think this year being a good year is also visible in my appearance. coz when i saw some friends the other night, even if i am totally bothered and down that day, they still said i have a good aura. and that i don't look sad mad. hehe

so, cheers for 2009