Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Princess Birthday Party

The night of Nov. 9 had been a magical night in the Kingdom of McDonald's St. Francis Square.  Around 30 Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens from different kingdoms gathered to celebrate the birthday of the prettiest of them all (walang kokontra, bday ko. hehe), Princess Pretty Tin.  There had been representatives from the Kingdoms of 16th Avenue (my childhood friend), St. Paul (highschool classmates), BLD Youth (self-explanatory), SE34 (selected few), and UPLB (actually, just my roommate).  Because of a very limited budget, there are only a number of guests and invites.  Econsoc friends were not invited anymore because of the party last Saturday. 
The party, aside from being a b-day celebration, had been a reunion.  Reunion because this had been a meeting place for us friends who have not seen each other in ages.  Though we see each other online, it's the first time for us to meet personally again.  Celebrating in McDonald's is always connoted as kiddie party with baloons, party hats, games and goodie bags.  Yes, even if there were no kids, it was still a kiddie party.  Games were there, letting the guests show their energetic kiddie side especially during the Bring Me.  The Bring Me made the guests ignore each other just to win a prize.  The Princesses enjoyed watching their Princes made kembot during the first game.  But I think the highlight of the night was the special guest... Grimace!  Everyone became awake, excited to have a picture taken with him. 
The night made me tired.  Especially given the reason that I cried that afternoon.  I guess quarter-life crisis.  Haha.  Anyway, during lunch time I guess I can be compared to a bride who wanted to back-out from her wedding the last minute because of nervousness.  I don't know why I was really nervous, but I was scared that the party would be a flop.  I wanted to cancel it the last minute.  But I can't.  So go with the flow.  And I am really happy I did not cancel it.  Despite of the few guests (ang galing ng timing ng mga boss! coz half of my confirmed guest list had an overtime the last minute), it was a fun night making all of us feel young again and reconnect with our inner child.  Truly a magical night! :)
Pictures to follow..

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