Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Enchanting Siquijor

as soon as we arrived in the port/pier, we're already enchanted with the beauty of Siquijor. the water is so clear, and it has white sand.

we stayed in coco grove, and the resort is really really nice! with a very nice welcome for us in the pier. a little pricey, but it's really beautiful.

the signal is weak in siquijor, and there are only certain areas in the resort that has signal and also wifi. so, you can really relax and have vacation. just like what happened to me and my friends. when we were still in dumaguete, we were on our phones for work, and we can't work in siquijor anymore since there is no signal. time for us to rest.

siquijor is just a small island. you can tour the whole island in a day.

we took the coastal island tour.

first stop is a big balete tree. but its not only the balete tree that you can find there. you can have a fish foot spa.

and we visited a church made of wood. i think it's my first time to see church made of wood.

next stop is the cambugahay falls..

you have to climb 100+ steps, i forgot how many. we were warned by our kind driver/guide/photographer/videographer. when going down, we didn't mind it. going up, we counted aloud and we were out of breath.

that's the start of the adventure. when you reach the falls, you can do the tarzan jump.

even if you don't know how to swim, you can still do it. the water in that part is not deep. but there are full of rocks, so still be careful. and since we are adventurous, we jumped near the falls which is kind of high. this time, if you don't know how to swim this is not recommended coz the water is deep.

i also jumped! thanks to the encouragement of my friends and pol who assured me that he will save me after i jump. everyone just told me to relax and i will be fine. amazingly! i did not panic after jumping and i did float! a little fyi about me.. i don't know how to swim. hehe.

next stop: salagdoong beach. it's a public beach. for the first time in siquijor, we ate a lot since the food is cheaper. hehehe.  you can swim in the water, better to wear sandals because it's kind of stony.

but the real highlight: cliff diving! it's so high. much higher than the falls. and you should jump if it's high tide and the water's really deep because it's full of rocks. it's sad that we were not able to experience it since it is low tide. it is not safe to jump. so we just took pictures.

honestly, i'm not sure if i'll jump if ever. the waves are also strong. why did i never learn to swim?

and you now another good thing about siquijor? everyone is so nice! i really recommend that you visit siquijor. go! book now!

*thanks to the spammers for the other pictures

Saturday, September 27, 2014

What is the Allure of the Vintage BMW Bike?

The BMW vintage motorcycle has long been a staple of motorcycle collectors, particularly models that were built right after World War II when the German company was back on its legs. Models like the beige R50 from the 1950s and the R5 1/3 with its classic hardtail seat are items chased after by collectors big and small. Fortunately, there's been enough production over the decades that some of these models can be found and are not completely lost to history or private collections. However, folks do need to take the time to hunt down the right bikes as these motorcycles do tend to go very quickly.

The period from 1955 to 1969 produced some of the most sought after BMW motorcycles with engines ranging from 250cc to 500cc, or essentially a bike for everyone's tastes. A good number of these models were sold both in Europe as well as the U.S., which would have likely convinced people that BMW was doing well. Ironically, the company was having serious financial problems at the time. This was also the period that the BMW motorcycle saw the last of its models equipped with a sidecar. After this time period, BMW riders wanted an “unencumbered” motorcycle for pure riding, so the accessory began to disappear.

There was plenty of groundswell to carry BMW forward. Many of the young riders from the 1960s had matured but still wanted a BMW motorcycle. This kept the vintage look and design in place for another decade, sticking to the famous black BMW bike look started years earlier.

The motorcycle models made from 1970 to 1982 carried a lot of the same pin-striping and black BMW motorcycle look of the earlier years. They also had thicker seats for longer riding, and many BMW models became the first touring bikes for long-distance riders. However, the later models had quite a bit more work added to them with bigger engines. Eventually, the old-style kickstart pedal was eliminated in trade for a key ignition. By 1977 a 1,000cc engine model became available in the R100/7.

Starting with the 1983 models going forward, the era of the vintage BMW motorcycle ended. Models produced afterwards had modern looks, far more plastic fairings for wind resistance and a different look. The bare metal body look didn't reappear again until the souped up R1200C model showed up in a James Bond film in 1997.

Finding a vintage BMW motorcycle can be done either through a BMW dealer or through private sales. The best way to get started if looking for a first bike is to go through a dealer, however. This is because there's a lot to learn when taking on a BMW motorcycle. These bikes take some time to understand, learn, maintain and keep running. And the older the model chosen, the more learning there is involved with keeping it running right. So a new buyer looking to get into the world of BMW motorcycles should do some homework first and research how these machines work.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

SHOOT! ...Not...

my friends and i did the beer pong challenge last night. beer pong is there are glasses of beer on the table, and you have to shoot the ball in the glass. if you shoot it, the other person will drink that glass.

and of course, i didn't get to shoot any. as expected. hehe. and it brought me memories of my basketball class for college p.e.

i can say that my basketball teacher came to know my name. why? because she waited for me with two of my classmate-friends for almost 2 hours i think.

the exercise for that day is really simple (if you're good in basketball). just shoot two consecutive free throws then you can go home. that's just the activity for the day. and you guessed it.. i was not able to get in the free throws consecutively. i think 15 minutes before the class ended there were still a few of us left. so our teacher decided that we  just have to have two throws in, even if it's not consecutive as long as it's two. all of my classmates were able to finish it. so they all left. i was left alone shooting. our teacher of course was still there, and two classmates (who were my friends) stayed. i can't shoot two. after a long long long time, finally! it's in! and then we went home.

do you know the anime Free!? i think i have some similarities with rei.. he knows all the theories and technicalities, but not the application. well, our difference is at the end, he became good.
i suck at sports (except being a goalkeeper for soccer, naks!) but for basketball, i know a lot on its technicalities since i had been watching basketball since i was a kid.

this is a nonsense post but i just want to post something here in my blog again. and well, just sharing something about me :)

Saturday, April 26, 2014


it's april and one of the good things that happened to me this year is meeting and seeing people i haven't seen for the longest time. every month, there are sets of people i have not seen. and it's like i have rekindled my friendship with them

january - angel/friends of race (last time i saw them is i think for more than a year already)
february - se34
march - highschool friends
april - racho family

but the sad part is in every month also (except january) i've been going to wakes. this has been the reason i saw these friends again.

i'm looking for ward to seeing more friends as the months go by but i pray i won't meet them in wakes this time.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013: Blessed Year

if i can describe 2013 in one word, it will be blessed. i can't really particularly pinpoint major blessings but i really blessed for 2013.

the first month is already a blessing. i went back to korea, this time with friends. and experienced skiing, met g-dragon's dad.. and the highlight of all, watched bigbang's concert in seoul. the concert is a highlight coz it had been our dream for years already to watch their concert in korea.

and the second month for me brought a big change in (career) life. i resigned and went back to my former company. yes, it was still stressful most of the time, but something's different now. and it's for the better. some said that i've matured. i'm not sure, but the change in career is one blessing for me also.

and then of course, my winning of an instant camera! yes, it's a big deal for i have mentioned in my previous post, it had been a childhood dream to own a polaroid, that's why it's a big deal for me to win this. i was thinking of buying already, so the winning is perfect timing. thanks buzz korea!

but what makes the year a very blessed year is meeting friends again after not seeing them for a long time.

i'm looking forward to 2014 because i know it will be a year that i would always cherish. i know the lots of good things will happen to me this year :)