Saturday, August 25, 2007

Girls that Rock Award

they are simple, humble and ordinary people. not famous (except in the blog world i think). they are not called your highness. they did not have any solo concerts yet that have been sold out. you cannot find any albums of them in your favorite record bars. their cribs have not been featured in mtv cribs. they do not have their own tv show. but these girls rock! they have their own fans. and i'm one of them. why? because they are astig!

from the kingdom of cambodia... a musician/lawyer/diplomat who is so good in the kitchen (i'm talking about eating not cooking), and now a certified blogger with a matching feature in manila bulletin... You Rock Ate Toe!
actually, this award is from her passed on to me. that is why it really is an honor. coz the award is like made for her, and yet she is generous to pass it to someone like me. i'm not worthy. i'm not worthy. (with matching bowing). hehe

from one musician to another. a really great singer (i bet most of you didn't know that). but now a good housewife to her hubby and a sweet mommy to Baby A. and if you think of Turkey only as a food every thanksgiving, then read her blog to know how it is to live there. the diva of turkey... You Rock Duke!

a businesswoman at heart. not only with her own business but also with blogging. she can advertise without you knowing it. memes are attracted to her. people would always tag her. and as a revenge, she made her own meme which can be read from many blogs already. from the city of smiles, bacolod city... You Rock Carey!

don't be fooled with her sweet face, coz she can really be sarcastic and ruthless if she wants to (hehehe). she can think of out-of-this world topics. and 13 is a meaningful number for her. she can think of 13 different things that are in the same category and i am sure you would not think of that. an architect who is also a dancer (during flower festivals. hahaha), and definitely a creative writer. from the summer capital of the philippines, baguio city... You Rock Alternati!

here's my list of the Girls that Rock and it's up to them if they want to pass their award to another person. hehehe.

here's the Diyosa ng Kagandahan (Goddess of Beauty) signing off....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weekend Movie Singing

last weekend (the really long weekend), i just stayed at home. i really planned of not going out except last sunday for mass and for the wedding preps of marj. i just indulged myself with tv, dvd, internet, computer games, sleep. hehehe. and i was really contented. why? because it seems that it was only last weekend that i really had some rest. it was a lazy weekend for me. it's like i didn't have any pressure or whatever.

and since i slightly had a dvd marathon (movies coz i finished the tv series already), almost all the movies i watched have a good soundtrack. and the good thing about dvd, some of it have lyrics showing. and this made me enjoy the movie more, coz i get to sing along. hahaha. that is why i watched again and again Love Actually. it's not only because i love their soundtrack, but also the movie itself. i love it!

haay... how i wish i'll find a dvd of Moulin Rouge and The Sound of Music...

weekend is fast approaching again.. any plans for the weekend? and what movie soundtrack is your favorite?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

All About Me

i want to post something but i don't have abything to post. so i'm just going to steal this from Jamie. yup, jamie. we miss you!

i'm not posting the rules coz there'll be no rules. hehehe. i hope you'll answer it. thanks :)

1. Tin-tin is _____.

2. Tin-tin loves _____.
3. Tin-tin is my _____.
4. Tin-tin needs _____.
5. Someday Tin-tin will be _____.
6. Tin-tin reminds me of _____.
7. Without Tin-tin, _____.
8. Tin-tin has a tendency to be _____.
9. Only Tin-tin can _____.
10. I've been wanting to tell Tin-tin that _____.
11. If Tin-tin is the answer what is the question? _____.
12. If Tin-tin is a song in your head what would it be? _____.
13. A one liner for Tin-tin would be _____.

have fun! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A 5th Grader's Dream

it's always said that when a door closes, a window is opened. i didn't very much feel that quote until recently when an email was sent somehow like that. it's about thanking God for closed doors just as much as you're thankful for open doors.

last year, i thought i was going to transfer to a new company, a (slightly) dream company.. but i don't know what happened. it didn't push thru. i really questioned God. but after reading the email, i've realized something. if not for that, i wouldn't make a step in fulfilling my ultimate dream. and so now i've made a step. i applied for my dream to come true. and now i'm asking for your prayers. hahaha. coz for me i only have ten percent of passing. but i'm really hanging on that ten percent. so guys please pray for me. thank you :)


last night, while i was channel surfing, i came across a quiz show in QTV. the title is Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? it's like who wants to be a millionaire but the people who can help you are 5th graders. the questions ranged from 1st grade to 5th grade subjects. yup, they are. and of course since they are elementary topics, and i've graduated a long time ago.. i flunked. hahaha.

sample of the questions i was not able to answer:
What sphere is the lowest layer of the earth? --> well, i remember before that i had a hard time memorizing all these spheres.. mesoshpere, troposhphere, etc.
How many feet in a mile?
How many moons does mars have?
How many of the interior angles in a scalene triangle have the same number of degrees? --> okay.. this is a 3rd grade question. i can't remember that in our 3rd grade math.

haaay... if i'm not even smarter than a 5th grader.. how can i fulfill my dreams? see! i badly need your prayers. hahahaa :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


i have just finished watching Heroes. a tv series in america that almost all of my friends have finished watching months ago. we had a dvd months ago but i have not seen it until last weekend. and i liked it.

but honestly, when i see matt partman, the one who can read minds, i get bothered. it's like when i watched the movie What Women Want starring Mel Gibson. it's scary. more scary than those with nuclear power. it's because, it's like my mind is the only thing where i can have my privacy. my thoughts, dreams, etc. it's like the only place where i can be secured. did you get it? basta... after watching the movie and again heroes, it always make me think that i should be careful with my own thoughts coz someone might be able to read it.

one thing you would hear from he series over and over again is the word... destiny.

have you ever thought what your destiny is? and if ever you'll have a superpower, what would it be?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Friendster Testimonials

after two weeks of absence, i've attended Mark 10 again. i missed the kids but they didn't miss me. they were not listening to me and yung iba inaaway ako. especially jom who's 11 y.o. (am i right tim?). he asked me how old i am, and when i said i'm 26, he blurted out: "why are all the 26 year old that i know fat?" saya diba? thank you very much jom! but as i said in my comment on your friendster, i understand you coz you're now EMO. hahaha.

to lift my spirits up and with nothing to do since plans for tonight didn't push thru, i read my testimonials in friendster. and most are funny and really described me. and i'm posting them here. so this is a looooong post. you don't have to read it. it would just serve as a reminder for myself when i am feeling down. and i won't translate it. but don't worry everyone.. i'll summarize them for you. coz what are written are just the same. and for those who have all the time in the world, you can guess who wrote it. hehehe. and of course the testimonials there are basically chosen. hehehe.

basically, the testimonials just say that: I am a good singer, dancer. Friendly.. a kind, generous friend who is fun to be and really pretty. hahaha. i love having my own blog. i can write anything. hahaha ;p

here are the testimonials:

the thing that i love about tin tin is the fact that she is super ma-kwento. it seems like she never ran out of amusing stories to tell. she's very dedicated to her endeavors and amazingly, she still finds time for gimmick. this girl has an amazing voice. Hehehe. NOT!!!!

d best external affairs head, sobrang mahal ang org…laging me free dessert everytime may meeting…sobrang magalaw kya ang galing sumayaw! Hehehe… Anyway, one of the best listeners, you can tell her anything without being judged. Tsismosa in other words. ang daling ayain sa mga gimiks and kainan (sosyal yan). Mapang-asar on the side.

ang laki ng improvement at transformation ng girl na to when she joined the tambourine. if before she used to be shy , ngayon,waahh....ang galing ng sumayaw...

I can easily tell her my secrets and problems and i know she wont tell. Great dancer..her new motto: "Practice makes perfect!"

super masayang kasama and laging libre ang dessert ng externals...

videoke queen yan...super galing kumanta yang si tin-tin..

A Praise & Worship dancer at heart. Polite and friendly but don't be deceived by all her "opo's" & "po's" coz she'll strike you with her pranks, antics & pang-aasarz... grrr... when u least expect it.hehehe...:) Inspite of her sneakiness... she'll touch you with her thoughtful gestures. ;)

c tintin ang isa sa mga pinakabading na sisses sa econsoc noon (marlet and tj ung iba!)..define tsismis at alam nia yan lhat!mega business woman din u still remember nung one time na nagtry k magpka feeling "conservative" ? kakloka! d nia rin natiis!

Tin loves (and struggles) to tell jokes. But mind you, this sweet and funny (videoke-loving) lady is a friend you can always rely on. She usually plays Ate Helen, listening to friends' problems and what-have-you's, and of course, giving advice. One thing I find amusing with her... she's updated with the latest buzz (in and out of showbiz, hehehe) and with her oh, so keen intuition, she knows the latest tsismis even before it happens.

tin is one person who never fails to bring sunshine wherever she goes, ever lively, sobrang makulit.

very reliable and very patient...someone who doesn't complain even though i surprise her with a lot of favors...

Proven na ba naten na ang gaganada lage ng mga externals com heads.. hehe. she
sometimes has the tendency of switching from one topic to another without any
warning or transition at all hehe but that's ok, we catch up eventually. The best ka
talaga bakla, videoke, party, tequila days, e4 days,midnight society...

Grabe super saludo ko sa pagiging friendly and "ALWAYS AROUND" ng girl na to! whew! She's always there when you need her and despite her busy life she makes it a point that she'll always have time with everything and everyone that matter to her...sound super girl ba? coz she really is!!

bait kasi hinatid ako sa bahay kahit kelngan na nilang umuwi

super super simple and super baitÜ cia ung kaibigan na di mu kailangan makita para masabi mong friend mo... khit na may age gap kmi,i easily got along with her...u will really feel comfortable whenever ur with herÜ

We love to try out cafes in LB and wherever, actuallly...

She's one of the missing link between the more mature members of the org and the
youngsters. Sya nga pala ang kauna-unahang resident econsoc na nagka-celphone (ako pager lang nun). Kahit sa Space Shuttle man o sa jeep o sa kalsada, walang mintis yan kakakasend ng text.

sha yung tipong friend na di mo na kaylangan makita para malaman mong nandiyan lang.

Super bait, parang hindi nagagalit... AS IN!!!

si kristine na siguro ang may pinaka astig na boses sa balat ng lupa. yun tamang d mo makakalimutan. she accepts me for who i am, but let's me know when i am going too far na.

Mapagmahal, mabait at mapagbigay

kahit sa phone lang kami nag uusap di ka talaga mabobored.

she’s a sweet, thoughtful (for she never forgets to text me whatever event is happening), humble, God-fearing person and a true friend to me…

Define sweet. You were frowning because your day didn’t turned out right but then somebody far away texted you with this line “Smile! Jesus in me loves you.” That’s Tin and she knows exactly when you’re feeling down.

Pano though she's 2 years older, she looked cuter and younger to! hehe. I admire ur conviction to stand by ur decisions.

she's kind n very friendly, n she'll always make u feel na ur a welcome addition 2 her friends.

trivia: mlayo p lng sya sa tambayn makikita mo ang super todo hi w/ todo smiling face nya and its enough to lighten up your mood.

madami at mahilig yan magtanong ng kung anu-ano..... never a time na nagkita kami na hindi nya ko tinanong:)

before kala ko mataray siya, pero sooobra bait niya.

she really understands na feeling mo sa kanya mismo nangyayari yun.

ever the so ruffa mae econsoc sis... ay ewan ko d2 sa sis ko na 2 masyadong kikay... pagtinawagan mo pa sa phone ang sagot... howdy dowdy... hehehehe well she's is so kind, sweet, gentle and .... murderous! shes the ultimate chikadora bloc mate...

sobrang touched ako sa kanya kasi ang lambing nya sa akin kahit minsan e nasusungitan ko sya...

ito na ata ang pinaka-funny na taong kilala ko. as in! ang lupet mag-joke! no dull moment! true scorpio indeed.

Tintin..very religious...child of God...sweet, sensible though I must say she's one helluva job-hopper

si tin ay makulit. si tin ay mabait. si tin ay madaldal. si tin ay sikat -- literally, may
kilala sa kahit anong college sa campus..all courses well-represented sa circle of friends nya, hehe ;)si tin ay friendly. sobra. kahit bagong kilala ka pa lang nya, she has a way of making people very at ease with her..

Pag nakikitira ako dati sa house nila sa whitehouse super maalaga yan.. Mega
luto ng name it. Taz meron kameng common dream nyan, to
see our faces sa lifestyle section ng newspaper.. he he he!! Mala socialtie ba.

and she never fails to include me in her prayers..

sobrang bait, pero she can hold her subordinates. lagi kaming may choco mousse every externals meeting! and, the theme of the externals committee? "committee ng mga
magaganda't gwapo".. just look at our head, and that proves it. :)

si tin e good listener.kahet simpleng kwento lang e makikinig siya sa iyo... si tin,never
nakamiss ng bati sa akin yan...birthday at even anivversary...ang sweet nga kc she never forgets...

Tin is super God-loving, kaya minsan pag feeling ko hindi ko na kaya ang lyf I ask her to
pray for me....Laging nanjan, super sarap kausap, funny madalas, serious kung minsan...and always ready to listen to the latest chika and even the smallest of all problems. Super sensitive na friend, kaya naman feeling ko maski hindi ikwento sa kanya ung mga chika eh mejo gets parin nya. Intuitive, yep that's tin. Loving, un rin. Grabe nga itong magmahal eh

it wouldn't be the same without rocha's morning prayer..i always look forward to her minsan sakto tlaga! hay..thanks talaga for the never-ending and untiring inspiration you're giving're such an angel!

a vry supportive frend!hehehe and a vry generous one 2!!

the 1st time i noticed her was way back year 2004 yata yon, someone (a guy)commented saying "i like that girl, she's pretty".. then sabi ko oo nga, sino sya? after that lagi ko na syang napapansin kc medyo madaldal (hehehe)!!! she's very friendly, always wearing a sweet smile... smart and self-confident, she knows how to carry herself that's why she's sexy..

u know what's her fav. sOng??? "i will survive"... grabe tlaga hataw nya! kya, wherever i may go, pag naririnig kO yang sOng na yan, xa agad naaalala kO! hehe(",)

shes very accommodating...and friendly talaga shes the type na i-aapproach ka kapag medyo na-a-out of place ka prang ganun bsta shes really nice un po..

She will just pop up in your phone sending a prayer msg na nakaka touch.

ewan ko ba kung bakit sa kakupalan mo sakin ay itinuturing parin kitang kaibigan... :)

mdaling mksundo yan. sana lng (mader) wag masyado sensi at mtampuhin. d rin
pikon yan. pero pikunin ko man yan, mdaling hanapin kiliti nyan. AS IN!

AnG ShEpHeRd KoNg....... kakaiba.....?


but seriously c tintin ay super friendly & hindi sya plastik na frend as in, akalin mo naman b first met namen eh feeling close na ka agad namen hehe para bang magkakilala na kme matagal na ganun ba, but until now ganun pa rin sya na super mabait,super & very approachable (lalo na pagdating sa money hehe joke),& super masaya kasama as in hindi ka maboboring' wag mo nga lang pakantahin bka mag backout na kayo sa gimmick hehe joke actually may potential naman po sya eh promiz!!!

hoy ang paplastik ng mga kaibigan mo ha! diva k daw?!! alam ko lng sobrang taas ng confidence level ng babaeng to. cia ung tipong d ka mgddlawang isip lapitan pag kailangn mo ng tulong, advise, maski pera (hehe) o basta kailngn mo ng kaibigan period. thats because she has a way of making people around her feel special. her sunny disposotion can light up an otherwise dull mood.nd she is so open and bubbly that (yes) we can talk about nything under the sun and moon

tin?! wat can i say..uhmmm.. nde po sya tin!! Wahaha mas bata ko sa kanya.. but she acts, sometimes, like she's yonger than i am..hmmmm.. she's sweet.. pretty.. mabait.. and chubby.. hehe..kala mo puro positive sasabhin ko noh? :-)

Pero tuwing nag-uusap kami, siguradong madami na namang kuwento, dahil hindi siya nauubusan ng tsismis.

c tin, ang lakas ng loob na makipag pasexy-han sakin.. ewan ko ba.. angat lang sya sakn sa boobs and mas straight ang hair nya.. yun lang. good thing we became friends kahit sobrang layo ng age gap namin.. ;)

Matiyagang kausap sa chat at maraming insights sa buhay.

she's fun to be with. there would be no dull moment if your with her. cool kasama. pag may problema pwdeng lapitan kausapin. talk about anything under the sun and not be afraid of being rejected.

parang beauty and beauty combined..

probably, the most promising diva of our time...

sobrang kulit pero sobrang loving and caring... pero paminsan may pagka-childish... mahilig din sa mga jokes na...ehem... sige na nga...ahhm nakakatawa (ang hirap sabihin nun ah! hehe, joke lang po)..

funny nga yan eh kasi mahilig manlibre khit wala lang..nakkahiya tuloy..super kulet din..parang lasing kausap..haha!

palatawa, laging nakangiti :) galing din kumanta, hanep! 1st time i heard her sing, napanganga talaga in!

pagsinabi ko ng "TIN!" alam na nya na may major chika..hehe ;p wlang tatalo dito kpag nag videoke na! fave nyang song (dat tym) na kantahin: WEAK.

Tintin is very sweet.always asking how you have been doing.she’s such a good listener.always ready to take a couple of minutes off her precious time to listen to your anecdotes(interesting or otherwise)or your simple whims&wailings.She is very easy to please(a good thing).so easy in fact that a simple McDonald’s Hello Kitty doll would briskly send her on flying on cloud nine.

Although we aren't that close, being with her makes me feel that we really are close friends. walang ilangan and super prankahan, never kang magsisising magpakatotoo dito! super nice pa, bagay n bagay sa kanyang cute na smile...

She's someone in my past that I keep going back to again and again... and again.

basta, ok ang personality medyo corny nga lang lalo na pag nag-joke tungkol sa ngongo, kahit ilang beses ipakwento sa kanya yung joke, go pa rin ito! ;) ibang klase din syang mag-observe, akalain mong napansin daw nya yung d naman kapansinpansin..

The magnetism and the charm, walang tatalo kay Tintin.

A good ate to ERIC and DIANE.

she has the power of blab. She can talk to almost everyone in her path. Excellent p.r.

She use to be very quiet, shy type of person… But now, I’m really surprised that she’s grown to be a very articulate and confident young lady. Simpleng tao lang ‘yan si Tin-tin

tin-tin is a take in charge person, she was our block party coordinator. such a great memory and have a knack for cheering everyone up.

galing magalaga. pag may nahihiyang sabihin laging nakatawa, iba un smile sa nakatawa ah.

C tin2x ang taong kapupulutan mo ng mga unique jargons w/ matching convincing facial expressions pa..c: u can also count on her sa kahet saang gimik, no wonder why she became the external head ng econsoc. One thing she hates most...IPIS!...pareho kame, lalo na yung flying ones!

ang taong kakambal ang phone nung college, nakakamangha dati dahil nakakapagtext habang mistulang nakikinig sa klase (hanggang natuto na rin ako, so hindi na gaanong amazing) magigitla ka na lang pag makareceive ka ng inspirational text messages from her out of the blue.

Tin is really the typical racho. Vain... but has every right to be vain due to our lineage of natural beauties lol She is out-spoken and a religious person.

Extra Income

coz of my new look, i need to buy new clothes.. visit the parlor and just spend. hahaha. but with my depleting salary, i need to have an extra income. good thing there is blogging, where you can express yourself and also earn extra income when needed. like smorty, where you will get paid for blogging. isn't that cool? and another great thing about it is that it is easy to join. and so far i am earning. it is easy as counting from one to three. and while writing, i also get to update my blog and my readers with what's happening. if not for this post, you would not know that i have a new image. i have a new haircut, and when i had this haircut, i said i will also have a new look in life. meaning i will be positive on things that come my way coz i have a pretty hair, so i should not ruin my day. hehehe. See! I have updated you with my life and at the same time got paid for my blog.