Friday, November 25, 2005


i love basketball!

eversince i was a kid, we would watch pba games on tv. when i grew up, nba na. then collge days, cemplangan. these days, our office is busy with the inter-department basketball competition. it made me reminisce the days when i was in college when we would cheer for econsoc. having a bet with melvin, that if he scores 30 points, i'll treat him a big mac meal. giving water to the players and also playing the game. yes, i played for our women's basketball team. i even took it for my pr class just to help us win. hehe.

our inter-office tournament is really exciting. especially with our team winning, 5-0. hehehe. the games really made me miss the cemplangan days. especially when we had a close fight with another department, and the players lack water. i was like panicky. i got used when i was in college to assist the players with their water. watergirl baga. because besides the cheer, this is how our committee, who is in charge, can help. what made every game also exciting is the cheer of the audience. the xcheer really can help liven up the players. trust me! hey! am not writing this to justify my cheers. i wrote this entry because i really miss the cemplangan days. especially the support of everyone not only after every wins but also after every loss.


California said...

Hi ya! thanks for the comment, I play basketball for school and stuff and i really love the sport! It's great to know that you love it just as much as i do!

Anonymous said...

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